Second God: Part 6

Second God: Part 6

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Second God: Part 6 - Mystery of Love

In the real world, you don’t know when you have fallen in love and with how many. The heart will always want to touch both the opposite poles. The mind is an even more complicated place, it can twist any logic to create or destroy any belief.

Ankit distanced himself from Dr. Mahak and maintained only the professional relationship with her. The newly void created by the Mahak absence in his life exposed his soul to all kinds of fears once again. The mediocrity in him tempted to believe that Mahak is the lover he was looking in Manila.

Mahak always feared this, the moment since she fell in love with Ankit. She kept on increasing Ankit status. Her love had transformed into her obsession. After fighting so long, she wanted to rest in the Ankit arms. Her untouched lips wanted to meet Ankit’s.

The hope of being loved is more dangerous than the love itself.

Ankit’s hold on the people in the secret organization was increasing. In the villages where he was transforming lives, people started worshipping him. Gradually in the world, there was no Ankit only Durjoya.

All kinds of reasoning are the distortion of logic except love. Love is the absence of logic. It’s pure and powerful enough to drive the world. Unfortunately, Ajit’s journey of love was not that simple. A man who publicly runs special childcare but in his world called ‘Master’ can never dare to propose a girl like Manila. But it never prevented him to secretly love Manila. There was a reason Ajit was called ‘master’ in his business world. His plans were unbeatable, even small hiccups in the execution were taken care of.

Ajit deliberately made Ankit his friend. Implanted the idea of running away with Manila in his mind. He won his trust so that Ankit would let stay Manila at his Child Care House. And when the execution day came he lured Ankit in the money plan and let his people arrest him into the private capture house they use for their business. It was not enough and Ajit don’t want to left anything on chances so he went one bold step further in his planning.

He murdered Major Dheerendra Singh and wrote the suicide letter (another skill he was master at) to make it look like a suicide case. He was sure that even Ankit came back to Manila after being the reason for her father's suicide, Manila would never accept him. All it left was being the available shoulder, on which Manila can cry. Gradually Manila would be used to of it and will for him one day eventually. He succeeded too after being the shoulder for a long time Manila finally accepted and married him.

Dr. Mahak's business reached a new height of success each day. After that day Mahak made sure that Ankit never faces Ajit again. With time Ankit was accepting the fact that Manila is married to Ankit. The air was clearing between Mahak and Ankit. Though Ankit never left digging in Ajit’s past.

Ankit gulped every dirty secret of Ajit until he came to know about General’s death. At this point, he made it clear to Mahak that Ajit is going to surrender himself or he is going to destroy him.

Dr. Mahak has chosen her business over everything else many times in the past. She can never afford to lose someone as valuable as the master. It was the high time when Mahak decided to hand over the rein of her life to her mind.

The master never uses those people whom he can’t dump. He wanted to kill Durjoya to fix this loose piece too. Mahak somehow convinced master that Ankit didn’t have anything to prove his claim and very important to our business so he can spare him. We will keep his every activity in check and if in future he turned out to be a threat, we can eliminate him.

Though deep in her heart she knew, it’s too early to give up on love.

One day in the crowded evening a masked man fired a bullet. The bullet hit the lower abdomen of man. The man hides himself behind the coffee table, he felt as if someone has cracked one of his ribs, he was concentrating on his pulse, he was put into the ambulance by the crowd, he was trying his best not to lose consciousness but his vision started to fade….he didn’t know when he lost consciousness.

When Ankit opened his eyes, he was lying on a hospital bed. There was too much noise outside. He stood up from his bed and gradually came to the balcony. The chanting of crowd overwhelmed him.

“Durjoya, Durjoya, Durjoya”

He waved his hand. The crowd went berserk.

Even after five years, he was able to recognize her in the middle of the crowd. He asked his guard to bring her to him.

They both spoke thousands of words, but only in their minds. They were gazing at each other face and reviving their moments of togetherness. They realized with time faces in their memories have faded, all they are left with a feeling that is caged in the past. They no longer know each other. Their heart was going down into oblivion by the burden of thoughts.

