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Udhbhavi Arora

Children Stories Drama


Udhbhavi Arora

Children Stories Drama

The Key To Open This Lockdown! - Part 2

The Key To Open This Lockdown! - Part 2

3 mins 176 3 mins 176

Recap PART-1

"Uhhhhhhhh! I am tired" screamed Rohan

"What are you even saying? Tired you? You were sleeping the whole time" said Tina

"Was I? I dreamt that aliens came to me," said Rohan

"This lockdown is driving you crazy," said Tia before leaving the room

" Wait! Tia wait! I remember this letter was all they gave" said Rohan excitingly.

"OMG! That means it was real! Show it to me" saying this Tia snatched the letter.

"Dear Rohan Bwana,

Mishola! Ich gute hai. Comet isolaja unio @$ lemebr tui locale parki. Ju willst meete giber pendrovie. Sote yuke wost knowi.



Read the letter.

"Do you know what it said? Did the aliens tell you something" asked Tia.

" I think they told me to dip it in some kind of water... I guess hot water" said Rohan.

" Okay then let me get a bowl of water," said Tia

" Hot water Tia! NO cold water! Only hot" screamed Rohan.

"I know I know," said Tia.

She got some hot water, and Rohan dipped it into the water.

The letter burned.

"Rohan, see what you've done!! Now the aliens will choose someone else! Good Bye" screamed Tia.

But Rohan couldn't do anything! 


Rohan disheartened and disappointed went back to sleep. He dreamt something that made him happy again.

"Tiaa! Come here!!" screamed Rohan.

" What now? You tired again of sleeping?" said Tia.

"No yaar! I have some good news, I saw the alien again in my dream, and they said it was okay, they gave me another copy of the letter which I kept on the table, I have to dip in cold water, and a magical translater will open!" said Rohan excitingly.

"Cool! So why are you still sitting go get water, Coldwater."

"Yeah yeah," said Rohan while getting out

Rohan got the water and dipped the letter in and a magical translator opened. It said-

"Dear Rohan Boss,

Hello! I am good. How are you? Come to your local park on 24th January; you will meet a man with a dog. Ask him if his name is Dubasi. He will give you a pen drive. Rest, you will know.


Haiguru( The alien boss)"

"Cool! Today is 23! We'll go tomorrow." exclaimed Tia. 

"We have a problem; I can't go alone. If I take mom with me, she'll never let me have a Pendrive from some random person." Said Rohan.

" Silly Boy!!! I'll go with you!" said Tia.

"Oh Ya!" said Rohan "I can't wait" But of course he had to. 


Rohan and Tia woke up the next day to go and get the pen drive. 

"Let's go", said Tia 

When they reached a park, they could only see one person with a dog.

"Are you Mishola?" asked Tia.

"Yes, What do you want?"

"The pen-drive, of course," said Tia. 

"Oh, no! Did I give it to the wrong person? What did I do? I am doomed!" he mumbled to himself. 

" What's wrong," asked annoyed Tia.

"See, your brother and some boy in the street look so similar. I gave it to him," said Mishola

"No probs, we can get it," said Tia. and Mishola led a sigh of relief. 

"We can't!! Only Akrit and I look alike! And he is going to go to Australia. What's the time?" asked Rohan.

Tia took her phone out and told Rohan that the time was 5:30 pm.

" Let's go! His flight left at 4:00, we have nothing to do!" saying this they left.


Yes, what is he going to do? You'll have to wait to find out!

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