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The World Of Technology

The World Of Technology

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In today’s world, technology rules everything. Every little thing we do from morning till evening, we need some sort of technology everywhere.

There are many things that this technology has made easy but sometimes I think that now we are over-dependent on it and it has made us a robot with less emotions.

I still remember how it took me many hours to write a letter to my fiancée and got similar letters in return. Those letters are still my prized possession. Now the android phone has changed all the things and writing letters is now an art of the past.

When TV was not there, the pass time for us in the childhood was to play outdoor games like Gulli danda and kho kho. Now newer generations is glued to TV or online games. Even I find myself to be addicted to some of the serials.

However, when I have to go to my brother or sister residing far away, I reach them in hours which would never be possible without the technology making cars and aeroplanes.

I do so much of my work on computer now. This moment also writing this story on computer. Reading poems and stories of so many writers and so many of them reading mine, this is possible only with today’s advanced technology.

In my professional life, keeping records of patients and knowing their past records is just one click away. Some of my surgery and Ortho colleagues are even more dependent on technology during surgery specially endoscopic surgery.

I am attached to my so many friends through Whatsapp but sometimes I think overindulgence in it is a waste of time.

Technology no doubt has made our life easy in so many ways but like all the other things if we don’t use it judiciously it may harm us as many serious cyber crimes have come to surface these days.

I enjoyed both the worlds, with very less technology and now technology rulings every thing, and I enjoyed both worlds equally.

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