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Mrunali Thakore



Mrunali Thakore


Black Out

Black Out

3 mins 381 3 mins 381

Imagine a fresh morning you've imagined about

Now, you wake up normally at 7 am, go to the bathroom to brush your teeth

But you feel different, not sick, different

Imagine you are walking towards the bathroom and the door opens itself

When you approach the brush it cleans your teeth sparkling white

Next what? Coffee?

You're walking towards your kitchen and then you approach a mug, a saucepan, sugar coffee and milk

While making it what happens?

On the wall besides or ahead

It shows you where is that coffee from, who plucked the seeds, how to make the best coffee and benefits of your coffee

Next getting ready for work?

Your wardrobe will outcase the best look for you today

By displaying it, which shirt which pant which undies which tie and what shoes


You're locking the door

But before that you see your calender for the date

And whattttt

Yesterday night you were in 2019

But now you're in 2045

And it's making you sweat out of fear and some double thoughts

Did you sleep for 26 years?

What can it be?

You take a deep breath and with a stone on your heart you leave

But you don't know where to go

You get down your building and can't seem to recognise anybody

Nor can the others

Yes that's right

If the services have boomed

Your social life is doomed and no one knows nobody

No body at all

No family, no friend, no foe

Only the pets are same.

The economy, the market, schools, hospitals, colleges, marriages, all are banished.

There is no existence of money

You remember the movements, your routine of waking up going somewhere but don't know where

So instead of that, you take your pet to a walk

Realizing that there is some problem you want to find out what is it and why did it happen

You turn on the news but there is no network on your TV since nobody turned the programs on

Only automated sites are working like Google, YouTube, Etc

No social media. No news. No telly. No radio. No milk .

You take your dog to the walk and every place you go to feels new

And are in an awe about it

You see a kid leaving 10 ballons in the air it feels so exciting you keep on looking

Suddenly the power goes off

And the network of your phone

People come out of their houses like babies

But wait.... Is it just the start or an end?

Scene 2

There is an urge to do something but you don't understand what it is

You wander, you find things so new like it's a strange new place

You go to a mall, when you enter the round entrance you go around like babies

You run in the park with your dog like you've never run before

It's like the world is your playground

But not everyone is thinking like you

Someone is stealing food and running away

Someone is peeing outside, it's like people have forgotten their behavior, mannerism or essence

While you are walking and looking around you reach a hospital

The situation inside is mind boggling

There are no doctors

Some patients are dead

While some are born naturally

You just quickly escape not wanting to see all this

You go to a park to get some fresh air

You see an old man with a device listening to something

It's like there is some information passed on

You go near him to listen

 And get to hear that

 All the cities start to scatter and seems like nodbody cares But these kids individually decide to lead a mission and solve the mystery

And what you find next is a mystery

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