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Adhithya Sakthivel

Romance Action Inspirational


Adhithya Sakthivel

Romance Action Inspirational



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As the time was 5:30 PM, Sakthivel finished his last and final surgery in the Care 24 hospitals. When he was going back to his house in his Honda City car, he notices MAB Boxing Academy match through a banner post, in Perundurai.

Following this, he goes there and sees the boxing competition with a happier face. One of the viewer asked him, “Are you a doctor?”


“You love boxing?”

“Hmm. It’s among my favorite.”

“For me too, it’s favorite and big. But, due to corruption, I wasn’t selected in this boxing and eventually, I work for my career.” After seeing the fighting between a tall man and a fat opponent for hours, Sakthi leaves from the place.


 A few hours later, Sakthi meets his close friend Sai Adhithya in his Skoda Showroom and takes him in his car. While going, Adhithya asked him, “Why you are upset da?”

“After going to the bar, I will tell you da” said Sakthi. After reaching the bar shop in Thindal, Sakthi sits in a chair. When taking up drinking, he suddenly sees a boxing match in TV and recalls his previous days.


Sakthivel was born to a middle-class family. His passion have always been supported by his father Rishi, who himself was a karate instructor in a school. In his childhood days, Sakthi excelled both in academics and sports. Like his father, he also specialized in the field of Karate. Taking Shiva Thapa as his inspiration through a Boxing channel, he grew up to become a boxer, which was opposed by his father.

Since, according to Rishi, “Both Education and sports is important, which is not wrong. However, one have to stand their ground, if they are to achieve their dreams.” Years later, Sakthi finished his course in M.B.B.S and a post-graduation course in Cardiology.

Along with his friends Adhithya, Vishnu, Guhan, Gaius and Sujith, he decides to become a boxer, under the coaching of their mentor Retired Major R. Kathir, who too was once a passionate boxer.

25 DECEMBER 2014:

On 25 December 2014, along with his friends, Sakthi have been watching a Sports channel, in which Shiva Thapa have been boxing along with his opponent Edgar Walth in Frankfurt.

“This time, Shiva Thapa would win all the rounds da. If he won, the whole stadium would wonder, you see da” said Adhithya.

“Yes buddy” said Sakthivel.

As they are talking Gaius stands up to go for bathroom. Sakthi then asked him, “Where are you going man?”

“Bathroom da. Urgent” said Gaius.

“If you go until all rounds gets completed, then we would feed you for sparrows” said Sakthivel and Guhan.

Despite following their words, he goes to Bathroom, Shiva Thapa lost his first round, after which they beats him up telling, “Because of you, he have lost his first round and quarterfinals da. Idiot.”

“Don’t beat me da” begged Gaius. At that time, they hears a bell sound and Sakthi opens the door.

“Dad. Today you have coaching classes for Karate, right?” asked Sakthi.

“Came here to held a boxing competition with you all da. 24 hours without feeling bored, how come you see Boxing channel da. Don’t you have any other works?” asked Rishi.

“You know that, I love boxing right?” asked Sakthivel.

“I too liked Karate and Boxing. But, see now I am leading a happy life as a Karate coach” said Rishi.

“We too would get jobs uncle” said Gaius and Adhithya.

“For this qualifications ah? He finished post-graduation, with 95% score. You finished your Engineering course by scoring 92% score. Even 10th fail are going to ITI. You are Doctor and you are Chief Engineer.” Rishi said to Sakthi and Adhithya.

“Uncle. I am a good technician” said Gaius.

“What’s your age? Why are you roaming along with these guys?” asked Rishi.

“To teach them what’s good and bad, I have to be there right!” said Gaius.

“Shut up. Chi. My wife got me a promise, not to harm my child before dying. If not means, for my wrath!” He said by throwing his coat-suits off.

As he is saying so, a bell sound is heard and he goes to open the door.

“Yes” said Rishi.

“Sir. My father got sudden Cardiac attack. That’s why came here” said a women. Sakthi goes immediately and sees the unconscious old man, who is around 70 years of age. In the house, one of the women tells, “Someone call 108 ambulance for helping this old man.”

“They would take half-an-hour to come here madam.” One of the residents Manoj replied to the women.

