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Riya Richard

Abstract Inspirational


Riya Richard

Abstract Inspirational

The Yummy Day

The Yummy Day

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It was a boring day, I didn’t have any idea, and my mind was blank,

“What a boring day!

I whispered and went to drink juice in the kitchen, I opened the refrigerator and took my favorite drink and had a big sip,

“Hmm, tasty”

My eyes locked with eggs and milk in the refrigerator, I stuck with an idea to make Crème Caramel Pudding, I was very happy as I found a way to wipe out boring time. I collected all the ingredients for it, sugar, milk, vanilla extract, eggs and butter, I took the equipment a baking tin, ramekins, sauce pan, a seat of foil, etc..

“Honey what you’re doing?”

My mom asked me in confusion,

“Mom, I’m making pudding”

“Let me help”

“Nope, I can handle it”

“Okay, I’ll wait”

I took all the necessities for the pudding, and started doing it, First step was to make Caramel, it need to be prepared cautiously, last time on making pudding I burnt the sugar, I still couldn’t forgot that burnt smell, so I decided to do it patiently. I placed the sugar in a small non-stick pan and heated on a medium heat until the sugar turned brown. I had the kettle on ready for some boiling water. The heating process took about 5 minutes on a gentle heat. As soon as the sugar started to turn brown, I carefully tilted the pan to distribute the liquid As soon as it started to bubble, I added 5 Tablespoons of boiling water. After adding the water, I swirled it around in the pan so it was combined with the sugar and turned off the heat.

“Wow, perfect Caramel is made”

When the caramel was ready, I worked fast as the caramel would start to set once after turning the heat off, I immediately poured the caramel into each ramekin, evenly sharing it between the 6 ramekins. I carefully tilted the ramekins so the caramel covered the entire bottoms. I was so happy, as I didn’t burn Caramel this time.

Then I placed the ramekins in the baking tray and added cold water to the tray so the water level comes 2 - 3 cm up the sides of the ramekins, now it was the time to prepare the pudding mix. I heated the milk and sugar in a pan on gentle heat. While the milk was in stove, I whisked 2 eggs and 4 egg yolks together with the sugar on a medium speed. I whisked them mildly, to avoid bubbles. When the milk started to boil, I transferred it to the measuring jug.

I kept my mixer on a LOW speed, and then very slowly added the milk until everything was combined. Then I added the vanilla extract.

I placed sieve over the measuring jug and transferred the mixture into the jug through the sieve. By sieving the mixture, a lot of the bubbles and any bits of cooked egg lumps could be removed. This was the main part which would give u the smooth, silky, velvety texture for pudding.

Then finally I poured the mixture into the ramekins. I checked whether water level in the baking tin was up to 2-3 cm high. Then covered the baking tin with the sheet of foil and gently transferred to the oven and let that gently cook for 45 minutes. I waited,

“Well, is the pudding ready?” my dad asked eagerly,

“You need to wait, dad”

I smiled and watched the time, it’s almost up

I removed the tray from the oven and leaved it to cool. After it was cooled, I served it,

“It’s yummy” my parents were so delighted, we enjoyed the yummy pudding. The day ended deliciously.

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