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Ajola Ganesan

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The Bride From the Graveyard

The Bride From the Graveyard

8 mins

Ever wondered, how a bride can be a landmark for an entire town who made everyone feel cold when asked about her? That would be horror story to be told! 

A young beautiful bride, age 23 sits at the grave yard for years in a wedding gown awaiting the arrival of her groom. The bouquet of flowers still remains fresh and so does her. The same pretty face and elegant appearance, she shines much more with the moon light. The crown on her head makes her look like an angel. She sits there at the grave yard, humming a tune, no one could define. Many are the people who looked went to look at the grave yard situated into the deep forests surrounded by lakes and thick trees, just to see the beautiful lady. Some of the people say that it is actually a rumor that a ghost disguised as a lady, so scary face, catches people and eat them whoever comes there to see her. For no people who had gone had never returned. She appears only at night. The day time is just like any ordinary grave yard, one of the residents said this. Some say, they have seen her and had fallen in love. Many artists tired drawing her and were found dead after completing her art. So, the art was thrown into the river flowing nearer to the graveyard. Much are the rumors about the people's beliefs and sayings. Yet, the thoughts and sayings gave people a kind of fear and no one dared to overrule the rules. 

It was a beautiful day. And far away, a young couple shared their lips in front of a crowd and exchanged rings. The wedding was extra ordinary like any other wedding. And they flew to the place called Daisy's Town so called 'The bride at the graveyard!' 

Like any other couple, James and Jasmine got into the city and chose a rented house to live in. For Jasmine and James, nothing smelled in their mind for they were filled with love and care for each other. James was a business man. And Clara, his classmate at high school. 

The first week was so beautiful for the newly wedded couple. Mary and Jessica, her neighbors became close friends of her. Clara was told about the untold story of the horror scene of the beautiful bride at the grave yard. And now she had the enthusiasm to see her. When Clara told about this to James, he being a business man, never had much thoughts about it because he was too busy with his work. So Clara waited for a chance to see her. 

One week later, James had a party with his business men and this grabbed Clara's attention. She too joined the party with James. The place was a resort near a sea shore. They reached there around 7pm and the party began. James and Clara had a dance at the floor and then accompanied by the dinner with the other business men families. It was around 9 pm and all had already exhausted. James was in deep discussion with his partners and Clara used this time wisely. She took the binoculars in her hand and reached the light house at the beach. She walked to the top of the light house and watched it through the binoculars. She searched for the grave and as the light of the light house hit the grave, she could see something feeble. She again adjusted the lens to have a perfect look. The wind was high and so was her eagerness. For her amusement, she saw the girl with white gown but but her face was covered with the white shawl. She waited for the light to fall on it. As it fell, the girl turned towards Clara. For her shock, it was a scary face, horrible. Her eyes were hollow. The teeth were rusted, cheeks sunk and was like a scary ghost that of in a nightmare. Clara, in fear dropped her binoculars and steeped down in a hurry. As stepping down, she heard the sneaky voice


Oh my darling, where are you going? 

Come up to me and look at me once, 

Oh, am I not pretty to you, 

Or are you jealous of me? 

Clara slipped off from the steps and rolled down to the ground. Clara fainted in shock and fear. 

It was dark for Clara until she opened her eyes. Her husband was taking to the doctor about the instructions to take care of Clara and her friends Mary and Jessica sitting next to her. 

Ah, there she woke up! Mary exclaimed. 

Jessica rushed from the other side. 

What happened? Jessica asked her in agitation. 

Clara couldn't respond. 

Just then James arrived. And so they quit their talk with Clara. They left for home. After one hour, James took Clara to home. And James had to take a day off to take care of Clara. Clara recollected the memories but kept silence and pretended to remember nothing when her husband questioned her about it. 

Clara was scared from inside for she wondered what if the girl followed her. She didn't sleep properly. The voice of hers echoed in her ears. Days passed by. Nothing dreadful happened. Clara came back to her old self. Happiness, love, care, they enjoyed their life. And the next month, Clara became pregnant. Their happiness knew no boons. Their life moved on. But after her third month of pregnancy, the presence of the evil girl started to show up.

One fine Sunday, James hastily called on Clara from the balcony, who was cooking in the kitchen. Upon Clara coming there, he asked her to see through the binoculars. For her, the whole world shook for a moment for it was a gift presented by her to him with their name tagged on it during their college days. It was the same binoculars that broke at the party. Clara gulped the fear and wondered something evil was about to start. One night, as she was sleeping, she heard the piano sound play with an ancient song as said by Mary. Clara got up from her bed and reached the balcony. For her shock, the girl sat on the park bench of their lawn, the same way she sat on the grave. Clara feared and hid herself. Then again she went to see her. But she was not there. A pale, skeletal with shrunk skinned lady with hair covered on her face approached Clara. Clara now ran to the bed and woke up James. James was so tired and hence didn't give a good answer. Clara cried and fainted. The next day, James was advised to take care of her 8 month pregnant wife who faints regularly. 

Clara just asked her husband to reach home before the sun set every day. And James too did. But one day, he couldn't come on time. And that became the unfortunate day for Clara. The haunted ghost showed up her greatest skill to Clara. 

The song sang reached her ears with the blow of the wind. The dark night turned darker and The Moon hid behind the clouds saying sorry. It was hard for her to close all the banging windows. For her 8 month baby in her womb started kicking her fiercely from inside. It's 11pm and the fear of her husband is not home, grew higher and now she stood in the middle of the living room standing still watching all the windows and bang and things falling on the floor. But for her, nothing hot into her wars. All her attention was on The still curtains near the television. Walking towards it with her left hand on her womb, it was a very difficult task to take. The went towards it step by step. With her each step nearer to the curtain, the blow of the wind reduced. And when she touched the curtain, the sound of the nature, the wind stopped. She stood there and took a deep breathe. Her heart needed some courage before uncovering the other side. 

It's her. She has arrived. Clara said to herself with her throat stuck up with deep breaths. 

She raised her hand and touched the curtains and took a moment. Suddenly, the family photo from her behind fell down. Clara turned behind. She saw her coming to her with the phrase

 ''mine, mine, he is mine'' 

Yours yours, the ring on your finger is never yours''.

Handsome is your husband and so beautiful I am,

oh! Is he the prince sent for me?

With the sound of this, Clara fainted onto the floor. The electricity went off and everything was in dark. The next day, Clara woke up in her bed surrounded by her parents. Clara couldn't have a good flashback all of a sudden. 

Mary, her friend asked, you had fainted as your husband didn't show up earlier. 

The thunders frightened me. Clara said as she rose from her bed. 

Mary and Jessica looked at her shocked. Are you sure you were in your senses last night? 

It didn't rain last night. Rather it was hot and me and my husband even had a walk in the lawn last night. Clara was speechless with this reply. Are you sure, she asked. Jessica and Mary finally concluded Clara had a sort of illness.

Mary changed the topic and said, you might have had a bad dream. Besides, being a pregnant woman, you should never have deep thoughts. They said and left the place. 

Clara was so frightened and thought this is all because of the bride at the grave yard. Since, Clara was pregnant, they gave silence as their answers and left the place. Clara was shocked and understood, she has been trapped. She dug and buried her wedding ring into the lawn and said she lost her ring. And one month later, she gave birth to a girl. Then Clara urged her husband to shift another country. And they lived happily. But one day, she received voice note with the lost ring as a birthday gift by courier, titled, 

From Daisy's Town, 

Form The Wedding Bride.

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