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Comedy Drama



Comedy Drama

The Story Of A Fat Man

The Story Of A Fat Man

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Akash - A middle-aged statistical analyst who has Heart blockage. He decides to decrease his weight by taking people’s opinions.

Doctor Shetty - Akash’s family doctor. He suggests that walking should be fine for someone of Akash’s age.

Anamika - Doctor Shetty’s nurse.

Ishaan - A fitness freak and Akash’s cousin.

Urvi - Akash’s colleague. She suggests that Akash should hit the gym so he can be more fit.

Sukhwinder - A former employee in Akash’s office.

Shlok – Akash’s best friend and an artist.


Doctor Shetty: Akash, are you hearing me?

( Akash staring at his belly as his ears are ringing)

Doctor Shetty: AKASH!!! This is a serious matter. Listen to me.

Akash: Huh?

Doctor Shetty: (speaking sarcastically) Oh so you are finally back to your senses.

Akash: Heh-Heh. Sorry doctor. I was distracted. Please continue.

Doctor Shetty: You should really start exercising. You have blockage in your heart. It might lead to a heart attack in future.

Akash: (yawning) Okay Doctor. I will. Any medicines for weight loss?

Doctor Shetty: (annoyingly) NO! Just a brisk walk should be fine for someone of your age.

Akash: Alright, I’ll take your leave. I have to go to a party after this. Take care.

Doctor Shetty: I will. Make sure you go walking daily.

( Akash leaves the room)

Doctor Shetty: ( to his nurse) Did you see him Anamika? He’s too lazy to go for a walk. He’ll never decrease his weight in this lifetime.

Anamika: ( laughing ) Absolutely sir!

( Outside the hospital)

Akash: Maybe the doctor was right. I should decrease my weight. Alright let's do this. I will go for a walk from tomorrow.


Day – 1

(Morning 6 o’clock)

Akash: ( yawning) ahhhh! Let's do this.

( Akash enters the park and starts to walk slowly)

Akash: (in mind) Oh man! I’ve been walking from 30 minutes. I think I should take a small break.

Ishaan: Hey akash!

Akash: Hey Ishu. Long time no see huh? Haha

Ishaan: Yeah Aki, I’ve was transferred to Ahmedabad. But I’m back now.

Akash: Seriously Ishaan you are looking so fit.

Ishaan: Wish I could say the same about you big guy.

Akash: Haha! Funny. Wait for 3 months. Even I’ll reduce my weight and look like you.

Ishaan: Aki, if I were you I would start jogging.

Akash: Not a bad idea.

Ishaan: Good. (looking at his watch) Ok Aki I have to head home. See you around.

Akash: Like a quarter pound.


Day- 8 

(Morning 6 o’clock)

Akash: Whatever it takes.

(Akash enters the park and starts jogging)

( After 30 mins of jogging )

Akash: Oof! Oh my god.(huffing) Man I feel so free.

( akash leaves the park after 30 minutes of jogging and after a heavy breakfast he leaves for his office )

Akash: (actively) Good morning Urvi.

Urvi: Hey akash. Good morning, how are you?

Akash: I’m great. 

Urvi: Good, you look so active today. Are you working out or what?

Akash: Yep. I feel so free today!

Urvi: Good for you. You are doing a very good job. Can I give you a suggestion?

Akash: Yeah sure.

Urvi: Start going to a gym. In that way you can be way more fit compared to jogging.

Akash: Hmm…… I think it’s a good idea.

Urvi: Come on. The boss is going to be angry at both of us if we are late.

Akash: (smiling) Yeah.


Day- 36

(Morning 7 o’clock)

Akash: Oh no! I am late. Gotta hurry up for the gym. 

(Akash goes to the gym lately)

Gym Trainer: (talking roughly) Akash you are late again. 

Akash: Ah……….. I am sorry. I was working lately yesterday.

Gym Trainer: Okay. Try not to repeat this.

Akash: Sure. What are we gonna do today?

Gym Trainer: Today is friday right? So its gonna be shoulders and backs.

Akash: Alright.

( after 45 mins of workouts Akash heads his way out of the gym)

(Sukhwinder sees Akash on the way)

Sukhwinder: Hey Akash paaji,(laughing) so nice to meet you. 

Akash: Hello Sukhwinder how are you?

Sukhwinder: I am fine. What are doing here?

Akash: Ahh(adjusting his back) hitting gym from a couple of days. 

Sukhwinder: Oye paaji listen to me. Gym is useless. Yoga is best for someone of your age. You’ll be way more fit from doing yoga compared to gym.

Akash: Oh! I have a friend who says gym is better because it has many pieces of equipment which helps different parts of body to be fit.

Sukhwinder: Don’t listen to them. Yoga has many more benefits compared to gym. It helps to connect you to supportive community and it helps to deal with stress.

Akash: Wow that’s seems to be a pretty good workout for me. Thanks Sukhwinder. I’ll think about it.

Sukhwinder: Always delighted to help.

Akash: Okay I must hurry now. Say hello to Preet from me.

Sukhwinder: Sure thing paaji.

(Akash leaves and hurries to office) 


Day -42

(Akash comes out of the yoga center and sees his friend Shlok)

Akash: Hey Shlok! Good to see you old buddy. How are you?  

Shlok: Hey hello Akash, I am fine. It's so nice to see you. What happened your tummy huh?(laughing) I can see it decreasing slowly.

Akash: Yep. Working on my fitness. 

Shlok: Good. But why suddenly?

Akash: I cant stay overweight for whole life, buddy. It may lead to heart attack in the future.

Shlok: Ah come on man. It's obvious that everyone should die someday.

Akash: Yeah you are correct. But dying with a disease………… (hmph) not a very good idea to me.

Shlok: I completely agree with you. But you should live your life at the same time. This can also be done when you are free. See you are a statistical analyst and you have a lot of pressure coming from the above. By the end of the day you must have been very tired. So what’s the point of working so hard when you can’t enjoy your life?

Akash: Yeah. I think you are right, pal. I am not living my life to the fullest. Maybe I should quit all of these.

Shlok: Yeah exactly. Go back to your old ways and start being the old Akash I knew. 

Akash: You know what? I can do all these when I am free. Let's hangout this weekend. Drinks are on me. 

Shlok: (excited) YEAH! 

Akash: Okay, I have to leave now. See you this weekend. 

Shlok: Yeah man sure. See you.


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