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Participate in 31 Days : 31 Writing Prompts Season 3 contest and win a chance to get your ebook published

The New Year Ahead

The New Year Ahead

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Every year we make resolutions at the start of the new year or just before it starts. Some of the resolutions got completed but most of them are left uncompleted. But this should not deter us from making new here are a few of my thoughts which I wanted to complete in the year 2020.

I want to do morning walk and yoga daily but am very irregular in this and for the last one month I have completely stopped it due to intense winter but I am thinking of starting it from 1st of January itself and will try to do it regularly.

My elder son is already doing IIT. This year my younger son is also joining coaching classes in Chandigarh for IIT preparation. I will do my best in helping him achieve his goal.

This is year I have done quite hard work in writing and posting poems and stories on story mirror and I am waiting for the results of the author of the year and most admired author of the month. If I didn’t get the award this year I will do more hard work next year.

As after My son will go to Chandigarh for coaching, I and my wife will be alone at home, we have made plans of going out more frequently and also to go trekking in the Himalayas once in three months.

I am also thinking of getting more time for myself from my busy professional life of a private doctor and to avoid admitting serious patients which sometimes give me sleepless nights.

I and my wife have also thought of joining some NGO working for poor and needy people. We also are thinking of becoming a part of tree plantation drive and also to plant trees on our birthday and birthday of our sons.

I am also thinking of using plastics to the minimum and having a solar plant installed in our home and to use water harvesting techniques in the rainy season.

I want to take my old parents to a pilgrimage in the coming year. My mother has not gone to Vaishnodevi before and she has a wish to go there, I will try to fulfill her wish.

I also want to go to Kedarnath by trekking route of 19 kilometers and also want to visit Kailash Mansarovar in my lifetime. Thinking of doing one of these next years.

There are so many other things that are coming in my mind but I think if I include everything the list will become so long that it will be impossible for me to do all in one year.

These are the resolutions I made for the new year and I will try my best to complete all of them and pray to God to help me in this.

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