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Unproposed Love

Unproposed Love

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Unproposed Love

Chapter 1: The Problem and a Suggestion

Raghu was studying in 11th grade in Nehru Matriculation School.

Raghu’s father Sekaran got worried about his son’s performance in Mathematics.

Hence he was searching for a good tutor in their town for Mathematics.

Sekaran had a friend by the name Selvam.
Selvam and Sekaran met in a coffee shop on a Sunday evening.

Selvam said, “How is your son studying?”
Sekaran said, “He is doing fine, but not in mathematics”

Selvam asked, “Mathematics?”
Sekaran said, “Yes, He is getting only 100 out of 200 marks”

Selvam said, “Oh, he is making a just pass”
Sekaran said, “Yes”

Selvam said, “I can suggest a solution”
Sekaran asked, “Yes please tell me”

Selvam said, “I have a relation by the name Chitra”
Sekaran said, “Oh I see”

Selvam said, “She is good at mathematics”
Sekaran said, “Oh that is great”

Selvam said, “You can send your son for tuition to her”

Sekaran said, “Oh, Please give me her contact details”

Selvam gave her address and phone number.
Sekaran said, “Thank you ”

They departed to their homes after the coffee session.



Chapter 2: The Tuition Teacher

After two days, Sekaran took his son to meet the Teacher Chitra at her home.

It was a Friday evening. Chitra was at her home.
She welcomed them with a smile. Chitra was staying with her parents.
Chitra had two sisters. One of them was elder and other was younger.
Chitra offered the chairs for Sekaran and Raghu.

Sekaran said, “Nice to meet you, madam”
Chitra said, “Thank you, sir”

Sekaran said, “This is my son Raghu”
Chitra said, “Good evening Raghu”

Sekaran said, “He needs coaching for mathematics”
Chitra said, “I am a specialist in Mathematics”

Sekaran said, “That is why we have come to you, madam”

Chitra said, “You can send your son from the coming Monday”

Sekaran said, “Ok Thank you, Madam”
At that time, Chitra’s mother served Tea for them.

Sekaran and Raghu drank the offered Tea.
After the Tea session, they came home.

The next Monday, Raghu went to Chitra’s home at six in the evening.
Raghu was a smart boy.

Chitra was a beautiful lady.
Chitra was twenty-two years old.

Raghu was fifteen years old.
On the first day itself, their eyes were drawn towards each other.

Both of them focused on doing mathematics.

Their concentration on noting each other’s talents was unavoidable for each of them.

Chitra got a good impression about Raghu from the first day itself.

Each day they got closer and closer in their sessions.
Two weeks had passed on like this.

One day, when Raghu went to the tuition, there was nobody in the home except Chitra.

Chitra was sleeping in bed.

Raghu saw her sleeping in her bed.
He came out of the house and returned home.

His thoughts were running in a seamless manner.
He said to himself, “No, she is your tutor”

From the next day onwards he controlled his emotions while going to tuition.

He had many friends, but he could not share such kind of emotions with them.

Days passed like that.
Two years he went to her tuition, but not even once he could gather up the courage to propose.

One day, He had to leave the town and go to a city which was 500 km away from their town.

This transfer was for his studies.
He could not avoid it.

He left the town without informing Chitra.
After that, he forgot Chitra from his life.

That love became an Unproposed Love forever.




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