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Bharath Dhanasekaran



Bharath Dhanasekaran


A Lollipop Of Love

A Lollipop Of Love

4 mins

A Lollipop of Love

It was a Wednesday.

Lakshman was having his breakfast.


His wife Yogalakshmi was serving him hot roast of dosas with chutney.

They lived in a village called Kadur. The nearest town from their village was Thirur.

 The time was 9 A.M.

It was a period of demonetization act in their country.

People had to withdraw money from Automatic Teller machines on a daily basis.

Yogalakshmi asked for money for her daily needs from Lakshman.

 Lakshman said,”After breakfast, I will go to Thirur and get you the money”

Yogalakshmi said, "While returning, please buy napkins for our daughter Suchitra."

Lakshman asked, "what happened to the previous pack?"

Yogalakshmi said, "It is about to get used up."

Lakshman asked, "Ok, I will buy it.

Lakshman completed his breakfast.

Yogalakshmi asked, "Would you like to have a coffee?"

Lakshman said,”Yes I would!

 Yogalakshmi went to the kitchen as Lakshman was sitting with their baby Suchitra.

Yogalakshmi prepared a good coffee for Lakshman.


She poured the coffee into a tumbler and brought it to Lakshman.

Lakshman got the Coffee and sipped it.


She was standing near him.

After three minutes, Lakshman completed drinking the Coffee.


He gave the tumbler to her.

Lakshman got himself up and said,”Ok, Bye, I will be back within one hour”


Yogalakshmi said,”Ok Bye”

Lakshman was having an old moped type two wheeler.

It was the least cost model.

He had a sentiment towards that vehicle model.

Lakshman took the keys of his two-wheeler from the key hanger.

He went to the parking area of his house.

Lakshman started his moped.

He went to the highway which led to Thirur. Lakshman always loved to travel on that road. It had many trees planted on both sides of the road. There was a Temple and a big pond on the way to Thirur.

Before 200 meters from the temple, there was a small bridge across a river. The flow of water was not available throughout the year in that river. Hence, the scene would ventilate the freshness of any person who travels on that road. Lakshman was not an exception to get attracted by the beauty of that place. Hence he liked the travel through that road. After, fifteen minutes he reached Thirur. Since it was the demonetization period, only limited ATM counters were open. There was a big Temple in Thirur. Many shopping complexes were near that temple. He went near those shopping complexes to find an open ATM.

After five minutes of search, he found a Bank open, but the ATM counter of it was closed. Since he did not hold an account in that bank, hence he cannot perform a direct withdrawal through a slip. He asked a stranger in that Bank, "Sir, Is there any other ATM counter nearby?"

The stranger said, "Here all the ATM counters got closed."

Lakshman asked, "Then where will the people withdraw money from?"

The stranger said, "You can find an open ATM near the Taluk Office."

Lakshman said, "Thank you, sir."

He then went to the Taluk Office. There he found an Open ATM counter. A big Queue of people before the ATM counter existed. Lakshman stood in the Queue. It took 30 minutes for Lakshman to reach the ATM machine. Lakshman withdrew Rs.6000/- from the machine. He came out of the ATM counter. Lakshman went to a supermarket. He searched for the baby napkin and found one pack. He took the napkin to the sale counter. The Retail price of the napkin was Rs.484. Lakshman asked the shopkeeper, "Sir, can you make it a card transaction?"

Shopkeeper said, "Yes, I will."

Lakshman gave his debit card to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper swiped the card and made the sale amount entry. Lakshman entered his password for the transaction in the machine. When the receipt came, Lakshman found that the entry got done for Rs.489. Lakshman asked, "Sir, you have entered Rs.4 extra on the retail price."

Shopkeeper said, "Oh, Sorry sir, it was by mistake!"

Lakshman said, "No issues, give me Rs.back."

Shopkeeper looked into his money box and said, "Sorry sir, I don’t have change."

Lakshman asked, "What to do now?"

Shopkeeper said, "Can you take these two lollipops for Rs.4?"

Lakshman smiled and said, "Ummm... Good idea!

Lakshman bought the two lollipop candies and kept them in his pocket. He also got the napkin and came out of the shop. Lakshman started his moped and flew it towards Kadur. After 20 minutes he came back home. He entered his home and gave the Napkin to Yogalakshmi. She got it and smiled.

Yogalakshmi asked, "I am your wife, do you remember that?"

Lakshman said, "Yes I do!"

Yogalakshmi said, "Have you bought anything to eat for me?"

Lakshman stumbled for a second. Then he remembered about the lollipop in his pocket. He took the Lollipop and gave it to her.

Lakshman said, "See, I have got you  lollipop!"


Yogalakshmi said, "Aw! Lollipop...A cheap gift."

Lakshman said, "But it is full of love my dear."


Yogalakshmi said, "Hmm... I need to believe this."

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