“Go to your bed, Mr. Ankit” Manila broke the mountain of ice.

“I am sorry” Ankit knew he could have chosen better words. The words he practiced in prison.

“You actually believed that you can cross the river of my sufferings of five years on the bridge of sorry.

Just Sorry.

Not every pain can be expressed in words some can only be felt. I had many doubts about the plan before leaving but losing you was never one of them. No pilgrimage can ever wash the sin of murdering your father. Perhaps it will end with my death only. Your absence consumed my mind, I couldn't even mourn properly for my father. Your memories haunted me, every place reminded me of your betrayal. I waited for you Diwali, New year, Valentine, my birthday, Holi came and gone many times but you never came. I was waiting to be rescued by you. And one day, I have suffered enough so I let everything go. Just moved on. I hate you now more than anything.”

“I don’t expect forgiveness but I want you to know my journey”

“For this precise reason, I let you live. Mr. Ankit. Otherwise, you were dead.” And hatred in Manila’s heart broke the air of formality between them.

Ankit told her everything that happened to him.

“You are a liar Mr. Durjoya. You want to destroy my life like you did five years before. My Husband is not the monster you think he is. I never wanted to see your face again. I wished I would have never saved you.” With tears in her eyes, Manila ran out of the hospital.

“You are quite a survivor, my old friend.” Ajit came to visit Ankit in the hospital.

“I have survived snake bite, a bullet just not have enough poison to kill me now.”

“If you said a word against me to anyone. I will make sure next time you have no pieces of your body together. I would give even more heinous death to your Mahak.”

“Then pray, I never get out of this hospital. The day I get out of here will be the last day of your life. Mark my words.”

Suddenly, the cops were all over in the room. There were handcuffs in the hand. Manila was standing behind the police officer, Scared. Bewildered Ankit was grasping the moment while Ajit was furious. He was pushing the cops, making a way to run from the room. A police officer held his color and slapped him so hard that Ajit could not hear anything but the whistle in his ears.

“You are under arrest Mr. Ajit aka Master for killing the major and running a racket of the illegal kidney transplant.”

“You have no proof, this man must have fooled you.” Ajit was shouting then acting polite, the situation was going over his mind.

“Master your partner Dr. Mahak has also admitted everything. There is no point in lying now. For your facts, we have all the proofs and they are provided by none other than your wife, Dr. Manila.”

Ajit kept on shouting, threatening everyone but his game was over. He knew it once he saw the media outside. He was taken to the van where Dr. Mahak was already sitting with handcuffs in her hand.

In the hospital room, Manila was crying. She was not controlling herself. She was letting everything out. Ankit said nothing but he wiped her tears and hold her face in his hands. Manila let him came close and in the next moment, her lips were touching Ankit’s. They were kissing so passionately so deep as if the kiss is the currency for exchanging emotions. With each breath, each touch they were told that every moment they missed each other. They don’t know when they came to his hospital bed and falling asleep.

When they woke up Ankit asked Manila how she did all this.

“I still had the suicide letter of my dad, I did handwriting match with Ajit and it turned out it was his writings. Once I knew he killed my father, I searched every corner of the house and that’s where I found his Gun. It was the same gun that was found near my father's dead body. I found some documents which led me to Dr. Mahak. I showed her all the proof of her illegal business and her connection with my father’s murder. She had me for a moment when she accepted everything without any resistance. I thought she is setting me up for something, but surprisingly she meant it. I could still remember Mahak’s words.

“I know one day, someone will come with this. I am proud of what I have done and I am willing to accept this before anyone. Now don’t dig more and call the police.”

Ankit knew to save him Mahak didn’t fight back and surrendered herself to the darkness.

The sea of guilt is too dangerous to swim only selfish can swim across this.

How could he let himself drown in this sea when he was in the arms of Manila, the love of her life.

“Everything is fair in love and war.”

                                                                                                         - The End

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