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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Second God: Part 4

Second God: Part 4

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Second God Part 4: The Other side of the Coin

“One deliberate wrong move and I can avenge my father's death. No-one will ever recognize this murder. If he died naturally then I would never get such a cakewalk opportunity for my revenge. I am such a big figure that this failure spot would not be even visible in my success story.”

Vengeance was all over her when she was operating Ankit. She had managed to dry up the tears. She glanced outside the room; two policemen were still guarding the room.

“No, he is not my prey. If he died, then the man who fired him this bullet would win. It would be only his victory, not my revenge.

He must live to answer all my questions. He must know the agony I have gone through because of him. Death would be a mercy to him. HE MUST LIVE.” Her inside monologue ended with the operation.

She put her coat on her Chair. She took her phone and turned towards Nurse.

“I am not feeling well, I am going home. Inform other doctors. Call me when he wakes up.”

Though the water from the shower was enough to take away her tears still she removed her engagement ring and mangalsutra. She felt as if her tears would impure it. She wanted the comfort of her husband’s arm as she had five years ago, but this time she had to fight through alone.

 Accepting the past of the wife is one thing while handling her tears for ex-boyfriend is a completely different story.

The night was eventful in another hospital too. Manila used to work in this Mission Hospital. It was one of the best hospitals in the country. People of All Races and Ethnicities over the globe had come under the roof of this hospital for treatment. The staff was specially trained to handle the VIPs and their Families. Unless something really terrible happened or Some VVIP going out of the rules of the hospital, No one could dare to Contact Dr. Mahak Bhatiya.

Dr. Mahak was the role model for millions in the medical field. The Transformation story of a tiny room to a gigantic hospital was the famous case study for management colleges for years. This hospital was her dream, passion, child, hope, love, her everything.

If she had converted all her money into cash, it would have taken more than a lifetime for her to count it; still, the value of a single Rupee was same for her as it was 10 years ago when she had Absolutely Nothing.

Though she was born in a lower-middle-class family, she hated mediocrity. Growing up, watching her parents fighting for money regularly, doing overtime, still never managed to meet the ends. They had spent all of their fortunes on her education, yet it was not enough. A huge amount of education loans took care of her medical studies.

'Adversities impart the wisdom which college could never do.' All her colleagues were either opting for higher education or accepting the job offer to work in some Hospital for the experience. Money offered in both options was too low as compared to other professions college fresher. Most of them would work till 40. Only then they would be financially able to start their own Hospital and make the changes they always wanted to bring in the society. But Till that time all those passions and dreams would be lost in the routine of life. Even if some would still start, they would do either for money or to create a setup for their children so that they need not wait till 40.

Though no one in her class had the slightest idea of this pattern, sitting on the shoulders of wisdom Mahak could see this maze. The more important thing was she could also see the solution of this maze to realize her dreams before the inner kindle diminishes.

She opened her small Clinic but no one really came to seek the advice of a rookie who didn’t even have the basic facilities. Like her parents, she also became workaholic but never earned enough to get out of this strangle.

If after death, God ordered her to change her entire life; she would have to alter only that day. It was such a decisive day in her life. She received a phone call from someone who offered her all the money she needed to transform her life. In return, he asked her to live one of the lessons she learned in her class. ‘It is possible to live healthy in even one kidney.’

The day ended in her diary with the statement.

"It's possible to live without one kidney, but not without a soul."

She accepted the offer but the facts she encountered while researching the very concept of Kidney Transplant gave her the purpose of her life.

She found out, there are thousands of people on the National kidney waiting list. The horrendous legal procedures are killing thousands of people.

On the other hand, she saw people just like her, willing to give away one extra kidney in order to transform their lives. That one extra kidney could save hundreds of families committing suicide or dying from hunger. From there on she decided to bypass this horrendous legal system.

She made a parallel kidney transplant system in her hospital. The first step was to contact such people and convince them. She made NGOs in several cities. Her NGOs contacted people, informed them about the scheme. The second step was to transfer these people to her hospitals and create their new identity according to Kidney Receiver. Her supply system managed transportation and creating fake IDs of these people to bypass the rule. (Only family members could give them the kidney) Her lawyers get her all the clearance needed. The doctors of her hospital check the compatibility of the kidney and perform all necessary tests before they gave a green signal to the surgeon to perform the Kidney Transplant.

Mahak’s Circle of Secret was limited to three, Her Strict implementation of rules and meticulous planning never allowed it to grow. Those IDs were as real as a person once they are in the hospital. So it was all official and legal before they come to the hospital.

The small room, beneath the personal room of The Mission Hospital owner, never existed to the world except for the three people, Mahak, The master, and her advocate Rohan Arora. The red walls of the room have heard so many orders that changed the lives of millions. For over a decade, these walls remained loyal and not only never allowed a word to go out but also never let any scream, sigh to break into the room.

Mahak never slammed the door with such brutal force. The outside chaos never penetrated her inside calm. Years of practice of Meditation were falling, Turbulence inside her was fuming anger she never felt before. But she was not ordinary, Like a perfectionist, she stood firm to her inside the storm and took some deep breathes. The silence was growing eerie for the master and Rohan. The seriousness of the matter may not be visible on Mahak but anybody could have sensed from their sweating face.

“Perfection is always our shield. Today you have made a dent in it. Wounded Durjaya would be more dangerous for us. You should have never fired him in the first place, Rohan.” Her legs were shaking, but the edges of her words were still sharp.

“You guys never met him, but I did. I saw the anger in his eyes. The only regret I have is not able to shoot through those eyes.” Rohan ‘s tone was getting higher.

“We need some fresh air. We will meet in the evening “The master finally broke his silence.

 “Congratulations Ma'am! Patient no 302 has regained consciousness.”

The message interrupted her prayer or probably completed it. She drove straight to the hospital from the temple.

The huge crowd outside the hospital puzzled her. Whenever a celebrity had been admitted, the Hospital directed staff to take an entry from the back door, but there was no such instruction. The crowd was hailing a name, she never heard. She was making her way through the crowd when all started shouting in unison. Her eyes went up in the corridor of the hospital. Trepidation dropped her heart in the bottomless well. The proud was peeping out of her eyes. After few numb moments, she heard the ongoing chants

“ Durjoya !! Durjoya!! Durjoya!! Lord Shiva “

To be continued...

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