As Sakthi goes inside the house, Rishi suggests him by saying, “Hey. Don’t be in trouble by doing something that’s risky.”

“Let him do this sir. Your son has done a qualification in Cardiology only right. As we see how he does this, we may know how he has studied for the course.”

“We should finish off that Manoj as soon as possible da” said Adhithya, to which Sakthi smiled. As Manoj mocked him, his wife scolded him to stop to which he replied her, “He is a useless guy in this area, despite been brilliant.”

As Sakthi touched and pumped down the old man’s heart using his hands, the old man gains his consciousness, which shocks them all.

“His fuse gone down da” said Gaius.

“They may even give awards, I think. Did he found out this surgery method? Go inside di” said Manoj and he goes inside the house.

“What are you coming to say through this? You are going to do boxing. Am I right?”

“Yes dad.”

“I will give you an year time. I don’t know you would become Shiva Thapa or lazy. But, you have to get a job as a successful surgeon.” Getting permission for their sports, they all decides to pursue Boxing.

The same time, Dinesh Boxing academy, owned by a politician’s henchman Bose and his team trains up the boxing match. He have been in politician’s payroll to spoil the life of students and passionate boxers, whom they traps using beer and Biryani. They further gets bribe amount for coaching the boxers, who comes with a passion.

At that time, Sakthivel and Adhithya meets their mentor Major Kathir, who have been shouting at his team of students telling, “Shut up guys. What is there with you and those rowdies da. Don’t you wish to do Boxing for the Delhi team? Selection process is there. You know right? We have to go for National level.” He shouted at his students, for messing up with Dinesh.

“You are taking these many classes. But, if gave 3 Lakhs means, work is finished” said one of the students.

“Who da? Who told you as such? That Dinesh ah? Collecting bribes from people, he is doing wrong business activities. Having been complained about his coaching center, they banned his academy and is now doing these stupid things” said Kathir, shouting at them. After cooling down, they gets trained under his coach’s guidance. Kathir then takes Sakthi and Adhithya for the boxing training.

As he have been doing boxing along with Adhithya, he notices Sakthi giving low punch and asked him, “Why low punching today da?”

He asked him to look at the tea shop, where a girl sits, wearing a blue shirts and green jeans pant. He decides to ignore her. Since, he considers boxing to be important. Then, after finishing his coaching with Kathir, he notices the girl, sitting in the same tea shop.

When sitting along with Gaius and Adhithya, Sakthi notices Gaius to be upset. He then asked him, “Why are you upset da, Gaius?”

“Sakthi. Does we need this boxing da? We have to face challenges da. If they reject us due to corruption, we don’t have any other options, except to die” said Gaius.

Angered Adhithya slaps him. Seeing this, the girl comes to know what happened and Sakthi tells him, “Don’t ever speak like such da. I would kill you, then. Human life is full of battles da. Fight your way and stand your ground. Since, everyone is masterpiece in this world. Suicide or death is not the only solution, left for us. Got it?”

“Yes da” said Gaius, with a happier looks.

The girl sees this and claps at Sakthi telling, “Superb. Excellent words you told. Wow.”

“Who are you?” asked Adhithya.

“I am Anshuman aka. Anshu. Daughter of a retired Navy officer Commander Ravindran from nearby colony of SIDCO.” Anshuman said.

Adhithya, Gaius and Sakthivel becomes friends with her. Anshu frequently meets him, in the boxing center and learns about his passion for the profession with the help of Kathir. Additionally, Kathir tells her: “He is the topper of college and schools. Even after that, he is crazy and ambitious towards boxing, taking Shiva Thapa as his inspiration.”

With Anshu’s motivation, Sakthi slowly trained up himself for the upcoming Delhi boxing tournament, opposite Inder Singh. Sakthi’s development annoys and angers his egoistic friend Gokul and two more. They plots to send him out and deliberately picks up a fight with him, in his colony.

The next day, Gokul lied to Kathir: “Sir. He told me that, we won’t win this boxing match, without his presence.”

“Don’t lie da. I would kill you. Are you playing dramas?” said Sakthivel.

“Did you told as such? Tell me da” asked his mentor Kathir.

“I didn’t tell like such till now. But, now I say you sir. Only with my presence, you would win this tournament.”

