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The Year Gone By

The Year Gone By

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Year 2019 was full of very important events for India and so many things happened this year which will have bearing on the future of our country.

In January prayagraj Arshdeep Kumbh started in which crores of devotees and sadhus took bath in Triveni at Allahabad. This year Kumbh was a very well organised event by UP Govt. In February came the shocking news of Pulwama attack in which our country lost 40 soldiers. Balakot air strike late in February gave us some relief fro that grief.

In March election campaign started and polling held in April and May. On May 23 when results came, BJP got a landslide victory and Narendra Modi became prime minister for second time. This year monsoon was very good in June and July but there is also loss of life and property in some states. ISRO launched Chandaryan 2 on 22 July.

In August article 370 was scrapped. There were speculations about large scale protests however, every thing remained under control. On September 6

Every one was expecting Vikram lander from chandaryan to have a soft landing on moon but at last moment ISRO lost contact and it crashed.

In October BJP retained Haryana govt. on Nov 9 Chief Justice of India have a verdict in Ayodhya case that was pending for decades. No violent protests occured after the verdict.

After CAA was passed in both lol sabha and Rajya sabha, violent protests were there in many parts of the country and in the end of December, BJP lost the state of Jharkhand.

This year was a very memorable year for me too. So much has happened in this year which will remain in my memory for years to come.

In January my son got 100th percentile in JEE mains exam. For full day I was busy answering calls from friends and press people. I completed 49 years on 2 Feb and entered in to fifties. After reading a story from my friend I got to know about story mirror and started writing poems and stories and posting them on this site.

After final JEE males exam my son’s position was fourth in all India and so a busy day answering so many phone calls and feeling proud. In may I and my wife went for trekking to Chandershilla and Tungnath. It was a memorable experience walking in the snow and sliding down the snow.

June has given us the greatest of news. My son got 17th position in all India JEE advance test and was allotted I.I.T. Bombay, his dream. For his admission to IIT we all went to Bombay and had a very good time there. We also visited Lonavala and Khandala.

My younger son is very fond of new cars, after asking me almost for a month he convinced me to book MG hector in September which was delivered to us in last week of September. He was very happy and was repeatedly showing me how much features this car has.

My wife’s birthday was on 6th October and we planned a short trip to Shimla in Mg hector. In November I was over busy in writing and posting poems and stories in non stop November and same is the case with December in my life my words. Now waiting for the results in new year. In the last week of December we made a trip to Govardhan where we did 21 kilometres Parikrama on foot and then a rickshaw safari in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary where we were all delighted to see the beauty of nature with so many colourful birds.

So this year had so many surprises for us and has given us so many happy days. I pray to got may his blessings like this continue in next year too.

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