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Michael Webster

Comedy Action Thriller


Michael Webster

Comedy Action Thriller

The Assault

The Assault

27 mins 161 27 mins 161

The Assault; Crazy Match

Fred and his engaged mistress, Leti, joins the military to be trained as soldiers. After serving the military for 2 years they leave the military to live normal lives as ordinary people, they were offered huge sums of money just to stay as soldiers but they refused because they had already made their mind to quit. They bought a small house downtown and lived as they were never soldiers- they usually went out and attended many fun fairs forgetting about the military. Leti worked in a pizza shop as Fred worked as a driver downtown. 

Fred: Hello Crazy Wife

He started on a call with Leti during working hours

Leti: Hello driver boy

Fred: I hope you've saved some tips for tonight's fair?

Leti: I hope you've begged your passengers for some extra money driver boy?

Fred: Ha!, the military has offered another 10,000 dollars for us to come back, why don't we just deceive them

Leti:I think we should take the money and leave the country

Fred: Sure babe, meet me at St. Jefferson street 4 A.S.A.P

Leti: Sure babe, count me in

Leti hanged up as she smiled and removed the apron and slammed it on the table as she removed the tie in her hair and shook her head to widely spread her hair as she headed towards the gate. "Hey!!, Get me a drink lady!!" one customer shouted as Leti paused and turned to look at him, "get it yourself....boy" she giggled and continued walking towards the gate. "She called me a boy?, I'm gonna deal with you" as he picked up a glass bottle and broke it, he started approaching Leti as she smiled and turned slowly to look at him, "Don't hurt yourself, boy," she said smiling but looking serious, this made the guy more angrier as he started running towards Leti, as soon as he got near her he decided to stab Leti with the broken glass as she slowly held his hand and kicked him in the nuts as he fell down, "You don't wanna ruin my date!" She finished off as she left and boarded a car to St. Jefferson street 4. She got there in some minutes called Fred but he didn't pick up. She entered the house they were supposed to meet in and called again but found his cell phone on the floor as it was ringing. She slowly knelt beside it and picked it up as she saw the name (Crazy Wife) as the caller and smiled as she removed the gun at the back of her skirt, "Crazy enough I guess" she said as she stood up and shouted "Fred!!" but heard no response. "I hope this is not a joke," she said as she started climbing the stairs pointing the gun to the top floors, "Fred??" she said again looking worried this time as she stepped on a squeaking stair and turned to look at it, "Quiet you..." she said pointing the gun to the stair as she slowly continued up again. She heard some noises and decided to peek to have a look into the room and saw her husband tied up in a chair as she raised her eyebrow to him, Fred couldn't speak because his mouth was covered with tape. She stopped peeking and intentionally shouted to draw attention to her side as two guards with guns went out to check. Immediately they went out he heard screams as he started shaking the chair he was tied in thinking his mistress has been killed, she now entered slowly looking at him smiling, "is that all you've got!!" she shouted as she started laughing, and two additional guards came in from the left room in front of her and she shot their legs kicking the guns away and bent near one, "who sent you? she asked, "we..we are soldiers, we're on the same side!!" the downed guard said in pain as she smiled and removed a knife from her right sock, she threw it to her husband which successfully made a horizontal cut through the tape on his mouth and entered the inner ret dot on the dart board on the wall (🎯) at the far side of the room, as Fred shouted "Hey!!, you could have killed me", "that's why I'm your crazy wife" she replied as she headed towards him and untied him, "So where are they?" she asked, "I fell into a trap here, I think it's a set up" he replied, "why would they set us up if they really needed us" she said as they heard the police siren. She quickly went to have a look in the window and saw many police cars parked around the house, "You're surrounded, just corporate slowly and give up" one officer announced as some policemen entered the house, she went near Fred and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, "Ready??" she asked as she picked her pistol from the ground and removed her knife from the dart board and hid them as Fred sighed, "Not again!!" Fred shouted as he held Leti's hand and jumped through a window into a bin behind the house, they got out of the bin and were laughing as one policeman stretched his neck through the window as Leti showed him her middle finger whiles laughing, they turned around and saw that they were surrounded by many policemen and they were pointing many guns at them so if they make any attempt to escape, it would lead to their deaths so they just had to give up and surrender to the police.....

The Assault; Reunion

They were accused of injuring 4 soldiers as well as destroying someone's property so they were sentenced to 7 years in prison, which wasn't really fair. They were both sent to the same prison which had a very tight security.

