Udhbhavi Arora

Children Stories Drama


Udhbhavi Arora

Children Stories Drama

The Key To Open This Lockdown! - Part 2

The Key To Open This Lockdown! - Part 2

3 mins

Recap PART-1

Rohan yelled, "I'm so exhausted!"
"How can you be fatigued, Rohan?" Tina inquired. "You've been sleeping for the better part of the day."
"Was I?" Rohan inquired. "I thought I was on Mars, or was it Saturn? With aliens, and you know-"
"This lockdown is driving you insane," Tia stated as she walked out of the room.
"Wait a minute! Tia, hold your horses!" said Rohan chasing her. "I was handed this by the leader,"
"Oh my dear god! That indicates that it was real! Give it here. "Tia grabbed the letter.

"Dear Rohan Bwana" said the letter in a very untidy handrwriting.
Mishola! Ich gute hai. Comet isolaja unio @$ lemebr tui locale parki. Ju willst meete giber pendrovie. Sote yuke wost knowi.

"Do you know what it said?" inquired Tia "Did the aliens tell you something?" Ron put a hand on his chin trying to remember any important information.

"Water!" said Rohan, suddenly "Hot water!"

"I'll get some water." said Tia, exiting.

"Warm water." 

She got some hot water, and Rohan dipped it into the water.

The letter burned.

"Rohan, see what you've done!!" screamed Tia. "You big idiot!"


Rohan went back to sleep, discouraged and disappointed. He had a dream that made him joyful once more.

"Tiaa! Come on in!! "Rohan yelled.

"So, what's next? You're bored of sleeping yet again? "Tia remarked.

"No! I have some wonderful news; in my dream, I encountered the alien again, and when I told them about the problem, they handed me another copy of the letter, which I kept on the table; all I have to do now is dip it in cold water, and the ink will change!" Rohan was overjoyed.

"Good for you. Get some water, now."

"Yeah yeah," muttered Rohan as he walked out the door.

As Rohan dipped it, the ink was changing. Rohan and Tia watched in amazement

"Dear Rohan Boss,
Hello! I am good. How are you? Come to your local park on 24th January; you will meet a man with a dog. Ask him if his name is Dubasi. He will give you a pen drive. Rest, you will know.
Haiguru( The alien boss)."

"Cool! Today's Twenty third! We'll go the next day "Tia exclaimed.

"We have an issue; I won't be able to go alone. If I bring Mom along, she will never let me have a Pendrive from a random person." Rohan stated.

"Boy, you're a moron! I'll accompany you!" Tia stated.

"I can't wait!" But he had no choice.


The next day, Rohan and Tia decided to get the pen drive at noon.

"Let's go," Tia said.

When they arrived at a park, they only saw one individual with a dog.

"Are you Mishola?" Tia inquired.

"Of course, what do you want?"

"The pen-drive," Tia replied.

"Oh my goodness! Is it possible that I gave it to the wrong person? What exactly did I do? I'm screwed! "He murmured something to himself.

"What's the matter?" Tia was irritated and it was clear.

"Your brother, looked like some guy from the street and I gave it to him," said Mishola

"That shouldn't be a problem; we can get it," Tia remarked, and Mishola breathed a sigh of relief.

"We can't!" said Rohan."I'm sorry to bust your bubble, but only Akrit and I look alike! And he is going to go to Australia. What's the time?"

Tia got out her phone and informed Rohan that it was 5:30 p.m.

"We can't do anything about it now; his flight left a 4." Rohan and Tia left without a word.

"I'm doomed," said Mishola.

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