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Riya Richard

Drama Romance


Riya Richard

Drama Romance

The Wedding Belle

The Wedding Belle

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I was very excited, I couldn’t control myself as tomorrow was my biggest day, also my most happy day in my life, my wedding.

“It’s happening, finally it’s happening” 

I was on cloud nine. Joy and laughter surrounded me, I couldn’t imagine that how I and my love travelled through five years of triumphs and obstacles and finally we were tying the knot. Our five years of romantic voyage started with a cup of coffee in the cafeteria, then the stunning bike ride and the most memorable Hawaii tour,

“Honey, What a beautiful view” 

The sun rising was breathtaking scene in Hawaii, I was amazed at the beauty of the nature,

“Its beauty can’t be expressed in words like yours, darling”

He put his arms around me and pulled for a kiss, I pulled away smiling and rested my head on his shoulder and his arms enclosed me in a warm hug, we enjoyed the beautiful oceanic scene from the balcony of our hotel room.

The Kona coffee was stunning, I taste lingered in my tongue; I enjoyed Kona coffee. My love ordered some pastries,

“Have you tasted it?”

“Try for yourself”

I took a bite and melted in the sweet taste of the pastry,

“Wow, it’s wonderful”

The pastry was filled with creamy coconut meat, and was so soft and doughy; I enjoyed a lot of them too. At the last night of the tour, in the dark night, as the stars twinkled, the cool breeze lifted my locks, I remained silent and still, My love was on his knee, proposing me with a diamond ring,

“Will you marry me?”

My heart pounded with happiness, tears of joy welled from my eyes,

Yes, yes, yes”

 I accepted him, and kissed him passionately, he put the ring on my finger, and we were engaged, all thanks to my love as he made the tour unforgettable. Now our ship had come to an end and we were ready to begin a new voyage after our wedding kiss.

I was quite nervous about my wedding arrangements, gladly our wedding planner had a razor- sharp mind and made every arrangement like I and my love expected. Our wedding planner selected a 3 tier Heart- shaped wedding cake; it was so ravishing with those amazing tulips and berries. I loved it.

I selected an elegant long shining white wedding gown from the boutique, my love presented me a delicate perfume, on one spray the whole surrounding was filled with it’s sweet smell,

“Thank you, darling” I kissed on his cheek and hugged him

“You deserve the best” he hugged me warmly.

I was on the last step, my facial before wedding. I went to the beauty shop and ordered for Golden Glow facial, the beautician applied face pack thick as honey, after my facial was over, my face glowed, I was happy, as I was perfect for my wedding.

Our wedding day bloomed and I finally united with my soul mate to eternal.

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