They were asked to give out every weapon and everything on them as Leti laughed upon seeing Fred. "This girl is really crazy", one man said looking at the other guards, "Bring out everything on you", another guard said as Leti removed her gun behind her skirt, the knife in her right sock, a condom in her left sock, and her phone as she turned to look at Fred and laughed again, "shit up!" one guard shouted again as Fred removed his phone and his wallet which apparently contained no money but two tickets to San Francisco. They were given clothes to change into and were sent to different cells to stay there till their 7 years ended. 

They never met for 3 years until when they had to be transferred to a different prison site because the government had to sell it out to another person because they were running out of money due to the frequent heists which happened by a gang called (The Mob). As they reached the new site and got off the bus they were chained and moved slowly, that's where Leti got to see Fred again, "Fred!" she shouted as Fred turned to look at her but it was his turn to go inside so the guard beside him pushed him inside, "shut up!" the guard beside Leti shouted as she felt sad and also entered slowly into their cell. She slept on her bed and started crying as her roommate approached her, "See who's crying today huh tough girl, what's the problem?" one of her roommates asked as she slowly raised her head, "I...I really miss him, and he didn't even turn to look at me.." she said as she bowed down her head and continued to cry, "don't worry, it's been 3 years already, you'll soon meet again.." she said as she turned, "oh..and I heard that an officer was looking for him, no one knows the offer they might bring" she continued as she left but Leti kept on crying facing the wall as she tried to sleep. "Leti!, You're released come and get your things" one guard shouted as she got up, "Really?" she asked as she wiped off her tears, "are you enjoying your stay here?" the guard asked back as he left. Leti quickly got up and followed the guard. "Here are your things" as her dress and phone were handed over to her, "the gun will be kept with us in order to prevent any further casualties," they said as she didn't even pay attention to them and quickly changed. She went outside and stood there looking for Fred but she felt sad because she thought he wasn't released. She saw a guy standing a little further as she approached him. It was Fred!, with a cigarette in his mouth as she slowly asked, "Can I have roll..?" Fred removed the cigarette and turned to Leti, "don't waste it" Fred replied as he smiled at her, "Fred!!" Leti shouted as she hugged him, "I've really missed you" as she looked into his eyes and smiled, "Let's go home" Fred said as he left Leti and entered a car, "Hm" as Leti entered the car. They went to their old house and Leti got mad at Fred because he didn't show her the kind of love she was expecting. Leti entered and cleared a table waiting for Fred but Fred just passed by her and went to the room, Leti followed him and slapped him as Fred turned to kiss her and closed the door slowly...

It was morning time and Leti woke up not finding Fred beside him as he suddenly entered, "Get dressed, we're been called as he threw a dress to Leti on the bed and she changed up. They got into his car and drove off. "Where are we going?" Leti asked, "the reason why we were bailed out" as Fred turned to look at Leti and stopped the car. He bent his head a little and pointed to a house, "That's where we're going" and went outside. They both entered the house and saw the military officers who offered them money to join the military again, "Have a seat please" one officer said as they sat down in front of them, "I hope you know the reason why you're here already" he continued, "what's the mission" Fred asked as one officer placed a document in front of them, "It's a gang called the Mob, they've been causing some heists and big-time frauds.... and we want you to find them and capture them" he explained, "Can't your soldiers do it?" Leti asked, "this mission will require people with more experience, crazy people I mean" he announced, "We only spent 2 years in the military..." Leti said, "and you think we're the right people?" Fred continued, "You guys left the military and it's been 3 years now, they won't suspect you guys, but caution, they are well armed and have injured many soldiers..", "Then we need our weapons," Fred said, "Yeah...I need my gun and my knife!" Leti continued as she looked at Fred and smiled, "We knew you'd say that, so we reserved this for you" one officer said as he pressed a button on the table and turned his seat to look at the bookshelf as the bookshelf flipped and an armory showed up, "Pretty cool huh?" as he said as he turned back to look at them both, "You have 3 days to get them for us" he continued as they looked into each other's eyes and went near the shelf, Leti took two revolvers and a sawed-off shotgun and picked two small knives as Fred took a mini uzi and an assault rifle as they turned to look at the officers, "so where's their location?" Leti asked as the officer sighed, "We don't really know but they might be here.... right here in downtown" he replied as Leti and Fred headed towards the gate, "You'll hear from us when we're done" as they smiled to each other as they slammed the door and left, "I hope everything goes on as planned" one officer said as the other one sighed....

