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Michael Webster

Drama romance others


Michael Webster

Drama romance others



4 mins 134 4 mins 134

After Webster's mates noticed the sudden change in attitude of Webster, they started to wonder why he has changed. They started getting close to him just to be able to know his reason for changing but all he would say is "I feel loved", his friends would laugh at him and he would also laugh and go past them. Days went by and Webster's attitude was still the same. He would always eat lunch with Mia and never skip lunch but would not eat when Mia didn't eat.

Another random Saturday afternoon Mia and Webster were chatting as shown bellow

Mia: Hi Webs

Webster: Hello Mia 

Mia: How are you?

Webster: As you are 

Mia: Haha okay okay

Webster: Where are you now

Mia: I'm grounded home 

Webster: Really....?

Mia: Yh, they ain't gonna let me out 

Webster: Okay, let me come and convince them

Mia: No Webs, it would just cause more problems 

Webster: If you say so 

Mia: Yh Webs 

Webster: I would like us to meet 

Mia: Not today so let's make it tomorrow

Webster: Okay,nice date 

Mia: When I meet you tommorow I would give you a hug, I really miss you🙂

Webster: Haha,that's nice, at least a hug is normal

Mia: Yh, or would you something more

Webster: Something more like what

Mia: Like a peck or ...

Webster: Or...or what

Mia: Or a kiss

Webster: ............

Mia: Why won't you talk

Webster: Because you've changed 

Mia: How you think I can't do it 

Webster: Just make it a peck

Mia: Okay, but wait for the day I'll kiss you, surely

Webster: Not tomorrow

Mia: Yh but I will, I do what I say

Webster: Okay, gotta go

After they ended the chat Webster kept thinking about what Mia said. He decided to sleep so that he would be able to have a calm mind. He woke up in the evening around 6 and saw Mia's message. He went to reply

Mia: Webs, it's night time and where are you, I'm missing you

Webster: I'm here Mia

Mia: I've been waiting for you for a while

Webster: I'm now back

Mia: I missed you so much, I can't wait to see you and kiss you 

Webster: Haha, I thought you said it'd be a peck and a hug

Mia: I love you so much so I made it a kiss

Webster: I can't wait to meet you

Mia: Which means you accept it 

Webster: A hug is normal 

Mia: What about the kiss

Webster: Maybe

Mia: I'll make you like it you will not regret it, can I tell you how I feel today 

Webster: Okay.... I'm listening

Mia: I feel like I'm really falling for you 

Webster: Really, haha

Mia: It's true

Webster: Haha

Mia: And do you feel the same?

Webster: You've made me kinda have some affection towards you

Mia: So what's the point

Webster: I'm loving you like in the process but let's wait till we grow up

Mia: Don't worry because I have never thought of loving you and I don't want to get into a relationship at this stage 

Webster: So you mean you were joking from the beginning or what Mia?

Mia: Yh, I was joking sorry but I thought we were playing 

Webster: You were playing, you made me think about you all the time, about what you said,it even made me change and you're saying you're joking

Mia: Don't make me sad, I thought we were all joking

Webster: So what about the hug and peck and kiss

Mia: That one is true 

Webster: How can it be true if you don't love me or never thought about loving me why did you even say it to me, what would have happened if I over committed

Mia: so did you believe it

Webster: I almost but thanks for one thing, for telling me early

Mia: You're making me sad

Webster: oh don't be, I am the one who was hurt later

Mia: I will never forgive myself

Webster: I gotta go sleep, see you later, dear friend

Mia: ....okay friend


That night Webster kept listening to music and he felt very sad for believing in a girl and kept thinking about what would have happened if he believed her that much.Mia also felt sorry for deceiving Webster.They all slept late because they were thinking about it 

Monday arrived and Webster didn't go to school, Mia went but didn't find Webster there so she decided to go to his house. She went there looking for Webster and she was told by his mother that he was sleeping. Weeks passed by and Webster wasn't able to go to school because he still felt sorry. Finally, after 2 weeks he went to school early that Monday morning. He has completely changed again, he never said a word till they closed, Mia always tried to get near him but he would successfully evade her. After the term exams, Webster's position went from 1st to 7th due to lack of concentration in class........

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