A Theft And A Confession

A Theft And A Confession

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Chapter 1: Ram’s Love

Ram was studying in 5th grade in Ingress Matriculation School.

He was a charming guy and most of the girls preferred his presence in the class.

He never went after any girl.
But it was until the entry of Neeta. Neeta was so beautiful that Ram was not able to take his eyes off her.
He started seeing her during the class hours. He also went and talked to her during the break hours.

While talking with her he got to know that she was from the town Sitralam.

Sitralam was actually located at 10 km from his village Sekkathurai.

Their school got located in Ungalpattu town.

Neeta came to school by a Union bus of her father’s factory.

The bus has to cross Sekkathurai and reach Ungalpattu town daily.

On knowing these details, Ram was happier since she was in the closer periphery of his village.

Their friendship became stronger day by day.

Both of them started looking at each other daily.

It was in January; Neeta came and told a truth which shook Ram in many ways.

Neeta said that she will be shifting her school for the next year.
Ram got upset by this proposal.

From that day, Ram’s school life became dull.

One day, Ram went to her and got her postal address from her.
She also gave it.

After some days, Ram stole her Ink pen and kept it with him.

Neeta searched for the pen everywhere in the classroom, but she was not able to find it.

He kept the pen in his home in a secret place.
The year end came and on the last day, they departed with tears in their eyes.


Chapter 2: The Separation

The next year, Ram was studying 6th Grade in the same school.

One day morning he was standing in the Bus stop of Sekkathurai.

At that time, a private bus came and stopped in that Bus stop.

It was the same bus of the Factory in which Neeta’s father worked.

The bus got operated for the school children whose parents worked in that factory.

Ram’s eyes looked at all the windows of the Bus.
Yes, as he expected, Neeta was sitting on the window side.

On seeing him, she smiled.
Ram also smiled.

Ram was happy on seeing her again.
The Bus stop of Sekkathurai was on the left side of the Highway.

Neeta also sat on the left side window on the bus.

Hence Ram concluded that she took that seat to see him.

From that day, Ram started to be there on time daily to see her.
She also sat in the same seat daily to see him.

Two months ran like the same, with both of them looking at each other daily.

One day Ram thought of making a confession to her about the pen theft.

He wrote a confession letter.

It stated that “Sorry Neeta, It was me who stole your pen in fifth grade, please forgive me.

Since he already had her address, he posted the letter to the address.

Two days after, he was waiting at the Bus stop to see her.

His Judgement was that she would have seen the letter.

He thought that she will appreciate him for telling the truth, so that love may blossom between them.

The Bus arrived at Sekkathurai Bus stop.
But on that day, she was not in the left side window.

He was not able to see her.
He jumped here and there.

The Bus departed from the place.
From that day He was not able to see her.

At last, he came to know that she was on the same Bus, sitting on the Right side window.

She started avoiding him.
He tried many times to see her, but she never turned towards him again.

He came to know the fact that, his theft and the confession had made her angry.

They departed because of the same letter written by him.

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