Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

The Patience

The Patience

4 mins

Chapter 1: The Initiation

It was a Sunday. Gunasekaran was watching Television in his home.
Gunasekaran was a government employee. His son Shiva was studying in 10th grade.

Shiva was sitting in the Hall and involved in a drawing activity.

Gunasekaran was not satisfied with the performance of Shiva in his studies.

He was somewhat angry on that day.

On seeing Shiva involved in drawing, he scolded him.

Gunasekaran said, “This is the time to study, and you are in drawing session”

Shiva said, “Dad, I am doing a drawing”

Gunasekaran said, “I don’t like that, are you going to make something out of it?”

Shiva said, “I don’t know”

Gunasekaran sighed,”Hmmmm...what to do “

The next day, Gunasekaran was in his Office.

His colleague Adhi came to see him.

Adhi asked, “Hello Gunasekaran, How are you?”
Gunasekaran said, “I am fine, how are you?”

Adhi said,” I am also fine”
Gunasekaran said,” How is your family?”

Adhi said, “They are all fine, How is your son Shiva?”
Gunasekaran said,”Hmmm. I am worrying about him”

Adhi said, “Why, what is the problem?”
Gunasekaran said, “He is always sitting and drawing cartoons”

Adhi said,”Oh That is the problem”
Gunasekaran said, “Why, is that not a problem?”

Adhi said, “you please take him to some painting school”

Gunasekaran said,”Oh, you want me to encourage him?”

Adhi said, “Yes man if he is not shining in studies, let him grow in drawing and painting activities”

Gunasekaran thought for a while.
Gunasekaran said,”mmm...you are saying a valid point”

Adhi said, “I always analyze the possible solutions for a problem”

Gunasekaran said,”Ok let me try your suggestion”

The next day, Gunasekaran searched for a school for arts and painting.

By luck, he found one near his area.

He took Shiva to that school.
The name of the school was Lakshman Painting School.

The Master’s name was Lakshman.

Lakshman was a Tailor by profession, and he taught painting for people who came there out of interest.

 Gunasekaran said, “Sir, My son is fond of drawing art”
Lakshman said,”Oh I see”

Gunasekaran said, “Kindly teach him and pour in him your knowledge”

Lakshman said.”Sure I will”
Gunasekaran said, “How much is the fee?”

Lakshman said, “Nowadays, there are no drawing students, only tailoring students are here”

Gunasekaran said,”Oh I see”
Lakshman said, “Anyhow, you pay me Rs.500/- per month”

Gunasekaran said,”Ok sir, please keep the advance”
Gunasekaran handed over Rs.500/- to him.

Gunasekaran left Shiva at the class and came home.

Gunasekaran felt his mind in a contented manner.

Chapter 2: The Test

The first day, Master Lakshman gave him some paintings to look at.

Master Lakshman said, “Shiva, take a look at all these paintings today”

Shiva said,”Ok sir”

Master Lakshman said, “Your classes will start from tomorrow”
Shiva said,”Ok sir”

Shiva saw all the paintings.
Some of the paintings consisted of a nude female body.

Shiva had an inconvenient feeling.
There were ladies sitting in the Tailoring class.

Shiva’s mind was out of control.
After the class was over, Shiva came home.

He was not out of the thoughts created by those paintings.
The next day Shiva went to the painting class.

Master Lakshman gave him the same paintings.

Master Lakshman said, “You can start drawing any one of these paintings”

Shiva was not able to understand Master Lakshman.

After giving the drawings, Master went to teach his Tailoring students.

Shiva sat for more than one and half hours.

Shiva expected that the Master would teach him by hands.

But The Master’s ideology was somewhat different.

Master Lakshman wanted Shiva to learn on his own.

Shiva did not draw anything in that one and half hours.

Master Lakshman came to Shiva and asked, “Haven’t you drawn?”
Shiva said, “No Sir”

Master said,”Ok, go Home, and come back tomorrow”

Shiva went home in a happy feel.

The next day also, Shiva did not draw anything; He just sat gazing at the paintings.

The Master did not scold him, He again let him free.

Days passed on like this.

Around fifteen days passed.

By the end of Fifteenth day, Shiva had not even drawn a single drawing.

Master did not scold him.
The Master again said, “If you did not do it today, please do it tomorrow”

Shiva got tensed this time.
He came home and said, “I will not go to painting class from tomorrow”

Gunasekaran asked, “Why?”
Shiva said, “He is not at all teaching”

Gunasekaran got surprised by those words.
Gunasekaran did not say anything.

He left Shiva as he was.
Master Lakshman did not bother about Shiva’s absence in the class.

One of the tailoring students asked him, “Master, what were you testing on Shiva”

The Master answered, “Patience”

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