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Mahendrawada Kamesh

Action Drama Crime


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Action Drama Crime

The Day The State Split Asunder - 49

The Day The State Split Asunder - 49

10 mins 160 10 mins 160

As the blurred images became sharper, Dr.MadhuSudhan had become aware that he was lying on a metal-frame bed in a government hospital and was surrounded by several people, the doctor, nurses along with ACB inspector Nagaraju. 

After administering the oral rehydration fluids, the doctor and nurses made a gentle exit from the room. While leaving, the doctor turned back and gestured to Nagaraju something with his hands and Nagaraju nodded his head in acknowledgement.

'What happened to me?' MadhuSudhan asked Nagaraju in a weak tone.

'Never mind and listen to me carefully,' said Nagaraju, 'Dr.MadhuSudhan, it's critical that you escape from this place as soon as possible else you need to spend three years in jail.'

'But I'm in your custody!' protested MadhuSudhan.

'Not for long,' Nagaraju explained. 'The glass of water that you consumed had been mixed with a syrup to induce vomiting. It gave us the perfect excuse to admit you into the hospital. Now that you're here, we're ready to put the second part of our plan in action.'

'Second part? What is that and why are you doing all these things to me? I don't even know you and you don't know me and being an ACB inspector why are you working against your own department?' asked a confused MadhuSudhan.

'You don't have any right to question my sanity when yourself has been found guilty!' Nagaraju rebuked, crossing his arms on his chest. 'Forget about me. We don't have time to argue with each other. Rajath's father Dhyaneshwar is trying to help you since you have taken risks for them. Legally there is no way out for you to get the bail, and that is why they brought me into the picture.' 

'So what are we going to do now?'

'See, you shall have a minor heart attack later today. As a precaution, the duty doctor who just treated you will sign off papers to shift you by ambulance to NIMS Hospital in Panjagutta,' explained Nagaraju as MadhuSudhan's eyes widened in incredulity.

'Heart attack! I'm absolutely fit and fine except for the effects of that water that I drank!' said MadhuSudhan in protest with a grimace.

'I know that you are a doctor and you can take care of yourself,' said Nagaraju. 'You won't be having a real heart attack. We already have the doctor on our side and he is waiting outside to certify that you had a noticeably rapid, strong, or irregular heartbeat due to agitation, exertion, or illness or whatever the terminology maybe. What's more important is that the drama is enacted realistically and we need the medical reports to supplement it.'

'Don't you think we will be inviting more troubles? Inform Dhyaneshwar and Rajath that there's nothing to worry about. I will not reveal the truth.'

'Doctor MadhuSudhan! Don't be under the delusion that you are smarter than the police. They are experts in fishing the truth out of the criminal's skull. They have a number of psychological levers to get people to confess. Now, will you let me get on with the job of saving you?'

MadhuSudhan sighed. 'Well, I will go along with whatever you say.'

'Good! The doctor will be coming here in a minute. Just cooperate with him.'

MadhuSudhan nodded.

The duty doctor, a forty year old, dressed in white apron stood quietly outside of the room. He knew what he had to do. No sooner did Nagaraju walk out of the room, the duty doctor moved in. He took out the syringe and an ampoule containing the liquid from the apron's pocket. He broke the seal and extracted the liquid into the syringe. 

'What is that injection?' MadhuSudhan asked the doctor.

'It is just a shot of adrenaline. Being a doctor, I hope you know what it does? And don't worry, I also have a tranquilizer ready. As soon as they take you into the ambulance I will give you the tranquilizer shot and everything will be normal again.' 

How did Dhyaneshwar manage to pull these many people on his side in a short span of time? MadhuSudhan thought.

Holding the syringe to the tube light, he checked the quantity of fluid inside it. He pushed the plunger to bring a few drops of the liquid to the tip of the needle before stabbing it into MadhuSudhan. 

Adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, is a hormone and medication. It acts as a neurotransmitter involved in regulating visceral functions and also plays an important role in the fight-or-flight response by increasing blood flow to muscles, output of the heart, pupil dilation response and blood sugar level. Overdose can induce irregular heart beats. 

As soon as the doctor injected it, MadhuSudhan's body temperature slowly began to rise and headache started. He began sweating profusely and felt a pain in his chest as if it was being crushed under hydraulics periodically and was even finding it difficult to breathe.

'Nurse! Please come fast immediately! We have an emergency!' the doctor came out of the room and shouted.

Three nurses stormed into the room and one quickly started oxygen therapy to help MadhuSudhan breathe normally. The doctor began monitoring MadhuSudhan's heart rate and pressure and connected him to the electrocardiogram unit to measure his heart rhythm. The reports as expected were showing the numbers above the normal range which is perfect to create a state of emergency.

'We have no time!' The doctor said to Nagaraju, a cue that the third action plan has to be set in motion. 'We have to shift him to a specialty heart hospital immediately. Call for the ambulance immediately and phone ahead to NIMS to tell them that I'm on my way with this patient.'

Nagaraju did as the doctor mentioned. He first called the NIMS hospital and later he alerted the gang members of Bhilal who were waiting outside of the hospital in their vehicle. 

In short the paramedics placed Dr.MadhuSudhan on the stretcher and carried him to the waiting ambulance with a doctor and ACB inspector Nagaraju along with two more officers from his department running alongside. 

The ambulance, an old Maruti Suzuki Omni van has the capacity to carry only four people in the back including the patient. Nagaraju cleverly convinced his department people that he will go along with MadhuSudhan. The officials simply accepted thinking that since Dr.MadhuSudhan is in a critical condition there would be no way that he can fight back and take the chance to escape.