“Gone that much ah? We don’t need you hereafter da” said an angry Kathir.

Gaius, Guhan and Adhithya begged him to apologize Kathir, which he refuses and instead reveals him, “I am planning to pursue my internship program and become a surgeon.” Dinesh’s men decides to avenge Sakthi and Kathir, to compensate for their previous encounter, in which their academy got banned, as they were exposed to corruption.

One of Dinesh’s henchman Arul cunningly asked Sakthivel to come and participate for their boxing match, which he politely refused and tells him: “I know about you and Dinesh. Problem is between me and my mentor. You can go now.” Arul leaves dissatisfied.

Then, Rishi asked Sakthivel: “Sakthi. Are you going to become a surgeon, by leaving this boxing?”

“No way left other than that, dad. I can’t stand to those egoistic guys and my mentor, who failed to believe me. It’s better to do 24/7 job as a surgeon” said Sakthi, sitting dejected with his sad face.

Rishi sits near Sakthi and tells him, “Till now, I too opposed your interests to join Boxing da. But, you worked hard and strived for it. If you leave now, everything would become useless. To console you, let me tell you a short story da.”

Sakthi looked silent and Rishi tells him, “There’s a jungle da. In that jungle, there lived many animals like Tiger, Elephant, Deer, Lion. Donkey and Monkey. They are dependent on each other, to satisfy their daily needs. If Tiger didn’t eat Deer, it can’t survive. If Elephant can’t eat plants, it would die. Everyone is dependent and that’s life cycle. If we go away from problems, we have to run continuously. No end would be there. I too was a victim of Corruption. Many challenged me like this. Don’t become like me da. That’s why I am telling this to you.”

Sakthi feels motivated and agrees to join Boxing again. He gives up his internship program and settled off his problems with Kathir, apologizing him. The same time, he brings Anshu and introduces her to his father.

“Dad. She is Anshuman. Daughter of Commander Ravindran sir” said Sakthivel.

“Oh. You are daughter of Commander Ravindran sir ah? Your father came for our school function ma. A very good person, you know. He have helped us by various means.” Anshuman smiled upon hearing these. However, he asked Sakthi, “That’s okay. How come you know her da?”

 “We both love each other dad. She is like my mother” said Sakthivel, holding Anshu’s hands.

“Go and drop her back in the house da. We will talk about this later” said Rishi. Agreeing to his words, Sakthi drops her back. Meanwhile, Dinesh tells Sakthi, “Sakthi. You have to get ready for Delhi Boxing match Tournament within one week period da. If you perform well in all rounds, you can become like Shiva Thapa. Peform well.”

Back in his house, Rishi tells to Sakthi, “The sport of boxing appears to be corrupt da. Because, there is an overall lack of oversight in the professional ranks. Unlike some other sports like football, baseball and basketball, there is no overarching governing body to enforce rules on all the actors involved in boxing and many of these operators have shaky reputations.”

After getting his blessings, Sakthi prepares himself up for the upcoming tournament match. The same time, Dinesh’s henchman sees Sakthivel-Anshu together and informs this to him. Taking advantage of this, he meets Ravindran and informed about this to him. Angered, Ravindran hits Anshu and tells him, “Told you for 100 times. Be disciplined.”

Angered Sakthi bashed up Dinesh and is beaten up severely. Anshu is not allowed to see Sakthi and vice-versa. He sits upset for several days. Since, Anshu is sitting upset, her father decides to warn him and beat up. Sensing this, Anshu saved him and takes him to a lodge, where she tells him: “My father have sent goons to beat you up.”

“Why should he do so?” asked Sakthi.

“Don’t fear Anshu. I will take you to my father’s house.”

“Tomorrow evening I will come. Let’s meet.”

“Tomorrow I have to go for Delhi Boxing tournament Anshu.” She holds his shirt and asked, “You think Boxing to be more important than me ah?”

“I consider your life to be important. Let’s go somewhere and be happy.”

However, Anshu refused, which angered Sakthi. He asked him, “Are you mad? What happened to you?”

“Yes. I am mad. Because, I love you. Love you eternal.” She kissed his lips and tells that, “She would come back” and asked him, “Not to come out of the room”, which he obeyed.


