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Ajola Ganesan

Romance Tragedy Others


Ajola Ganesan

Romance Tragedy Others

The Park Bench

The Park Bench

4 mins 361 4 mins 361

How worse would it be if it took an entire life time to fade off the ego from our heart. Souls are immortal and so is love. The two lovers Clara And David Jonathan broke up at the lake where they met for the first time with anger. Jealousy sometimes paves a way for departure and sometimes love itself does it.

Clara was a nurse in the near hospital just a few kilometers from her home. John was a teacher in a school. The homes of John and Clara were just a street away from each other. Like any other love story, they also fell in love and experienced the fate of breakup. Years have passed. It's been 30 years. They were wedded to another person and lived far away from each other. 

It was Clara's son John's 25th birthday. John had a great surprise on his birthday. John hardly spoke to his mother for Clara divorced his father and married another man. This year was different for he spoke to Clara and said, Mom, I have something to tell you. Will you show up to my 25th birthday party at my home?

Clara was happier than ever and came to meet him. 

There, he introduced a girl, Jennifer and said, 'She is the one I am willing to marry'. Clara was so happy for her son. It was a hard time to have a peaceful talk with her son in the midst of the party filled with music and dance. Clara didn't have a good look at Jennifer and so she thought of meeting her at a restaurant near by. 

Jennifer and John showed up and Clara came by herself. 

I'm Jennifer Jonathan, she said as she started her talk. The surname gave Clara a deep sink but she gathered to have silence for a couple of minutes, getting herself back to form. They had a good conversation about their family and things. 

At the end, the surname still had a glimpse of doubt and hope of it was him. But the ego still hung on her heart even after ages. 

The wedding arrived and everyone gathered and cheered. Her son stood on the stage waiting for her future wife to arrived, and David arrive there on the carpet spread, with his daughter Jennifer. All the smiles of Clara got stuck at the sight of her old love approaching the stage. Pale, Grey haired, and wrinkled face, he still remained the same. She thought to herself. 

The wedding ended peacefully and happily. 

David never had a look at his son in law for he never liked him. He never introduced himself and ignored and stood away from everyone. He took a glass of wine and stood at the lake seeing the birds chirp on the trees. 

Hey, bad boy! A sound came from behind. He was shocked and turned around with a curious look. But no one to be seen. Clara stood behind him and had a glimpse of his look. She noticed that all his hair had gone grey and he was getting bald. 

That same confusion look! She smiled to herself.

He turned again and it was a sudden blow of the wind that he stood speechless and frozen. Clara had turned so much with wrinkles and standing with a stick for she met with an accident an year ago. Hard to stand she stood in front of him. It was such a noble moment in their life. 

They talked about their life after their departure and had a decent talk. At the end, the thing was much more shocking when he came to know that they were much more family now. Bonded their children together, they let their love fill in the places again. 

Do you still remember the ring I gave you? He asked. Yes, she said, pointing the old ring on her finger. I lied it was my mother's ring all over the years, she said. There was a huge silence. Tears filled in their places. And they both held their hands and sat on the bench, the same way they sat at the park bench as lovers. As she laid her head on his shoulder, the wind blew. 

I regret missing you, all these years. She said. 

I think, I should have met you the day I shouted at you. He regretted. 

Both of them expressed their thoughts out. 

While the whole family stood there in shock watching them sit together, holding hands far away at a distance. 

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