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Nidhi Mishra



Nidhi Mishra


Paradise! An Oasis In D Desert

Paradise! An Oasis In D Desert

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"Yeah! I realized something and while I was leaving I was feeling happy, relaxed something really good...Your smile is infectious that made me smile too."He exclaimed.

She said, "Awe! I felt the same but the only difference is I was feeling happy when you were about to arrive and you were happy when you were leaving....(giggles)....Just kidding."

He was bit confused by her conclusion whether it is a sarcasm or actually a joke and in order to wrap up he said, "I was absent minded and I can acknowledge this.I know this and I do not have any explanation for this. What I really feel I was not at rest and after leaving I was quite peaceful with myself and may be next time you will not find such an awkwardness, when we will meet and you will see the difference. I know I'm unable to comprehend all what I 'm going through in my life in last few months. I'm happy though but still feel something is missing...Its not hundred percent. My mind is blank actually thinking nothing just blank. You can't understand what it feels like if destiny snatches away a child's favorite toy from him "

She cheerfully said,"Hello! You are very bad at calculations that's why you feel it is not like hundred percent and anybody who is on cloud 9 will be unable to comprehend ...just like you."

He said," Huh!What cloud 9?"

She said, "Not again! Huh! Yes! You're on cloud 9 I'll prove it.Most of the times you take too much of time to recognize what exactly you are feeling,lemme show you a demo."

She continued, "Close your eyes and imagine....There's a white paper and there is a dot right at the center of the paper.Now,its 60 seconds for you to define what did you see?Mind it...No...You are not suppose to open your eyes. You have to speak for not less than a minute however,if you want you can extend your time to speak."

He was like...LOL! What to define?

They both laughed heartily...

"No! Don't open your eyes." She said.

"OK! I won't" He said. and continued..." First I saw face of my wife, thereafter I can see someone...its you...I'm playing a game,kids...I'm going somewhere downstairs,wandering somewhere in mountains with family...First its Peehu my sister then Mom-Dad...then office...then playing a game, again its you...Ewe...its horrible to speak for a minute like this."

He was interrupted by her..."Times Up!"

She giggled and said, "This is what is Cloud 9!

And that's what you are calling as your mind is blank. What you have defined right now with your closed eyes are the people whom you love ,they are an asset of your life your real possession and you can simply visualize them at any point of time with only smiles!"

He said, "Can I say something,I'm interrupting you but at least I really want to say this to you...I don't know what you will think about this....What with my wife, l'm talking to her is quite normal. She's almost similar to me...we both speak without giving any heed.We have talked for months before marriage there after several years, we talked a lot...........

.............I do not want to compare, but I really enjoyed talking to you, its like being on an oasis in the desert, when I found already in abundance from you, so with my wife it is normal,its not overwhelming. She's quite simple, I would say she's good for me...its me who has decided her for myself, she's good and best for me, I'll be happy with her and I've also given to that. I really love talking to you may be in my life I had never experienced this much fun with anybody till this date."

She listened to him quietly and replied, "I wish in future you might not think what the craziest conversations we had!."

"No its not going to happen! Never ever, I 'm never gonna feel this way that I can guarantee ." He said in a firm tone and continued....its always going to be this way that I can promise...what I am feeling today that feeling is always going to be like this."

She cheerfully replied," No matter if it will change for you, I'll be happy it existed for once and of course I can't change my way to confide in your promise till you'll shatter my belief."

(Giggles together no matter they are far or near)

He has yet not completed,"I really had good time and you will be surprised to know I have talked to you for innumerable times silently....late night.Aha! and you know what I may not miss you as like forever types and that's good because it will be problematic for both of us but the beauty is sometimes the face appears and that makes me smile...and that will happen in between, how frequent and up to when this is going to happen that I cannot say but whenever it will happen definitely it will be accompanied by smile."

She was unable to respond, and was holding herself to decide whether she should be happy or sad, whether its anger or agony.There's nothing wrong with her life.She should be happy.But there's sadness and she don't know where it comes from.Sometimes feelings never do make sense, they get you all confused, then they drive you around for hours may be months or years before they drop you right back where you started. Other times its a mental turmoil, she is an extremist who expects more of words than to feel more comfortable. Someone has rightly said...Silence speaks when words can't but exceptions are always there like her.

He has already started with unveiling his thoughts which she truly adores and she strongly feels that we don't meet people very often who on every chemical level do something great though she is not overly impressed but his words had mellowed her views about something which other wise would have never happened.Its crazy how life works sometimes. At times its too chaotic, too dramatic, too difficult....but also it is too beautiful too amazing and most of all full of marvelous surprises, this time he has got his bouquet of surprises and she has to wait for her turn. Life is simple and fluid like and never comes with a plan or rule book, but becomes complicated when we cling to one thing and ignores the existence of others which is also equally important. Its good to experience the fun in roller coaster ride of life and go with flow which will definitely make happiness to blow.

Her silence failed to fade his enthusiasm because he continued,"You already told me that people have noticed a wonderful positive change in you, and I find you more happy than before and this happinessof your makes me happie,I guess you are going to continue with this change...I'm little hesitant to say something regarding this and find it difficult how to put into words I wish,because I cannot be like there for you every time and forever,I just don't want that thing go back for you...I just want things go nicer and nicer for you in future and that's what I wish from the bottom of my heart for you....You are such an amazingly wonderful person."

This sublime confession of him made her recall younger romantic days,when sky was blue and the heart hopeful and this guy an adult who grew up without leaving his emotions,an innocent child still exists in him who craves for love and cares for the one who gives him that love.It is his inner child urge to receive love similar to cuddling for a woman not necessarily sexually and he is comfortable in expressing his inner child attitude to her without putting any filters.When we're young we believe there'll be many people you'll connect with.Later in life you realize it only happens a few times that too if you dare to feel the magic and acknowledge it.Unknowingly he handles her emotions very delicately and she caters to make him feel satiate.

Otherwise most of the wise people would have picked the worldly excuses to move on without taking any onus of owing an explanation and he is the one who says that if somebody asks him to make any thing for her....he would just wish her that happiness to bloom that has grown inside her.

"Thank you same to you too!!" were the only words she could which he said I really need that same to you thing.

He said,"I'm just happy because I could be the little reason for someone's happiness.I wish I could do something more for you."

"Yes! You missed that chance you could have offered me one more bite of chocolate."she chuckles and ended up....................

.............................though she wanted to say you have already done so much for me that expressing my gratitude by saying thank you will ruin the essence of what you have done....You have given me the greatest gift -your time,..... time to create those lovely vibes which make me feel alive and loved,........ you shared those happy moments and hearty laugh of yours,.......... you lived a part of life with me though it is in minutes it suffices my requisite,.......the time you have given to makes me feel fantastic every now and then,...........efforts you put in to soothe,........those naughty things you do to make me smile when I close my eyes,............those hugs to comfort me when my heart skips a beat,...........those concerns that showed you do care for me,........... its just few of those priceless moments which I owe in my secret closet as a treasure just because of you and that I would never be able to give you back.There will a piece of you in me always,and I'm grateful for that,whatever someone you become,and where ever you are in the world,I'll be loving you as you're my friend to the end.

He could not heard those untold words and cheerfully responded to what she said,"Awe!...Next time for sure! and that's how your simplicity creates enough pressure for my thoughts to seep to the surface, forming the oasis and you're gonna be my oasis in the desert as you make complicated things simple and simpler for me."

Yes! I do....just for you.

Awe! each other they can't blurt and hurt,

.......for each other they are paradise just like an oasis in the desert.

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