At present, Adhithya takes Sakthi to the same lodge, as insisted by him and he sleeps in the same lodge and recalls these events. While laying around, he hears someone tapping the door and he sees Adhithya.

“Buddy. Dinesh’s men teased your wife and made her to break down da” said Adhi, and he takes him there, where he tells: “They are there only, da.” Angered, Adhithya bashes up Dinesh’s men severely. As a result of this, he is taken to police station. The Inspector interrogates the name of Dinesh’s men and then he asked Sakthi about his name.

“Sakthivel sir. He works as a Cardiologist in a private hospitals, nearby” said his father Rishi.

“Why? Won’t he speak out? As a doctor, will he beat up anyone, who teased his girlfriend?” asked Inspector.

Dinesh feels frustrated as the Inspector asked him continuous questions. He manages by saying, “Sir. My boys are not like such, basically. But, he is always dangerous sir. Told to all aspiring boxers that, he knew everyone, got money from them and spoiled their career.”

“No sir. Not like such” said Rishi.

“Who spoiled their career da? You or me? Because of your corrupt nature, your boxing academy got banned. From then, you are spoiling them” shouted Sakthi, to which the Inspector silence him out. Meanwhile, Sakthi’s wife comes in her scooter and meets the Inspector. She is wearing a sari, having a white-pale facial expression, with her long hair down.

“You. What’s your name?” asked the Inspector.

“Ishika” said Sakthi’s wife.

“Are you Sakthi’s wife?”


“Are these guys who mocked you?” asked Inspector, to which Ishika sees those guys and recalls what happened.

“Threw the vegetable clearly da” said one of Dinesh’s men.

“She looks like ginger-ladies finger da. Shall we touch and see ah?” asked other guy, which upsets her. Since, Sakthi took law into his own hands, he have to be there in the cell for one day under remand.

Henceforth, she compromises. While, Inspector warns Dinesh to control his henchman. Or else, he would imprison him in the cell. Sakthi goes in his car back to house, amidst the rain along with his father, after smoking a cigar.

The next day, Sakthi finished his breakfast and his father asked him, “Oh! You doesn’t need her. But, you need her breakfast food alone. Ah? Two years since your marriage happened da. You haven’t even spoke with her nor shown your loving words. Yesterday, took her to police station as a prize for wedding anniversary, instead of taking for Temple.”

“For my sake only right, uncle!” said Ishika.

“Not like such ma. It’s just a reason for showing heroism. That solve” said Rishi.

“While eating his breakfast, why uncle?” asked Ishika.

“Only during the morning, I am able to see him, right. Aftermath, he would go for 24/7 hospital duties right!” said Rishi.

Having finished his breakfast, Sakthi proceeds to go for his hospitals, by wearing his white uniform, ID and statoscope. At that time, Ishika’s father rings bell in his house, after which Rishi opens.

It’s none other than Manoj and his wife. They comes inside to talk with Ishika for ten minutes. Manoj tells, “Rishi sir. In this area, I thought no girl should marry him. Due to my timing, I am forced to get my daughter married to your son. I didn’t expect that. I know that, in the opposite house, there would be a useless rogue, who roamed without any passion and dreams. I didn’t expect that, my daughter would love such a guy.”

Angered, Sakthi stands up and tells, “Yes. I had a passion to join Boxing. As I got defeated, I am now in 24/7 duty. Please don’t remind me of the same. I don’t know what could happen then.” He goes for his hospital, afterwards.

Manoj advises Ishika to come back for their house, who refused indirectly. He angrily leaves the house along with his wife. Ishika works in a Railways company, where she gets an offer for Bhubaneswar. She turned down this and refused to go there.


Meanwhile, after returning back from his hospital duties, Sakthi goes along with Adhithya for drinking. While speaking, he receives a call from Kathir, who is now in Hyderabad.


They are asked to come for Hyderabad, which is informed to Sakthivel. However, they thinks about it. Meanwhile, Dinesh comes along with his men to see him.


“Hey. Dinesh is coming to the bar. Don’t see there.”


“Hey Sakthi. Don’t drink like this da. Your liver would go out. Anyone of you advise him da!” said Dinesh.


“Yes bro” said Dinesh’s henchman.


“Dinesh bro. This is not good. You go. Please” said Adhithya.


