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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Bharath Dhanasekaran



Bharath Dhanasekaran


An Unnecessary Walk

An Unnecessary Walk

4 mins

Chapter 1: The New Grade

Ratnakumar was enjoying his last days of summer vacation.

He had to join the school from the consecutive week.

He was moving from 10th to 11th grade in his school.
He had scored an average of 70% in the examinations.

Ratnakumar was a guy who did not have any high expectations in his life.

He was just living in an aimless manner.

While he was studying 9th and 10th grades, some of his friends had girlfriends.

But, Ratnakumar did not have even one girlfriend.

Thoughts of Ratnakumar were in video games.

The School reopened and Ratnakumar went to the school.

On the first day of the school, many new students joined in his class.
They were from other schools.

Among the new students, there were many beautiful girls.
Keerthana was one of them. She was good looking and pleasant.

Ratnakumar got carried away by her presence.

Many of the boys were looking at the beauty of Keerthana.

While the teacher asked some questions, she answered them correct.

The Teachers found her as a brilliant student in the class.

Ratnakumar did not take his eyes away from her.

Chapter II: Ratnakumar’s Skills

One day, a new computer master joined their school. He was to teach them the computer lessons.

Ratnakumar was having some basic knowledge in computers.
The new master’s name was Munusamy.

Munusamy taught them some basics of the computers in the first one week.

The Second week, Munusamy took the students to the computer laboratory for practical sessions.

At that time, Keerthana and Ratnakumar got adjacent seats to sit.

Keertana saw Ratnakumar working on the computer with good familiarity.

When Keertana got stuck in some of her operations, Ratnakumar helped her to solve it.

Keertana got a good impression on Ratnakumar from that day.

Ratnakumar was a silent guy in the class.

Keertana liked his silence.

Ratnakumar did not have any unnecessary chat with girls.

Keertana noted that attitude of him.

Ratnakumar answered the questions only if he knew the answers.

Keertana’s mind recorded that quality of him.

Some of the boys used to come to school by means of costly bikes.

But Ratnakumar came to the school by bicycle and sometimes by walk.

Keertana noticed that too.

Many of the boys went to Gym to shape up their physique. This shaping up was to attract the girls.

Ratnakumar did not even step into Gym for exercises.
He was a lean figure and his bones were weak.

Keertana even thought about the reason as for why he did not take care of his physique.

She never got right answers for the questions in her mind.

Ratnakumar’s character was storming in her mind like a cyclone in a slow manner.

Chapter III: The Examinations

Keertana and Ratnakumar never spoke to each other.

At times in morning and night, Ratnakumar started thinking of Keertana.

It could be because of her beauty.
He thought that it could be an attraction caused in that age.

Once they had an important examination in their school.

Ratnakumar was preparing for those exams in his home.

It was evening 6 O clock, Ratnakumar thought of going for a walk.

He thought of continuing his preparation after the walk.

He walked from his house towards the next street.

Keertana’s house was two streets beyond his street.

So, he thought of walking in her street.
He walked towards her street.

After entering her street, he walked slow like a tortoise.

Her house came and he turned towards her house in a casual manner.

He saw her walking in the corridor of their house.
She was wearing a night dress.

She looked somewhat glamorous.
It was only 3 to 4 seconds he was able to see her.

Because he had to walk from there.
If he stops, there is a chance for her to see him.

He walked away from there.
The next day Ratnakumar did not perform well in exams.

It was the vision of Keertana in night dress which spoiled his examinations.

When the results of the exams came, Keertana got 98%.

Ratnakumar obtained 65% in the subjects.
Ratnakumar said to himself, “An unnecessary walk”.

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