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Udhbhavi Arora

Children Stories



2 mins

“Ahhhhhhhh! Said James irritatingly, I am so bored, nothing to do, nowhere to go, no real class, and no real play dates. I am so fed up with everything online. “This is the story of a young boy named James and his elder sister Emma who live in Delhi, which is located in India. They talk about their opinions about the lockdown. 


Down the stairs, James's sister Emma heard everything she came up to James and said” what happened why you are screaming you are disturbing me and letting me complete my painting. Painting? What painting? You never painted a drawing you hated it, didn’t you?


Replied James. Yes, I hated it, but now it is my new hobby, will you answer why were you screaming? Answered Emma. Because I am bored because of this lockdown responded James. Okay, now I understand why not you develop a new lockdown hobby explained Emma. What’s a lockdown hobby? Asked James. A lockdown hobby is a hobby that you do not like doing what don’t you like James. Said Emma. Ummm I wouldn’t say I like reading it’s so difficult. Replied James. Okay, so that’s your new hobby try it! Concluded Emma.


From the next day, James started reading books. First, he found it difficult, but now he loves it, and so does Emma like a painting.

We all our home

So why to dress and why to comb

There is no coming

There is no going

Whenever we go out of home, we wear a mask.

Going out of home is now a difficult task.

We are staying unhappily.

But we can still play with our family.


They will cheer us up.

Our parents, our siblings and our pup

So get up and get dressed and have fun.

But don't go and play in the sun!

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