“I am telling for his goodness. You please sit. Sit, I say. If no one advise him, what will happen” said Dinesh. His henchman then tells, “He was training for becoming a National level boxer. But, he is now drinking alcohol and doing 24/7 hospital duties.”


“He won’t return for Boxing hereafter. Would have lost his touch. So pity about his wife’s condition” said a henchman, after which an angry Sakthi slaps the henchman. He angrily shouts at Dinesh after which, he goes along with his henchman.


The henchman insists to stab Sakthi for his limitless aggression, to which Dinesh tells him, “Hey. You see his anger. While, I see his pain. How happier it is for me, you know! He banned my boxing academy along with that army man right! Let him suffer. He is a dead snake da. Come.”


Adhithya then angrily, shouts at Sakthi, “Everyone of us have a bad story da. You are thinking about that and wasting your life like this da.”


"Anshu is my life da. It's not her memories da. Love conquers all. Suffering due to failure is very very painful da." Sakthi said and he drinks tot the fullest. Afterwards he goes back to his home.


Accidentally, he taps the door of Manoj's house and it leads to a fight between them. Manoj accuses Sakthi as a curse for their family and it leads to a verbal fight among them in the public.


"Dad. Drinking is wrong only. But, he won't do any mistakes, I say" said Ishika.


"He have finished everything in 19 years of age itself. His whole body is repaired" said Manoj, to which Sakthi tells, "You are a big doctor, see. Lies only right...tell tell..."


"For educated-responsible rogues, good wives would come itseems. You are example for that." Manoj said, to which Sakthi says, "Knowing me to be a rogue, you have got your daughter married to me, you are also a rogue only man. Chi. Go da dei. Go da."


An angry Manoj then warns his daughter to come, if he doesn't change his ways. If not, he would commit suicide. Then, Ishika advises Sakthi to change his ways, to which he warns her and behaves harsh. A tearful Ishika then recalls her memorable life before marrying Sakthi.


Few days before, Ishika was a brilliant college-student studying in PSG College of Arts and Science. She came to Erode district, during leave days to celebrate her holidays. At that time, she sees Sakthi, treating the old man and fell in love with him.

Whenever he and his friends go for Boxing tournament camp for training, she and her friends go in the bus, admiring them. One of her friend asked her, “You love her, since 11th standard. Can’t you tell him about that.”

“After exams I will tell him about it.” The memories grew stronger through non-veg, sharing foods, etc. However, her happiness is short-lived, when she sees him along with Anshu. She is extremely heartbroken.

After completing her studies and returning to house, she sees Sakthi, thrown out from Anshu’s house. A heartbroken Sakthi lies upset for several days and eventually gives up his passion for Boxing. He joined for Internship program and becomes a surgeon in private hospitals. Further, he slips into alcoholism, unable to forget Anshu’s memories.

The time, his father’s health deteriorates due to blood pressure and heart ailment problems. Sakthi learns this from Ishika in his drunken state. As he returns from his hospitals in an imbalance state, he falls down in the steps.

Rishi tells, “Be careful da. In childhood, when you fall down, I would hold you. Now also, I am doing the same. Because, I am your father da.” Sakthi sits heartbroken. While, Ishika feels pity for Sakthi. Meanwhile, Manoj asked Ishika, “Why did you refused the groom?”

“Except Sakthi, I won’t marry anyone dad.”

“I know he is now leading a good profession as doctor. But, he is still more an useless rogue” said Manoj.

“But, I like him only.” Manoj slaps her in anger, to which Ishika tells: “Even if you kill me or beat me, I would live with him. I would die, but won’t marry anyone else.” Left with no way, Manoj begs Rishi to accept for the marriage.

Since Sakthi won’t obey his words, Manoj brings Adhithya to convince him. Adhithya tells Sakthi, “See him da. See how sad he is. Hey. For how many days da. If you marry Ishika, he would feel happy that, you have a support. Or else, he would die with the same consciousness. You would be a reason for that. Hey. When our parents are alive, we won’t take them good. But, after they die, we would regret that, we didn’t do anything for them. We can’t bear that pain da.” Sakthi reluctantly marries Ishika, to fulfill his father’s wishes and becomes a workaholic.


