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Why No Tears?

Why No Tears?

4 mins

I am Vivek and I am 65 years old. I would like to share a very important incident in my life which I remember each and every moment of my life.

I was 18 years old and I was least interested in studies. And at that time 18 years was enough for making a career . I was always interested in doing business. As I felt that the job had too many restrictions and I was a person who thought that having restrictions in life was making life terrible.

I had a friend Sameer and he was very close to me and we both started a joint business. Likewise, as a child of a rich family, I had enough money to start a business and hire people for jobs. However, our company name was " Sachet industries" and we manufactured biscuits.

Sameer didn't belong from a rich family and his father and mother had passed away a long time back. So, he was highly dependent on his uncle. His uncle used to send him money for food and rent. Sameer lived in 1 BHK house. He was the admin director in my company and I was the CEO of the company.

My strategies in running the business were being successful and my company was earning a good profit. Suddenly, complaints started coming that my company was using artificial materials for manufacturing biscuits but this wasn't so as this was purposely done by our competitors who were from a long time in the business of manufacturing biscuits. However, my father paid the required money and saved me from going to jail. However, my business was a failure and I had to stop it.

21st June 1975, one of the worst days of my life. On this day, my father died of a heart attack and due to this shock, my mother went brain dead. I was deeply affected by all this and thus, I started drinking. One day, two days, three days……………. Twenty-one day. It is said that doing anything for 21 days becomes a habit. Alike, drinking became my habit.

Sameer never drank with me but always stopped me from drinking. I never listened to his wordings because as I mentioned, I was a person who never wanted restrictions in life. I continued drinking.

12th October 1975, I was drunk and driving my car. Suddenly, a person came in front of my car and he was hit by my car. Like a coward, I kept driving the car with fear and directly went to Sameer's house. He wasn't there but he left a letter for me that he is going Kolkata for completing his masters.

However, there was no investigation about that case on me. I thought that no one was able to recognize me. I stopped drinking from that day. And, I was happy about Sameer.

2 years passed,

Sameer did not came from Kolkata yet which made me panic a bit. I went to his uncle's house.

I asked his uncle about him. He replied" You are at the right place Vivek. I am at least one percent happy about Sameer". I didn't get him and he went to his room and brought a tape recorder. He played it " Hi Vivek. I am Sameer. Did you remember that when we played cricket and you used to get hurt due to the hardball, I always made myself hurt with the same ball to feel your pain and you after seeing me never make the same mistake while playing cricket? Okay, I will come directly to the point. On that day the person who came in front of your car was me. I felt the pain of death that I predicted you would face in the future and to save your life and make it meaningful, I took this hard decision. Sorry, my friend. I would end it here and investigation being solved will remain a mystery. Hope you will stop drinking."

I ran out of his uncle's house and, I didn't care about the investigation. What I really care about was that why did I have no tears on the accident day and behaved like a coward.

45 years have passed, till now I don't know whose mistake it was-

1] My life having no restrictions.

2] Overconfidence on myself.

3] Too much of wealth and no respect for it.

4] Lack of good guidance.

5] Not taking life seriously.

6] Or Time.


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