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Udhbhavi Arora

Inspirational Children


Udhbhavi Arora

Inspirational Children

Standing in One's Shoe

Standing in One's Shoe

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"Good Morning, Elsia," said Carlos.

"Good Morning, white-haired reindeer! Hahaha" replied Elsia mockingly. She said this based on a song her best friend Mia had created about Carlos, both of them were mean girls and loved to trouble people, especially Carlos.

As soon as Mia entered, she shouted at Carlos "Hey! White-haired reindeer get down from my seat. Carlos got down because he knew there was no arguing with Mia. Mia was a spoiled and mean girl. Her parents would give her anything she wanted as her father was a scientist and her mother was the director of her school. Her father had even gifted her a robot dog which she was allowed to take to school. Mia had created this song when Carlos got the role of an old man in a school play and had to put a white wig.

As soon as Mia was comfortable she began to sing " Carlos, the white-haired reindeer had very dull hair. If you ever saw him, you would also say his hair was dull. The other reindeers and Santa laughed at him and called him uncle. They never let him join fun stuff. Then one foggy night a giraffe came to say With your hair so dull would you like to scare people in my zoo. The other reindeers hated him more than before. Carlos could not even do that properly. He was stupid and crazy. BooBoo Carlos is stupid!" They had a lot of fun singing it, but Carlos hated it, he knew no teacher would believe him. 

After school, Elisia and Mia with her robot dog, went hiking, while hiking they fell.

"Ouch, that was a huge fall, are you okay, Elsia? and you Kracky(The robot dog)" said Mia

"Abadabada," said Kracky, which meant yes, and you?"

"Am fine" said Elsia

Out of the blue, they got sucked into a tornado. The tornado took them back to school.

"Guess it was all a dream," said Elsia

They felt Carlos singing the same song to them and being bullied by the whole school. They walked into their classes.

"The stupid people are here!!" shouted the whole class.

"Mia, Elsia late as usual and you both have failed in every subject" shouted the teacher.

"Hahahaha!!!" laughed the children.

Nobody wanted to sit with them anymore. Mia wasn't the head girl anymore nor was Elsia a prefect.

Mia sadly went home her parents announced that they were very angry with her because of her result and the demotion from a head girl to a normal student, she was grounded for 1 month and no technology, no TV, no pocket money anymore.

By night she was totally crying. Suddenly, a ghost appeared " That's how you feel when you are in Carlos's situation! Do you even know his academics is getting worse because of you bullying him. " he said.

"I am sorry, I did not know. Please give my life back to me" cried, Mia

"Only if you promise to not be mean to anyone! If you break this promise you! Only you without Elsia will be stuck in his life"

"I promise, I will convey this to Elsia also," said Mia.

As soon as she said this and there was total darkness and Mia collapsed.

When she woke up she saw the smiling face of her mom and quickly understood that she was back in her life. She stopped bullying everyone and conveyed the same to Elsia as promised

I hope you also stand in someone else's shoes and think before you do anything OR the ghost is going to come to you too.

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