At present, Sakthi gets a leave for few days from his hospitals, in order to go for meeting Kathir in Hyderabad. He eventually stops his self-destructive habits and decides to go along with Adhithya. As he is packing his things, his father pretends to call for someone and ask, “Don’t you have any sense da? Will you trouble yourself like this ah? In Life, if one goes, we would get another. If one doesn’t understand this, he is not a human being.”

“Who are you to say this? Are you hearing this Abinaya. As he is aged, he could sit quiet right. Why should he interfere in this?”

“No one, is there in the phone right?” asked Rishi, to which she asked the same and he tells, “Be quiet ma. If I leave him as such, he would go to any extent.” Rishi then asked Sakthi, “Where are you going da? Why are you packing these?”

“My mentor Kathir asked me to come for Hyderabad dad. Before that, I am going for Guhan’s bachelor party.” Sakthi said. Adhithya too comes there. While Rishi asked, “Hey. Take Ishika also with you da. She haven’t came anywhere since marriage da.”

“Adhi. We are going for work. Not for honeymoon. Tell it to him da.”

“No need to tell…I heard…I heard…”

As Adhithya and Sakthi are going in their car, Manoj then sees a Whatsapp by Ishika. He sees, “My husband is going for a job to Hyderabad.”

Manoj tells himself, “By doing medical job on one side, he would do drinking job on other sides, may be.”

Sakthi meets Guhan and learns from him that, “He is happily getting married to a girl of his father’s marriage.”

“Really, are you happy ah?” Sakthi asked him.

“Anyways, Yazhini won’t come back da. My dad is also getting aged da. That’s why” said Guhan. Sakthi drinks to the fullest, upon hearing this and goes along with Adhithya to a lodge, from where they reaches Hyderabad through Sabari Express.


Kathir have been instructed by Hyderabad Boxing academy to select the best students for Boxing match. Then, Sakthi and Adhithya meets him in his house.

“How is your wife da?” asked Kathir.

“She is fine brother” said Sakthi.

“Sorry da. I wasn’t able to come for your marriage.”

“He came for marriage. That itself is a big surprise brother” said Adhithya, to which he laughed.

“It’s one of the biggest Boxing academy da. From here only, we train best students and select them for finals to fight in district and national levels da.”

At that time, he speaks about Anshuman and he lights a cigar and goes back to the same time machine. Sakthi agrees to assist Kathir, along with Adhithya in selecting best students for Boxing. The next day, three goes for the selection of best students in the academy. While sitting to select the students for boxing, Sakthi recalls the words of Anshu: “Boxing is your dreams da. You have to fulfill your dreams and passion.”

Sakthi, Adhithya and Kathir observes the performance of four 19-year old girls in the boxing ring. Upon seeing girls, Adhithya asked Kathir, “Brother. Should we have to select girls? Why should they come for boxing? I expected people like Shiva Thapa sir, inside this boxing ring.”

“Hold your tongue, Adhi. Girls also have led their successful career in Boxing. Especially people like Mary Kom, Katie Taylor, Jessica Mccaskill and Cecilia Braekhus. She won first gold medal for her boxing 2010 Asian Games. Ok.” Adhithya remains silent.

The two guys learn from Kathir that, “They are here to select girls as well as boys, who are physically fit for boxing. And the next phase is, they would conduct three rounds between those girls, who are selected.”

“Srinidhi from Jharkhand” said the assistant of Kathir.

Her weight is shown 85 kilograms. She gets rejected. Then, two more girls are rejected for their overweight. Aftermath, a girl named Meera is called up. She is selected as, she is 72 kilograms. Two more girls Reva and Shubhi Varma are also selected with her.

After finishing off their selection, Kathir brings group of boys, among whom a guy named Rahul gets selected. He is 75-kilo weighted guy, with good fittings and facial expressions. Finding problem with his attitude in the boxing ring, Kathir disqualifies him, as advised by Sakthi.

A furious Rahul calls his father and informs him, “Dad. Corruption and fraudulent activities are going in boxing. I can’t tolerate these. If you don’t come and take me along with you, I would come by myself to Delhi. You know right? I am your son. I will do what I say.” His father is none other than, Ravindran, who lands in Hyderabad and questions Kathir. Upon seeing this, Sakthi and Adhithya comes and are shocked to see Ravindran. Sakthi goes angrily along with Adhithya and shouts in frustration.

