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vishal saxena



vishal saxena


Second God: Part 2

Second God: Part 2

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Second God: Part 2 Birth of a Criminal

Four shoddy dressed people in their early middle age were pleading to a muscular man, Hamid.

“All of you want to rot in jail. Speak Hindi in the tone I have taught you nothing else until your job is completed” Hamid took out some papers while his man derogatorily kicked two of them on the knees. They sighed in pain and went further away while the rest moved in the fear of being kicked.

“Once these people accepted the deal and leave their homes, the only way of treating them is as an object rather human,” Hamid recalled his master’s words.

“These are your new identities. Read everything about them. Their Past will create your future” Hamid threw the papers on the floor.

        Ankit had been always a calm matured guy. If there would have been a time when he is not himself, it is certainly at the end of his night shift. He used to find himself awake in the early morning, but neither the wind is refreshing him nor the Sunrays are motivating him. In fact, they are now irritating him. He feels as if nature has lost its magical powers. Just like him, it is doing the things as it is told to do.

        Manila would have never called him on such mornings, but that day seeing her call he knew, it had to be something very important. When he hung up the phone, he knew it would come but so early he never reckoned.

Though Manila knew about his sick dad, brother's education expenses yet she convinced him about her plan. In fact, it was a matter of hardly 2 to 3 months.

        Ankit knew Manila knows only the outer surface of his problems. His family could not survive without him. Manila had already taken his financial responsibility during the escape period. He needed to manage his salary himself for his family, from somewhere, not till the escape period, but until he would have found a new job.

        Asha Special Child Care home was like a temple for Ankit. The place where he used to find inspiration, blessing, and peace. Most children in such homes are grown up physically but the child name given to them because of their mental age. They don’t have the sea of past for comfort or the sky of tomorrow for hope. Yet from somewhere they manage to find rays of happiness in today. Their smiles healed his soul every time.

        Ajit, the caretaker of the Asha House observed something unusual. Ankit watched these children playing from far away. He was not even responding to their smiles. Ajit went towards him, tapped his shoulder. Ajit’s eyebrow went up and came down.

“Nothing” Ankit shook his head but could not persist longer and opened up to his friend.

“I don’t have any significant amount of money to help but I know a person who can.”

“Who?” Ankit questioned the obvious out of excitement.

“That’s the glitch. You will never know him. He would give you a good amount of money but for his task not out of sympathy. Don’t ask any question to his commands if you want money.”

“Is it illegal?” Though Ankit knew the answer in his heart, he wanted to be proved wrong.

“As far as I know this task does not involve any crime. But it certainly involves risk. I would try to contact the boss if he agreed; you would know the exact task.” Ajit stood up and started leaving the place.

“The person who was like God to me, the owner of such wonderful children's house is involved in something illegal.” His credence that world compromises of only good people and bad people plummeted to the ground.

Manila was still striving to come out from the ocean of the memories, but her eyes were never dried up. She found herself trapped in the stories, as everything in her room was telling a story for her, There was no escaping from it as when she tried to close her eye stories becomes more vivid, making it more painful to her leaving them. Finally, she decided to write a letter to her father.

"No language has words which can explain the agony I have gone through the last few years. That night I didn't lose only a mom, but I lost you too, dad. I thought after mom your rules will bend, but it only grew stronger and stronger. I did everything to please you; to help you to come out of the past, but you didn't even bother to notice my efforts. Your insidious behavior converted home into a fortress. I felt like an incarcerated stranger in my home, my loneliness grew day by day.

I gave up on happiness a long time ago; Even if you only talk to me it used to make my day happy. But when this guy came. Though I liked him, still I pushed him away. I never wanted to jeopardize his life by making him a part in the agony of my life. But somehow he slipped into the gates of my heart. The light of his love nurtured my soul and reignited my will to live once again. I tried so many times, but you hated him for no reason.

Today I am taking this step, I am choosing life over everything and he is my life. When you will read this letter I would be far away from your fortress and you.

You had won a war on the border, but here in the home, you lost everything dad, Everything!!.

I love you, dad. Try to forgive me. That would be the last thing I want from you now. Only Forgiveness"

A message flashed on Ankit phone “ A man will come to your home and he will explain everything to you. Start preparing for your flight to Hyderabad. You are doing it tomorrow.”

The phone in the Police station also rang” Deal has started again. Catch them red-handed. Meet me for further information.”

                                                 .............To Be Continued.

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