The sirens were switched on and the familiar red and blue lights on the roof of the ambulance were activated as they sped towards their destination. The doctor immediately injected Phentolamine that inhibits the effects of epinephrine into Dr.MadhuSudhan. Slowly, he started getting better.

Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) is a public hospital located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India and is named after its founder, the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad Mir Osman Ali Khan and was inaugurated by Princess Durreshehvar. 

If one has reached the Punjagutta junction and continued moving straight they would reach the NIMS hospital. Instead if they cut towards the left they would reach Mehdipatnam and if one gets onto the PV Narasimha Rao expressway in no time they will be reaching the National highway 44 which connects to Bangalore.

A black nondescript car with no number plate carrying Bhilal gang members was following the ambulance from the moment it started from the hospital. Nagaraju was assiduously observing the car and was waiting for the signal from them to put the third part of their plan into action. 

The Punjagutta junction is now just a kilometer away from the current spot. The driver from the vehicle following the ambulance turned off and turned on his headlights twice, a signal to put the plan into action. 

Nagaraju and the doctor stared at each other's faces for a second. Nagaraju then tapped on the screen separating the driver from the rear of the ambulance. The ambulance driver slowed down his vehicle and manually slid the glass screen open on the assumption that the doctor had some instructions for him. 

Before the driver could speak something, a punch hit him on the lower left side of his face. It was a powerful uppercut blow that knocked his head violently towards the windscreen. The ambulance spun out of control as the driver's foot accidentally hit the accelerator. The ambulance lunged forward clumsily and hit the wall of the burial ground on the left side of the main road. The driver hit his head hard against the steering wheel and fell unconscious. The glass panes of the windshield and the rear got shattered completely. 

Dr.MadhuSudhan wasn't hurt that much as he gripped his hands tightly against the stretcher. Nagaraju and the doctor suffered minor injuries with slight bruises.

The black car stopped exactly beside them and from it emerged three men with masks wrapped around their faces. 

'Dr.MadhuSudhan please get into the car! They will take you to a safe place! Please go!' explained Nagaraju breathlessly, while opening the rear door of the ambulance.

'But where will they take me?' asked MadhuSudhan weakly.

'Please don't stay here for a long time! Our entire efforts will go in vain!' replied Nagaraju in a rough coarse tone.

MadhuSudhan got up and climbed into the black SUV car. Within seconds they reached the Punjagutta junction and cut left towards Mehdipatnam and then they got onto the P V Narasimha Rao expressway. In twenty-five minutes they got onto National highway 44.

Nagaraju and the doctor exhaled a big sigh of relief after sending Dr.MadhuSudhan away. Their task was accomplished as planned.

'MadhuSudhan has finally escaped. Now what about us?' the doctor asked Nagaraju, leaning his back against the wall of the graveyard.

'Simple, you, I and the driver will be admitted into the hospital. We will have a few paid witnesses who will say that they found us unconscious on the road and admitted us into the hospital.'

'This driver is not aware of our plan. How will you align him to us?'

'This driver already consumed a quarter of beer. We will create a fake report that he consumed alcohol and there will be no option for him except to surrender to us. If he opens his mouth, he will lose his job.'

'What are we going to say to the police when they come to enquire?'

'Will tell them that we have been attacked by a group of men and took Dr.MadhuSudhan along with them. I mean he was kidnapped. They placed the gun at point black and threatened to kill us. You and I should be on the same page. Be confident in your voice and maintain eye-to-eye contact while you are saying.'

'When are we going to get the payment?'

'We will get it by tomorrow. I will request an additional one lakh for each one of us.'

'Why the deal was made for five lakhs only, right?'

'We have shed our blood and risked our lives. Even one lakh is also a lesser amount.'

'If you feel that it is a lesser amount then ask for two lakhs.'

'No, let's round it off to five. We will not get this opportunity again, so let's capitalize as much as we can.'

One hundred and seventy-fifty kilometres away from Hyderabad there is a remote village called Wattipally, an underground camp for Bhilal gang which sprawls an area of four acre with strong compound walls of more than ten feet. There is a small Ganesh temple in the village which is located five hundred metres away from Bhilal's den.  

The land is completely barren for around five kilometres as frequent and famine made the land unsuitable for cultivation. This village was once a home for around five hundred people and now there's no one as the vast majority of the people who relied on farming sold their lands and moved to Hyderabad doing various occupations like housekeeping, security guards and construction labourers. 

Hearing the sound of the car approaching, the watchman of the house Amjad carrying a torchlight in his hand opened the gate. There is a narrow muddy pathway paved for the vehicles to pass through and the car stopped exactly in front of a small building present exactly in the centre of the four acre area. There is only one large bulb outside which provides visibility for fifty metres. 

Dr.MadhuSudhan and the remaining three members in the car stepped down from the vehicle. In the brightness of the bulb Dr.MadhuSudhan could only see a one storeyed building and trees nearby.

'Doctor, our duty is finished. We have been asked to drop you here and,' one of the members gave him the mobile. 'Keep this mobile phone with you. You can only receive the incoming calls. Dhyaneshwar will call you soon.'

'But what is this place? I could see no one nearby and whose house is this?'

'This is our Bhilal bhai's secret den. No one can dare to step into this territory without the consent of Bhilal bhai. Get in and take rest,' The driver started the engine and they fled from the spot raising the dust from the road.

'Sir, you go and rest upstairs. I will be down here. If you need anything just call me and my name is Shankar and I also work for Bhilal bhai. I have been told to take good care of you.'

To be continued...

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