However, Ravindran meets him where Sakthi tells him, “While contemplating the objects of the senses, a person develops attachment for them, and from such attachment passion develops, and from passion anger arises. I loved your daughter eternal. But, you separated us and got her married to someone else. I very well know that, she won’t be happier. What else you want from me? Because, I am already suffering to the core.”

“If she is alive only right, she could be happier. Without her wishes, I got her married to the man of my choice. Unable to forget you, she tried to commit suicide. She stopped communicating with me. Thinking about my son Rahul’s future and for her unborn child’s sake, she decided to live a life. But, God doesn’t give her a chance to live. In Last year’s accident, they died in the accident.” Upon hearing this, a tearful Sakthi falls down in the chair and closes his face, crying silent.

“Rahul was passion about boxing since 14 years of his age. Due to her death, he was totally disturbed. They rejected him in Delhi Boxing academy. I brought him here. However, no solution and use, despite joining her in many academies.” Ravindran said.

“His attitude have to change. He have good boxing skills.” Sakthi said. Ravindran insists him to change his attitude, to which he accepts. Rahul initially refuses, due to his fear for Sakthi. As his father convinced him, he agrees to go along with them. Kathir gladly sends them while, Sakthi shakes his hands with Ravindran and goes in his car.

Rahul fails to adjust in the house. While, an angry Rishi asked him, “Who is he da?”

“He is Anshu’s younger brother Rahul dad.”

“Are you senseless da? Because of her only, you got affected. Not you. I have to blame her da. If Ishika learn this, she would feel sad da. Is that girl a human?” Rishi shouted in frustration.

“She is dead pa. Rahul’s father sent him with me for making him a good and passionate boxer.” Sakthi said, which makes Rishi to feel guilty. Ishika hears about this.

The next day, Manoj is shocked to see him and decides to know about Rahul. While, Rishi tries to manage the situation telling, “His mentor and coach Kathir have sent her with him ma. A known family of Kathir, it seems. Would go within ten days.” However, he is shocked when Ishika told that, she knows about Rahul’s identity and further tells, “She is dead too. I know uncle.”

She advises Rishi to be silent, since Rahul would be a new hope for Sakthi’s change. Rahul tries to outsmart Sakthi in the boxing ring. However, he is made to do ten straights inside a room as a punishment. Then, Manoj questions about Rahul for being a student of Sakthi, to which he asked him: “In this world, despite having many good people, why did you get your daughter married to this kind of a guy!” which shocked him.

Later, Sakthi finds his favorite radio tape(given by Anshuman) to be missing and shouts at Ishika, as he found it in her hands. However, Rahul saves her and tells, “I took the radio tape sir. My sister loved the song, in that. That’s why.” Sakthi goes inside a room, in anger. While, Ishika silently cries.

Meanwhile, Dinesh’s henchman mocks Rahul, which angered Sakthi and he bashes them up severely through his Kickboxing, that shocked Rahul a lot. Then, one of the henchman tells, “Don’t Sakthi. You would feel for this.”

One of the henchman begs him not to hit. He chases them and beats them up severely. Unable to bear his attack, they goes in the bus and one of them asked him, “Didn’t you loved Anshu. Didn’t you go for beach and park. If I ask you the truth, you would get angered only da.”

“Come. Let’s go” said Sakthi, by sitting in his car.

“You know my sister ah?” asked Rahul, in tears.

“Let’s talk this in home. Come and sit in the car, first” said Sakthi.

“Do you know my sister ah?” asked Rahul.

“I know” said Sakthi.

“How? How you both got separated? Did you torture her, like Ishika? You did a mistake or my sister did a mistake?” asked an angry Rahul, in tears.

“Hey.” An angry Sakthi showed his hands and warned Rahul. He goes in frustration by taking his car. While, Adhithya asked Rahul, “Hey Rahul. What’s this da?”

“I wanted to know now itself” said Rahul.