The Assault; Fists Only

They sat on the bed as they opened the document which they took from the table. "They must really be smart and stealthy," Leti said, "And crazy too" Fred continued as Leti giggled, "We have three days to get them or else..."as he sighed "We go back to prison" Leti continued as she also sighed. "I know where they might be....follow me.." Leti said as they went out. 

They entered a club and Fred turned to look at Leti, "A club?, why would they be here" Fred asked as Leti intentionally acted like she didn't hear him because of the music, "Let's go", as Leti pulled Fred to the waitor and took two cups of tikila as she shared it with Fred, "if we get drunk, we won't be able to fight them if we find them!" Fred said , "I know, that will make us crazy enough" Leti replied as she pulled Fred in to dance, "Let's dance driver boy" as she teased, "We need to find them we're not here to dance Leti!" Fred shouted as Leti pulled him close, "Don't make a scene" as she turned her back to him and held his neck close, "Look, they're leaving, let's follow them" as Leti jokingly pointed to their and left. "Let's go" as they followed them. 

They followed them for some while but noticed that they were only 3, they all seemed to have reached a very cool area as they turned to look at them, "Want a drink?" one guy asked as he threw a bottle to them and Leti caught it, "We've had enough already" she replied as she put it on a table beside her, "get lost, we have better things to do than to run around playing with you guys" another guy said as they turned back around and spread out, as soon as they decided to follow them again 5 boys came out holding baseball bats. "You seem lost, the way is behind you" one guy said, "Relax, we just started, no need to rush," Leti said as she tied her hair up and smiled, "Leti I think we should just...." as Leti interrupted, "Don't be a d**k, we should enjoy the fun" she continued as she headed towards the boys, one guy also approached her and swung the bat showing his readiness to hit her with it, Leti came near him and he waved the bat in her direction as she slowly bent down and kicked him in the nuts as he fell down, "Is this all you've got?" She asked as another guy approached her and threw the bat, Leti dodged by making a split to the ground and smiled to them and raised her eye brow, "Seriously" Fred asked, "Just watch me" Leti replied as Fred crossed his arms watching her fight them off, Leti stood up and the guy threw a punch which Leti slowly held his hand drew him closer to her, "Would you like to dance?" She asked, as another guy got angry and joined them, Leti pushed the guy near him to the other guy approaching as both guys fell down, "Ha!, Too weak" she said as she picked up a bag and hit them both with it which made them collapse, the other guys who were left run and Leti turned to Fred, "And that's how you do it" she said as she placed the bat on her neck. Fred approached one downed guy to get information, "Who were those guys" he asked, "they are the mob's guards, please don't hurt me" the guy said, "how many are they" Leti asked "the...the mob....they are four" he replied, "But we followed three here so where's the last one" as Leti stood up and turned around, "please that's all I know, just spare me!.." the guy said, "Why don't you take up your own size" as a girl appeared, "You're the last one?" Leti asked, "You put up a good split" she replied as Leti giggled, "Fred, why don't we give Leti a show" the girl said as she smiled and pulled up her knuckle gloves, Fred looked at Leti and she smiled, "Don't spoil the fun" Leti said as she stepped back, "give me the best you've got" the girl said as she smiled again, Fred approached her and threw his first punch as she bent down and punched his stomach as she quickly jumped and punched Fred's head which sent him a little away as he turned to look at Leti as Leti also cheered, "Go Fred!", as Fred went over and grabbed her and immediately threw her into wooden table as it broke down, he immediately threw a punch to her but she rolled away and got his hands with her legs as she twisted it sending him on the floor as she quickly gave him two quick punches and stood up, "Get up tough guy" she said as Fred got up and spit blood on the floor, Fred raised his head to look at her as he smiled, "That will be your last" he said as he approached her and she threw a kick to him but he held her leg and smashed her on the wall as she fell down, she stood up and threw two punches to Fred but he blocked them and gave her one big blow which sent her down as he smiled, "is that all you've got" he asked as he picked up a bottle filled with tikila and drunk it, she stood up and wiped the blood on her mouth with her hands as she picked up a bat and approached Fred,she swung the bat to hit him but he held it and she kicked him with her leg as Fred forcefully pulled the bat out of her hands and threw it away, "Fists only please" he said as he threw a heavy punch to her as she bent down and Fred kicked her face with his knee sending her down bleeding as a car stopped behind her, "Get in" they said as she entered the car, "Another time tough guy" she said as they left. Fred quickly had a good look at the car and turned around as Leti giggled, "You did well Fred!" as she kissed him and he pushed her away, "Let's go" he said as he held his stomach and started walking away, one guard on the floor attempted to pick up a bat but Leti kicked his face as she started running to Fred, "Wait for me Fred" she called out as she reached her side, "so where should we go now" she asked, "any hotel near here, home won't be safe for now" Fred replied as one guy who was downed got up as he slowly leaped and left to tell the mob where they could find them

