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Ajola Ganesan

Tragedy Fantasy Inspirational

Daisy's Sandwich

Daisy's Sandwich

2 mins

The owner of The Great Restaurant, a woman of 56, named Gabriella receives feedback from one of her customers noted 'As sweet as Daisy's sandwich'.

 She sits down and thinks who that Daisy was. So, she started to gather information about her day by day. 

One fine day, her friend, Rose rang her up and said she found Daisy's home. 

The next day, Daisy receives an advertisement letter from the restaurant. 

'Sandwich competition' The best one will be crowned 'The Best Chef'. 

Daisy's happiness knew no boons. 

She reached the place at the correct time. Gabriella chose to spend her entire time with Daisy. Ah! This is what I wanted. She said to herself.

 While the competition began, Gabriella's attention was completely on Daisy the entire time. 

She felt Daisy's body language familiar, the way Daisy held the challenge, her patience, her cooking reactions, the way she held the spoon,

 all were like she was already known to her. 

Gabriella's mind was now in confusion. For her heart, Daisy smelt like perfume, she liked the most. 

And at the end, of cooking, Ah! Lala-lala, hmm mmm hmm mmm.. Daisy made the melody as she made a dancing move. 

With a great shock, Gabriella stood from her seat and ran towards her and asked 'How do you know this rhyme?' with her wide red eyes she shouted at Daisy.

Daisy was silenced and said with a weak voice 'It's my mother's favorite song!' 

Gabriella stepped backward and asked her to get out. I felt something fishy, that you smelt like a familiar rat to me.

 Your Mother was such a betrayer and you, daughter of the betrayer! 

She charged at her.

Just then, her stepmother, Gracia came from nowhere and rescued Daisy. With agape, Gabriella shouted at Gracia, 'who are you?'

I'm Daisy's mother. She said. 

No, my daughter, Lily is Daisy's mother! Gabriella shouted. 

Yes, but she's no more and I'm now Daisy's mother. Gracia explained.

All of a sudden, with agape Gabriella's heart, stopped beating in shock and looked at Daisy. 

All her anger now turned down to tears, hugged her granddaughter, and cried.

Just after the moment, Gabriella became a new person. All her anger towards her daughter faded off. 

She turned as a soft-spoken person after this incident. She went to Daisy's house and brought Daisy to her home.

She took care of her just like how she took care of her daughter. Daisy, as she grew up, did things just like her mother.

Gabriella cherishes with a saying 'Like mother like daughter' whenever Daisy does naughty things.

Gabriella thanked Rose with a big 'Thank You' on Rose's birthday.

Rose cherished at Gabriella and said ''Happy to see the #newyou. They both hugged each other.

And hence, Gabriella and Daisy lived together in peace and happiness.

#NEWYOU story

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