Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Bharath Dhanasekaran



Bharath Dhanasekaran


Eternal Love

Eternal Love

3 mins

Chapter 1: The Meeting of Eyes

It was a Monday morning. Jatin was getting ready to go to his college.

He was studying Engineering in Sakthi Engineering College located in Melnathur Village.

His hometown Sathanur got located at 200km from Melnathur.

So, He stayed at a Hostel in Melnathur.
Jatin was in his second year of his course duration.

Every Monday morning was a fresh beginning for him.

He was an average student in studies and he did not have any girlfriends.

On that day, his friends were preparing late for the college.

Jatin was hungry and he started from his room earlier than them.

Jatin went to the canteen and had his breakfast.

After his breakfast, he walked towards the college.

He was walking on the lane which led to his college from his hostel.

At that time, the college Bus with coded with number 92 crossed him.

The bus stopped inside the college campus.

Many students and staff got down from the bus.

He was just looking at the people moving around there.

His eyes got attracted towards a lady in Orange Sari.
He was not able to see her face.

He saw only her back, as he was walking behind her at a distance of 100m.
Somehow he got an initiation to see her face.

He knew that she was a lecturer.
But, he wanted to see her face.

She walked as her Sari was making small waves in the air.

Jatin started walking faster towards her.

She did not know that someone was following her behind her.

There were many buildings inside the campus for separate departments.

She was walking towards the building in which his class got situated.

Jatin got happy with that.

When she got near to the building, he was also just a few meters behind her.
She went near the staircase to climb it. The staircase was like a spiral type.
He also went behind her to climb the same stair.

She got an instinct that somebody is following her.
She turned to see who that is.

He also saw her.
Both of their eyes met together.

It was a meeting of their eyeballs.
He felt an ecstasy which passed through his mind and body.

There were no words to express.
She too got struck up.

Her mind got slipped with the handsome boy.
She also saw him for a minute.

Then she walked away from the place.
He also went to his classroom.


Chapter 2: The Eternal Love

From that day, Jatin started to avoid his friends while going to his college.

He went in the correct time at which the Bus no.92 came.

Daily he used to walk behind her and see her at least once in a day.
She also started to see him at least once in a day.

They did not even know each other’s names.
Yet, they started loving each other.

She started wearing good saris for the sake of Jatin to see her.

They did not know whether they will join hands in their life.

It was because she was a lecturer and he was a student.

But each of them felt that it was an “Eternal Love”

As expected, Jatin completed his four years of course and left the college.

He did not propose her till his last day of college.
She also did not take a step to get him in her life.

After the college days, she got married to a Business man from the United States.

But at times, she would be thinking of him.

Jatin would also recollect his memories of his days of seeing her.

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