When he got there, they were all beside to Arya on the bed, the girl fred beat up, "Sir, I know where they will be heading to" he said, "tell us" the leader-Harper asked, "to the hotel down south, that's the only place they'll head to" he replied, "very good, we will visit them in no time" Harper said as he turned to look at Arya, "Get well soon, I want you to be there when I kill them" as he smiled to Arya and stood near the window , "ready or not, we're coming" he said as he started laughing 

The Assault; Showtime

Fred was resting on a bed as Leti received the pizza she ordered and paid with her money. The went to the fridge to get some beers as she was dancing to the music which was playing in the room, "I really love this song!" she shouted just to make Fred hear her, "It's old-school!, and keep your voice down I can hear you.... it's just some steps away" Fred finished off as he sighed, "They don't have any beer!" She said, "it's a hotel not a club, go get one downstairs" he replied back, "Why don't you go get it!" she continued as she peeked into the room and smiled to Fred, "Just...go" Fred replied as Leti laughed and left 

Meanwhile the mob had hacked into the hotel system and found out which room they were in as they took some men with them and headed straight there. Leti got downstairs to get some beer and Fred was in the room resting. He heard a car stop just near his window as he stood up and peeked through the window, he saw 8 guys get out with guns, "no no no they're here" he said as he closed the curtains as he searched for a pistol, he heard some noises behind the door as he turned to look at the doorway with a shocking face, he heard some beeps which he immediately noticed that they had planted a c-4 bomb on the door, "not again" he said as he quickly run to the window and jumped as the bomb blew the door, as he entered another room, he turned and saw a boy and a girl in bed as he threw a glass bottle beside him to hit the bulb, "keep it dark" he said as went outside and immediately called Leti, "Hi driver boy" she started, "Look, they're here, you need to get hold of something" he said, "aww" as she smiled, "more fun I guess" as she hanged up, "oh God what a carzy girl I've got" Fred said as he headed to a safe and removed a pistol from it, "Lucky I saved you here", he said as he smiled looking at the gun

Leti got the drink and climbed upstairs as she saw them, "Hey guys, want a drink?" she asked as she raised the bottle smiling, she quickly threw the bottle in the air and kicked it as one guy shot it and burst to one of their guards as the glass pierced him, "oops...sorry" she said as she run up stairs laughing, "Get her!, I want both of them alive" Harper said laughing. "The boy is mine mine" Arya said smiling.

Fred loaded the pistol with 6 bullets as he reached the corridor and met Leti, "Where are they" he asked, "Behind me I guess" she replied as they appeared, "there they are!" Harper said as Fred told Leti to lure them to the roof and separated. "Follow them" the leader instructed the 3 guards left to follow Leti and the mob followed Fred. Leti immediately entered a room, turned on the microwave, removed her jacket and hid as the three guards entered with their guns, she stealthy turned on some soft music as she smiled and came out, "Are you looking for someone" she said in a huge voice as she went to the fridge as if she knew nothing, she took a drink and asked them again looking serious, "We're looking for a...., wait it's her" the guard said looking at the others, "come for me then " she said as she opened her arms and let go of the bottle, their eyes were fixed on the bottle so she kicked it with her feet as it hit one guy's head and pounced on another guard as she blew the gun away and punched him. The other guard left standing immediately pointed the gun at her, "Please don't hurt me..." she said as she started laughing laughing waiting to hear the beep of the microwave, as soon as the microwave beeped they turned to look at it, "And that's my dinner" she said as she got up and kicked the gun from one guy's hands and punched the other as he feel down. The guy standing put the gun down as he raised his fasts, "come already!" she shouted as she threw three punches to the guy but he blocked and kicked her back as the guy on the floor quickly stood up and held her, he threw her to hit the glass table which made it break, now all the three guys were up and Leti was down as she heard some shots, "Fred..." she remembered as she stood up, "bring it on" as she smiled and brushed her bruised with her hand, the first guy attempted to punch as she quickly evaded but the second guy threw a kick which she couldn't evade and it got her, she bent down and spit blood as she wiped it off, she quickly spotted a hammer and she picked it up as she got up again, "mind if I....mend your bones?" she politely asked as they all come towards her, "the first guy threw a punch and she got down and hit his leg with the hammer to break it as the second guy threw a kick, she held her leg and hit the hammer several times on his knees to cripple him as the third guy gave her two quick kicks and she went back, Leti smiled and approached the guy as I one guy held her leg and she tripped over and fell down just infront of the guy standing. He turned to look at her on the floor as she threw her leg to hit him but he held her leg and threw her into the bookshelf and now she felt weak after injuring two guys, he picked up his gun and pointed it to Leti as she gave up, "okay okay, take me to the mob" she said as she willingly turned her back and raised her hands. 

