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Riya Richard

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Riya Richard

Abstract Inspirational Others

The yoga day

The yoga day

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“Aaahhh” I woke up with head ache, I was watching Pirates of Caribbean movie late night so I didn’t get enough sleep.

“Mom, get me a coffee” I asked her rubbing my head,

“Did you listen to me?”

“Mom, I …”

“I told to not to stay late night” my mom was angered

“Sorry, Mom” I replied her with a glee

She rolled her eyes and got me a mug of coffee. I knew that how many times, I made mistakes my mom would anger first but she cared about me a lot, that the most lovable part of her.

“Aahh” even after having coffee, my head ache didn’t subside.

“Oh! What an ache” my head was in the condition to explode,

Just then my dad came,

“What’s wrong dear?”

“Dad, my head is aching”

“Hmm, watching movies late night?”

“Dad, please..”

“Okay, don’t repeat that again” he instructed me.

“Okay, let me take pills” I decided to take pills.

“No, that’s not right” he stopped me

“But…” I wondered

“Do Yoga and your head ache will vanish”

“What! Yoga”

Honestly I didn’t like Yoga, but my dad was a lover for it. He used to do Yoga daily in the morning and evening.

“Try it, you’ll be fine” he assured me

I had no choice left, “Okay”

He took the Yoga mat and we went to our lawn. He gave me some instructions and said that he would teach me beginner yoga

“Will it be easy?”

“Yes dear”

He asked me to sit on the mat, and he told me that we were going to do Pranayama yogas that means breathing exercises.

At first he taught me Anulom-vilom Pranayama, I did as per his instructions.I closed my eyes and sat in Padmasana. Then I used the right thumb to close the right nostril. Then inhaled slowly through the left nostril, taking in as much air I could fill my lungs. Then I removed the thumb from right nostril and exhaled. While exhaling, I used the middle finger to close my left nostril and inhaled with right nostril. Then removed the thumb from the right nostril and exhaled.

Dad asked to perform this for 2-5 minutes; it was easy than I thought and I was relaxed little bit.

Then he taught me, Bhramari Pranayama he said that it could calm mind down instantly and was one of the best breathing exercise.

I did that according to his instructions. I closed my ears with my thumbs and placed my index fingers on the temple. I closed my eyes with the other three fingers. Gently I inhaled through the nose and hold for a few seconds. Keeping the mouth closed, I exhaled by making a humming sound.

Dad asked to do it for five minutes, really after that I was relieved and my head ache was gone

“It’s Yoga Miracle dad” I cried in happiness

He laughed and

“Do you like Yoga now?”

“Yes dad,”

“Okay dear, let’s go”

I happily began my day, thanks to my dad who taught me Yoga. I was so relieved and got interested in Yoga as it was a good healer.

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