Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.



3 mins

Scene 1

Rainfall, water flooding slowly, filling in the small nasty puddles, while two girls aged 7to 10 looking out the window. One brother of theirs outside riding his bicycle, splashing the water on the window.

Their house is nearby to the coast, Jian (boy) often went upto the beach, drops the cycle out, calls his stray friend Bholu to by a unique whistle. He takes up a wooden stick throws out for Bholu to chase and with the other one, starts digging anxiously, removes an old looking metal box, which has one chocolate, a sheet of paper and a pencil in it.

What is written in it. Nobody knows. Calls bholu. Divides the chocolate in 2 equal halves and nurtures it. Piece by piece.

Scene 2

Christina and Rain (two sisters) on the other hand, are not enjoying their house arrest for ignoring their homework. They have one mode of enjoyment right now, which is the Radio

They tune into their favorite channel which plays their most loved songs, ‘ Funkytown’ playing and shaking their bodies.

Exciting view from the room, exiting each room and showing the whole house

While in the other room, nanny (grandma) is asleep on a chair.

Other room has mom watching TV with a glass of Gin and tonic. Watching BB King, and enjoying, Dad preparing Chicken Biryani and some raita with a side salad. Asks mom for dance (Fly me to the moon) playing in the background.

Mom and dad dancing for a minute or two, While Jian enters opens the sister’s room calls Nanny, but she just sits like a dull Dud.

All 5 of them continue, switching to Jailhouse Rock having their Daily Jam

Grandma on the other hand just realized the scene and starts the typical clapping

Once the song is over, Girls start the TV, Jian gets the dishes, Mom helps Dad serve. Grandma helps herself move from sofa to the table ( farting)

Grandma looks at the food and starts her whining , Do you have a farm of Chicken Papa?

Again the damn Chicken Biryani.

Papa says, Mama you have no teeth, be glad i made you some eggs burji. Snack on that

Rain- Jian bro, pass the ratia,

Christina - Its called Raita you fool. Can't even say simple words right.

Jian – Let it go, Here Rain take enjoy. Why do you pick on her always? You know what mom? She always tries to bring her down

Rain – Whimpers

Christna- Look see, do more laad pyaar, she needs to be told the truth, and if we make her strong like this, no one in school will bully her na! She is toh like your favorite Sister isn’t she?

Rain – Can you please stop fighting? Dad has cooked so well, eat the food na

Biryani like a kahani, oh my Mummy

Explosion of flavor

It is like two wonders on the lef , two on the right,

What I do, it cant be true

Mom- Cant say Rain but poetry runs in her veins

Come on kids, eat your food. Oh Sorry Grandma Lets say our Prayers, Although Rain already ate some.

(Oh dear Food, I know Papa, has cooked and he has no control over the spices nor the salt, please don’t make us sick. Ramen!)

Ah eat the food, each of them does their dishes, except Grandma who races her chair so fast like Lewis Hamilton, to her Room

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