Sadhana B

Tragedy Inspirational Thriller


Sadhana B

Tragedy Inspirational Thriller

That Phone Call

That Phone Call

3 mins

        That journey.

Once upon a time in a village, there were some people constantly trying to contact someone to help them to get rid of some problems.

They all were in misery that all their properties may be taken away by the new landlord who was troubling them constantly and increasing the tax day by day.

Finally that call was lifted up by the person named Raghu who was the son of a previous landlord who was settled in abroad form years...

The villagers explained him about the problem they were facing due to the new landlord. Told him that the landlord is going to take up all his ancestral property which was located in the village and few properties that were donated to the people by his ancestors.

They requested him to come back to his hometown and hand over his ancestor properties and also the properties which were given to the people and return them back to them.

Then , then the person Raghu who is in abroad called his wife and ask her to pack luggage to go to his hometown he went into the store room and open a old box which was locked for years.

Along with the box he found an empty suitcase which was full of memories.that is the one which he used to take to school in his childhood which was brought by his grandfather years ago. he was very fond of that and he used to daily carry it.


Cherishing all his childhood memories open the box and to the property papers related to those properties in that village and started his journey towards his home town.

As soon as they reached airport, an announcement message added salt to his wound, which was about a delay of flight for 5 hours. Finally, the plane was ready to take off he reached his city has to travel by road to his hometown.

He called upon a taxi and started his journey towards his hometown with cherishing all his childhood memories, the car accelerated before the signal turned green. The long struggle he reached his hometown. when all people one waiting for him. the directed him the way towards his home which he visited years ago.

As he reached before the house few people with whom he is it to spend time in his childhood. Then he reached his home 

tears started rolling from his eyes by cherishing and all his childhood memories.

Entered into his room and saw a wardrobe that full of clothes that still had their tags on, he wept bitterly because those were the clothes that were brought for him by his grandparents and his parents on the occasion of his birthday which turned in the worst day of his life.

As they all died in the road accident. he wept bitterly by remembering them. A dust-free bookcase could hide a lot of lines. I realized by seeing the study room.

The next day he submitted all the documents in the court and the judgement was in the favour of villagers and he donated his remaining property to the welfare of the village and he shifted into his ancestral house to live his rest of life in the memories of his loved ones..

The new landlord was punished for his deeds and Raghu became the new landlord of the village. The villagers lived happily ever after.......

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