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vishal saxena

Tragedy Drama Crime


vishal saxena

Tragedy Drama Crime

Second God: Part 3

Second God: Part 3

7 mins 362 7 mins 362

Second God Part 3: Uncontrolled Consequences

The sky was changing its color. In the cloudy summer evening, the color of the sky is always a deception. Any instant, all the brightness could disappear, leaving behind the only darkness.

It was such an evening when Manila was leaving her house. She could vividly remember the day when her family moved into this house. Though it was 15 years ago, she felt like yesterday. The burden of memories was getting heavier and heavier until Cab came and picked her.

A rookie commits a crime in an impulse. Whereas, it takes practice and talent to execute the planned crime.

Any breath could be his last. Ankit knew half of the things in his mind were not going to happen, still, his mind kept escalating the worst possibilities. He knew it’s only the sleep deprivation that was driving him crazy. He thought different ways of overcoming this but could not think of any other tranquilizer but to Alcohol.

 ‘Take one step at a time. Going to Hyderabad is not a crime so just be calm and be in the present.’ His inner voice started a monologue while he was smoking.

A nap on the flight brought his consciousness back. He realized by this time Manila must have left the home. According to the plan, He had to make a public appearance in the city. He knew in her plan, the most difficult task was to live without her voice for two straight days. Even their worst fights never lasted a day. 48 hours felt impossible for him.

He was going through the pictures of her, occasionally staring at some, touching the screen and finally lost in the memories. He cursed himself for not informing her about this foray. Her divine presence had always taken away all his fears. Though he was doing all this for her, deep down in his heart he also knew that she would have never allowed it.

“Hi! I am Hamid. How was the flight Mr. Durjaya” Ankit was relieved when this big man called him Durjaya. At least the Master has kept his promise of keeping the identity secret.

“Let me take you from here to the hotel.”

Ankit nodded.

 A Range Rover came near the fountain to pick them. To Ankit's surprise, Hamid said nothing to him and left him alone in the room to rest.

In the evening Hamid came again, but this time with four other men.

“You must be very lucky or powerful. I have never seen a master being so generous with anyone. The last right hand of the supplier was a true genius, but he betrayed us. Master chopped his hand before shooting into his eyes.”

The last line scared every bit of Ankit. To change the topic he inquired about the other four persons.

“These are your assignments. Make sure these people reach the address. Though we have their family and they too want to complete the task. It’s your responsibility to make sure it goes hassle-free. These people know about their new identity. Just remember you cannot leave them in any danger they are too vulnerable.”

There were heavy knocks on the gate and suddenly room gets filled with people with guns. IDs were shown and in a few moments, there were handcuffed in all six people including Ankit.

“I know you guys have connections. This time I am going off the book until I bust down your masters. Nobody is going to know that you were ever arrested.” The police officer stared at Ankit.

“Please, sir! I am marrying tomorrow, my girlfriend is already on the way to reach the destination. Please, Sir, let me go. I have done nothing wrong. Ask anyone. Please, Sir.” Ankit’s body was shivering in fear.

“Take all of them in my car.” he lightened up his cigarette. The officer was in no mood of mercy.

Manila went straight to Metro station and bought a metro token from her credit card to the Airport. The plan was to disguise her father, in case he strove to track her down with police. All the evidence would lead to surmise everyone that she had fled the city. She gave her clothes and a ticket to a friend of hers who would go to the Airport instead of her. She took a taxi to the Asha Special Child Care Home. It was going to her place for the next two days.

“Just two days and after that, we would flee to Nepal” she consoled herself before going to bed.

After two days she tried to call the Ankit but his phone was off. No one knew his whereabouts. She knew Ankit can never even think of betraying her, but her mind was constantly wandering among millions of possibilities. The trepidation was consuming her. She kept on calling him, but every effort ended only in vain.

 In the early morning, her phone rang. The unknown caller has spoken the unimaginable words to her. She broke down into the tears. Her body was embalmed in the standing position. Destiny has changed her world in the darkest possible way.

The aroma of her father was still the same as last time. As if he hasn’t allowed a single thing to change in his life after the death of her mother. Tears were kept rolling from her eyes. She was feeling the weight all over. Inside her heart was beating as if someone was ramming it with a heavy hammer. Her breathing became so heavy that her body was taking long pauses in between.

If there was anything which was feeling light it was her mind. There was nothing, absolutely nothing. Her eyes hadn’t moved even an inch. Her trembling hands couldn’t move as she was trying to lift the dead body of MAJOR GENERAL DHEERENDRA SINGH. She couldn’t take it anymore. She rested her head on his artificial hand, held his other hand and tried to sleep. Something inside was telling her sleeping would make this night a dream, the horrible one. Her white coat was no longer white. The stains of blood were all over it. No white ever remains white, but destiny has rewarded her stain on the very first day.

When she regained consciousness, she found her relatives around her mourning. Some men were preparing for the funeral. She was still in aghast and terrified knowing that everyone will know that she has murdered her father. Someone came to her and gave the letter that Major left for her.

“I know exactly how it feels to take someone's life. For redemption, you continue to justify your actions, but deep inside you always know that there is never any justification for taking someone's life. I never want my princess to feel any of that feeling.

The most important lesson, I have learned from my life is ‘Understanding of THE Time.’ Only time is the ultimate judge. Only it can distinguish between good and bad. No matter what you try, Time will take away all the spark once present in love. Your parents were no different. In our youth, we were madly in love, but with time, love took shelter somewhere in the background and only problems remain on the surface.

 Once you become a doctor, you have already sacrificed your life for society. How could you think of romance in the evening when you have spent your day with the dying, injured people. Their pain, sufferings, sighs remain in your soul forever. Only a doctor can understand this. A war is no different it also leaves you dead from inside. In fact, the only similarity remains between us was that we both were broken souls who couldn't heal each other. I never wanted you to go through the same agony. You must have got why I was so rigid on marrying a doctor.

I am taking my life because there is no reason left to live anymore. I have served for my Nation and my family till my last breath. I am feeling proud and happy in my last moments and I want you to remember me in this way.”

                                                                  To Continued..

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