Fred run upstars and downstairs several times which made the mob split up as he caught one in the hallway, "He immediately shot his leg which sent him down and he kicked the gun away from him as the others came and he escaped, as they bent near him, "No!!!" Arya shouted as he went near him "Stay with me Ace" as Arya said to his brother as she got up, "I'll look for him myself" she said as she left following Fred, "No Arya!!" Harper called but she had left as the two guys were still beside Ace. Fred immediately called the officer and told him to come there with his men as Arya Appeared in front of him and shot him. He got down and quickly hid behind cover moaning with pain as Arya started walking towards his cover, "You killed my brother!" She screamed as she approached him, Fred covered his wound with his hand to slow the bleeding, "Why don't we settle this.... with fists" Fred said as he gasped in pain, "I wish you told Ace that" she said she she kept on shooting at his cover Leti heard the shots and quickly rolled as she removed the knife in her right sock and stabbed the guy's thigh with it as he also fell down. She kicked the guns away from them as she left them on the floor crippled, she went upstairs and saw Arya approaching Fred's cover as she run and push them both into the window downstairs. They both fell down and Arya was on top of Leti as Leti pushed her away and they both got up. Arya quickly looked at the gun as she decided to pick it up but Leti quickly kicked the gun away as they both looked at each other, "I thought you were in the hospital recovering" Leti said, "I want to watch you both suffer!" Arya screamed as she approached Leti a she pounced on her which sent her on top of Leti, she threw a punch as Leti successfully blocked it as Arya headed Leti on the floor to burst her nose, "How's that huh" Arya asked as Leti raised her leg and got hold of Arya's neck and pushed her away from her. "Get up pretty girl" Arya said as she tied up her hair, Leti got up and cleaned her nose with her hand and smiled to arya, "Let the show begin" she said as they run towards themselves and Fred appared to hit Arya with a vase he was holding as Arya fell down, "Fred!" Leti shouted as he moaned a little, "You''re shot" she exclaimed as Fred assured her he was fine, "they're on their way, now let's go to the rooftop" as they both went up. Harper appeared and saw arya unconscious as he told the last guy to stay with her as he followed them to the rooftop. 

"You injured my men!" the leader exclaimed as Leti started laughing, "Shit up you bitch" Harper continued, "she's my wife, don't insult her!" Fred said as Leti looked at him and smiled and held his hand. "Get ready for some shit you've never experienced" Harper said furiously as he shouted approaching them, Fred quickly jumped forward and threw a blow to his face as he blocked it and threw a punch to his wound as Fred shouted in pain and fell down. "Fred!" Leti shouted as she decided to go to him as Harper caught her, "Where do you think you're going" he said as he punched her and she fell on the floor. "Is this all you've got, I'm so surprised you beat up all my men with such petty skills" Harper said laughing as Fred stood up, "I'll show you how it feels to be weak" as Fred raised his fists and Leti got up and stood beside him, "So a handicap huh,gimme your best" as they both looked into each other's faces and planned to make him tired first, so they rushed on him and were throwing fast blows at him as he blocked all of them whiles stepping back, he kicked Fred back and held Leti's punch, he kicked her leg and gave her a blow which sent her down. He immediately got hold of Leti's leg, "I'll show you how it feels to be crippled" Harper said as Leti interrupted, "That shoe's got many knifes she said as she removed a small knife from her left sock and stabbed Harper's feet with it as he threw her away. Harper removed the knife and threw it down and looked at them, "Is that your best" Harper asked as Leti and Fred got up, "Time to attack now" they said to themselves as they got up and run to Harper as he smiled, he threw a punch as Leti bent and gave him an uppercut as Fred got to his back and kicked him forward as Leti jumped and kicked him backwards again with her two legs, he fell down. He got weak as he slowly stood up and threw another punch as Leti held his hand and punched his bicep muscle to weakened the strength of his fists, Fred run towards him and gave him a turning kick which sent him to the ground this tim as Fred also fell down. "Fred....Fred!...stay with me..." Leti said in a low voice as she started started sobbing, Fred held her hand and looked into her face, "I'll always be with you Leti..." He finished off slowly as the helicopter appeared and landed on the helipad as the soldiers got down, "Where are they" one soldier asked, " check the rooms" Leti answered looking at Fred as she was still sobbing and hugged him. "Madam we need to take him to the hospital" the doctor said as he carried him into the helicopter and left. Leti went downstairs and came out of the hotel as she saw the officer and some other soldiers, "they have been arrested successfully" the officer said as Leti walked passed him not giving him attention, "I hope he gets better soon..." the officer said as she wiped her tears off and got into a car following the helicopter....