“Boxing is only Sakthi’s dream and passion. Despite scoring excellent marks and finishing his post-graduation course in Cardiology, he got trained for boxing. We participated in it just for job sake. While, he participated to go for Indian Boxing team. At that time only, he and Anshu met. She too was a motivator and inspiration for him. Not as you think da. When the one whom we loved to the core leaves us, it is very difficult for us to digest the painful result, you know. Unable to forget your sister, he quit Boxing and worked as doctor and became alcoholic further, thinking about your sister. She left him, feeling concerned about him.” Adhithya said.


“God too makes some mistakes. To humans, they can’t come and ask an open apology right. Henceforth, when he plucks something from us, he fills it with another one. Likewise only Ishika too. I told you this, so that you won’t misunderstand about my friend and your sister. Bye.” Adhithya said and leaves from the place.

Before leaving from the place, Adhithya tells: “Life is full of challenges Rahul. We faced numerous obstacles when participating for Delhi team. Because, corruption and money is dominating each and every games and sports. We have to cross all those hurdles, if we are to go for a winning post. Remember this alone. You would be successful in everything.”

Rahul apologizes to Sakthi and insists that, “He would participate in upcoming Delhi Boxing championship program.” He however refuses this. Because, “It’s held by North-Indian based federation, which was once suspended for corruption activities.”

As Rahul is adamant, he agrees and decides to train him up for the match. Adhithya convinces Sakthi to train for Delhi match. Ravindran agrees for his son’s request to participate in Delhi match. The same time, Rahul makes some plans to reunite Sakthi with Ishika. Sakthi realizes her true love and reconciles with her. They starts their new life, making Manoj happier.

While, Rahul is trained physically by Sakthi. Adhithya also supports him by making Rahul run and meditate. After some days, trial match is held between Sakthi and Rahul. It proved to be successful. Ravindran then comes to meet Sakthi, since match is almost to begin. Ishika becomes pregnant with Sakthi’s baby, sooner.

All were going smooth, until Dinesh intervenes in a incident. Since, his henchman got attacked publicly, they waits for a chance. As Adhithya, Sakthivel, Rahul, Rishi, Ishika, her parents and Ravindran were going in a car, Dinesh’s henchman stops them. Angered Sakthi beats them up.

But, one of the henchman stabs him twice in the stomach and escapes.

“Hey Sakthi.” Adhithya said and rushes along with Rishi, Ishika, her parents and Ravindran. He struggles to breath and before going to unconscious state, he asked Rahul: “These challenges are common, Rahul. Don’t give up your match. Win it. Don’t think about this da. I will be there with you. Uncle. Kindly motivate him during the match.”

Sakthi is shifted to Delhi hospitals by his family. Since, he have to see the match from there. Due to the severe injury, he is asked to be under bed rest for three days. Inside the boxing ring, no one is there to appreciate Rahul. Despite his father’s motivation in the first round of the match, Rahul performs poorly. His opponent almost wins the round, until he hears a sound of Sakthi, who comes through wheel-chair along with Ishika and Rishi.

“Come on, Rahul. You can win.” Sakthi said by shouting louder, despite the bloods, coming from his stomach.

Recalling the memorable days with him and the training, Rahul hits his opponent and wins the first round. Aftermath, with the motivation of Sakthi, he continues to win all the rounds.

When getting the medal for his boxing match, an injured Rahul(during the first round, where he was hit) tells to his judge: “I wanted to tell some words about this victory, before getting this medal.” He is granted permission for this.

“Everyone of us have our own dream. We have some aim and passion in our life. But, a very few achieves their passion, goal and target. If I have became a passionate boxer now means, it’s because of my mentor Sakthivel. If he is not there, I am not there. If we put our efforts and hard work in everything, all is possible in this world. Nothing is impossible here.” While saying these, Rahul further tells about corruption and the things, that Dinesh is doing with Boxing for political reasons. He motivates people to stand against corruption, if they have to become, what they wish to.

Rahul takes Sakthi along with his family, back to his house. And for the first time, Manoj appreciates Sakthi for doing a good thing in his life. In his house, Sakthi sees a reflection of Anshu smiling at him, out of happiness.


“The soul is neither born and nor does it die. Fear kills ambition, dreams and even the slight chances of progress. A fearless soul has nothing to worry about, because it knows it cannot be caged, and nor can it be stopped. Thus, the fear of death is absurd, as our souls don't die.”

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