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Rathna Nagaraj



Rathna Nagaraj


VIKRAM AND BETAAL - Story The Reward of life

VIKRAM AND BETAAL - Story The Reward of life

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It was dark in the middle of the night , with a chill weather. Vikramaditya who was laying on the bed got up pulled the window curtain closed the window to avoid cold. Then he went to the computer desk , opened the computer and logged into his face book live and invited another user Betaal. Within seconds Betaal the white corpse which was hanging on the tree in the grave yard appeared and wished Vikram. Vikram instructed the Betaal to walk in the direction as per the route map given. Betaal then said the destination is too long. But Vikram insisted upon his travel and assured him that he will escort him. As per Vikram’s instructions Betaal had a mobile connected to the internet and was observing Vikram while doing so , he crossed the grave yard and started walking in the direction as per the route map. Betaal felt bored and couldn’t do anything. Suddenly there was a network error and Vikram’s phone could not show the direction. He got confused and was annoyed that Betaal would escape. After sometime both their faces appeared on facebook. Betaal had by mistake pressed the delete button simultaneously there was tower connection problem because of the chill weather. Vikram said “ Betaal , I am confused ,just to check if you are live you better tell me a story so that I know that you are on the track. “

 “ Oh ! is it !? ok then I will tell you a Story about the reward of life . 

 Ok go ahead “ said Vikram.

Then, Betaal started to narrate a story........., Once upon a time, A chief minister of a state had a daughter by name Indu. She was his only petted daughter. She was very smart , stood first in all the competition which had feathered to her beauty. She had emerged out as software engineer and was placed as a team leader in a renowned software company. As usual there were many youths who were trying to please her as she had already found a place in their hearts. Days went by, They were trying to impress her. Indu was aware of it , but did not pay much attention towards them. She wants to achieve more in the software field and intended to have software company of her own ,any how her father the chief minister would help her in reaching her goal. Thus she concentrated more on her work. Two years passed by , her mother was serious about her getting married and getting her settled in life. Along with this on the other side her team mates started directly expressing their intension to marry her and their love for her. Being their team leader she did not like their proposal , but did not directly expressed it. She told them she would let her parents know about it. 

When Indu conveyed the issue to her parents, her mother was happy about it. But the minister did not like the proposals, as he had already found a match for his daughter equal to his status. Worry lines started lining on his forehead. At that moment he left the place as he was supposed to attend a meeting. Three days passed the minister was out of reach to his family people and was not able to deal with family matters. Though Indu was not worried much, she felt she had to pass on the information in the house about her marriage proposals from her colleagues. Yet she had put a little thought as to ,what her father had in his mind. And Indu’s mother could not rest in peace until the matter was finalised. She made the minister to stay back at home . The Minister after attending work he returned home around evening along with his private IT secretary one Mr. Prashanth. After greeting, Indu’s mother passed an queried look with regard to Prashanth’s presence while discussing family matters. The minister consoled her as he was his private personal secretary. Then he expressed his disapproval of Indu’s proposals. He wanted a choice of his own. But the question was how to convince the approached grooms, if they doesn’t choose any one of them later it may reflect on Indu job. From many angles they were discussing the issue but could not come to any sort of a conclusion. Then Prashanth who was listening to their conversation asked them “ Sir, can I suggest something ?” for which the Minister said “ sure , why not! “

Prashanth then said “ Sir I feel we should test them all “ ,

“ But , how ? “ asked the Minister

“ Their real feeling of life and love “said Prashanth

 “ But in what way ? “Minister

“ By posting them the questions , through their answer we can gauge their thoughts and nature “ Prashanth

“ Oh! that is a good idea. A new innovation ! . The rest I will take care.

Then I could put an end to it by inviting all the proposed grooms for a light dinner.” said Indu


The dinner was arranged at an elevated hotel. The minister observed all the boys. All of them were competent enough to become the groom. But none of them touched his soul . Finally the Minister gave an announcement stating that, for one week they should not post any information on the internet groups that they were in, no matter whatever be the circumstances and not to come across or meet new entertains and finally the most important one was they should post three hash-tags of Indu in relevant to the company. And the winner , she was sure to marry.

 All of them agreed for the terms. After that the party got over and all of them dispersed.

 One week was over in not time and Indu checked whatsapp and mails of all her colleagues who came to the dinner the other day . In one or the other aspect none of them fulfilled the terms and conditions. And none of them found the hash-tags of Indu. So, both father and daughter were overjoyed. But all of a sudden Indu eyes captivated a message being displayed in the ministers mobile. She took the mobile and went through the message. There was her hash-tags displayed and fulfilled the terms of competition , the message was posted by Prashanth her father’s private secretary. Now once again both father and daughter were in panic, as to Prashanth was not a contestant and did not even match the status as he was from a labour class background with many responsibilities to be taken care of. Seeing their plight Prashanth came close to them and said “ Sir, don’t worry, I will not marry madam Indu, I was only curious to participate that is all “ thus saying he walked out of the house and started seeing the flowers in the garden. Both father and daughter were relieved of their tension. This is the story. Are you listening? questioned Betaal, to which Vikram said “ Yes ! Yes “

If you don’t listen and if you fail to answer my question you know I will permanently delete you from my group murmured Betaal, which was half heard by Vikram at that time, ‘ like what goes around the earth comes around they had reached the graveyard from the other end.

 “ now tell me why did Prashanth did not wish to marry Indu ? and how did he traced her hash-tag ? “ Betaal questioned Vikram.

“ First of all , he was supposed to free himself from family responsibilities. Secondly he did not want to be a puppet in the hands of both father and daughter and loose his freedom. And lastly he had observed the mails and whatsapp messages of Indu, which she used to send to her father which was in turn attended by him which contained a unique code word. As a simple gesture, her hash-tag comprised of her company, her name as well her positions name that is all “ replied Vikram

Betaal was satisfied and said “ Good, see you tomorrow “ thus switched off its mobile and went back to hang himself on the old banyan tree.

Written : 6 -12-2020

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