The Assault; Endgame

Leti followed the helicopter to the hospital but she wasn't allowed to go see him unless she was given permission, the officer appeared and told them she's his wife so she needs to see him as Leti was told the room he was in as she rushed off to his room. She entered and saw him still unconscious, as she sat by him and held his hand, "I know that I've always been a carzy girl....but I will always be with you no matter what.." she said as tears drooled down her face and wiped it off, "I remember all the good times we spent together....and I don't want you to become a memory, make memories with me Fred" she said as the tears were now uncontrollable, "I...I remember when we were apart for three years in prison....I...I just couldn't stand please....please don't die..." she said as she started crying uncontrollably. The officer entered and held her shoulder as she she turned and hugged him, "tell him to wake up...please" she said as the officer assured him that he'll be fine as Fred slowly opened his eyes and saw them, "Hey...I should be the one proposing.." he said as Leti turned and shouted as she hugged him with tears, "save the'll need more than that when we get married" he said as Leti exclaimed and hugged the officer. "We're getting married?" she asked, "Mr. Officer here has prepared everything, and when I'm out of here we'll go to San Francisco and marry legally" he said as Leti bent near him, " But...where's my ring?" She asked as he pulled it out from his wallet, "Leti...would you be my.." as Leti interrupted "Yes! Yes! Yes! I'll marry you Fred" she said as she wiped off her tears as she hugged him on the bed and kissed him, "I can't wait for you to be out soon" Leti said as the doctors entered, "He's discharged, he was just sleeping to regain some energy" the doctor said as Leti turned to Fred, "Did you hear me when I came in?" She asked as she raised her eye brow looking at Fred as he started laughing, "I was resting as he said" as Fred smiled and Leti helped him up. They went and the bills were already paid so she took his belongings as they went out. "Well thanks for helping...and 50,000 dollars has been paid into your account, and oh, don't forget to come back here after you marry...just in case" the officer said as he smiled and left with his car. 

"Where should we go now" Leti asked Fred as he turned to look at her, a car stopped in front of them and they hopped in, "To San Francisco I guess, to get married" Fred said as he smiled to Leti as Leti hugged him and they drove off

Two years after the had married, they stayed in San Francisco for quite sometime before returning with their kids back home. The officer visited them and had no news to give them as he assured them that the mob has been successfully transferred to an island different so they'll have no worries again.

In a ship with Leti and Fred as well as their two children, Kyle and Lisa who were twins, they made their mind to stay in San Francisco for a little more before returning back again. "Honey, why don't we tell our kids a story," Leti asked her husband as he smiled at the children, "Yeah a story dad!" Kyle shouted as he called Lisa, "Hey Lisa! come and hear a story!!" he shouted as Lisa sat down beside Kyle. "There lived a handsome prince...." as Kyle and Lisa continued "With the crazy wife!!" the children replied as Fred and Leti started laughing and looked into their eyes, "I'll always be with you... forever" Leti said as she laid her head on Fred's shoulder. "Cheers to happiness" Fred toasted as they headed off back to their home in San Francisco.

(And that's the end of Assault 1, stay safe and be on the lookout for Assault 2 where the mob breaks out and comes back for revenge on their children!!)

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