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Mausam Nur

Horror Inspirational


Mausam Nur

Horror Inspirational

Not Independent Anymore!

Not Independent Anymore!

5 mins

Chapter 1...A fear 

"Help! Somebody Help! ", I kept shouting. 

"Someone please help! Leave me, please! Someone, please help! "

It was a bad dream. Worst dream I ever saw. I kept thinking, what if it comes true? I am trying my best to ignore it. 

'Oh, come one, it was just a dream, leave it, enjoy the day, Annie! '

'How? Do you think I can, after seeing this worst thing happening with me! I tried my best Jenny, but I am unable! '

'Take the dream as a dream, bestie, spend time with us and you will able to forget everything ' 

'I am trying. But please, don't remind me that '

1 week or more, I was passing through this fear. Feeling something wrong. I decided to forget it forever. Almost I forgot that bad dream, meanwhile, something again happened!

It was school's morning assembly, and principal madam announced, 

'Hritika! From, class 9 passed away last day. Hope she stays well wherever she is. Pray for her.! 

Damn, my fear again caused a big storm in my heart, my brain. 

Hritika was my junior, a very healthy and young girl. How come she die so soon. With fear in my heart, I stand beside Principal Madam, after the assembly. 

'You want to ask me something, Annie? '

'Not at all, but. '

'Well, what happened? '

'Madam, Hritika was a very healthy girl, she was happy, playful, and a very charming girl, how did she die? Any accident?'

She looked at me for a while and took a deep breath. With a regretting face, she told, 'That's a very painful story, hope she gets justice very soon! '

'She was rapped? '

Madam nodded, with a shameful face she replied, 'Being the citizen of the same neighborhood I couldn't do anything for her. She left us being an injustice. '

My hands started shaking, anyhow I controlled my tears, I would afraid of staying alone. 

Jenny could understand me, one day in the leisure when I was sitting at a corner, with a scarred face, she asked me:

'Something really seems, wrong, you are not allowed to hide these things from me'

With that worst dream, in my mind, I replied :

'that dream, I am somehow connected with that. I am afraid of stepping out alone, afraid of staying alone at night. And afraid of... 

'Getting raped!'

I nodded. 

'Hritika, left an inspiration among us. Don't break that. It was a dream, let it be a dream, don't let it allow you to destroy your life. Don't allow the past to destroy your present. '

'I know, but, still, something is wrong. I am supposed to forget all but I am unable. You know everything is getting very weird to me. 

What shall I do? '

'Mmmm, Independence Day is near, sing and dance along with us, you will be able to forget and get refreshed. Let's participate!'

'I hope it works! '

Chapter 2...Rehearsals

I was selected for the Independence Day program. I am supposed to perform a dance. And was also declared as the lead dancer of our group. 

One day, during our rehearsals, I was totally distracted, I saw that same dream. 

'Annie! ' Teacher's call during our practice!


'Annie are you listening to me! '

'Yes, Mam!'

'You look distracted, what happened? '

'Nothing, Can I take a break mam? '

'For sure you are distracted, you took a break just half an hour ago. '

'Please ma'am! '

'OK sure. But come soon! '

Jenny followed me to the bathroom. She kept her hand on my shoulder, from the back. 

'Annie, you are acting weird. '


And I couldn't control my tears, she handled me anyhow. 

'I saw the same dream again. I don't know what to do. Please. Take me out of this Stroma!'

'Annie, control, please forget it. '

'I tried my best. Can you see the effects? '

'That's not enough, you have to be brave. And you were the strongest girl in our class. Handle come on. I can't see you in this way. Please for me already handle. '

She supported us to walk to the dance room. 

Chapter 3...No more

Soon it was Independence Day. Time for the program at Hall. 

Our performance was at last. It got night, and I was quite afraid, again that feeling. 

During the performance, I was not nervous I was feeling weak, and scared. I fall off in one of the dance steps. 

The hall was looking at me. In shame, I got out of the stage, anyhow, Jenny didn't let to know the audience about it, she handled the steps. 

In nepotism, I ran out of the hall. Alone in that dark street. 

Walking and crying, thinking about what I did. My teacher was looking at me the audience was looking at me. I am supposed to get slapped by all! 

I didn't know I reach a small house, which was haunted. 

And from the back, I have smelled a gas that made me fall asleep and made me senseless. 

When my eyes opened, I was seeing blurry, the only one I could recognize was Jenny, crying badly. 

I felt like, it was my last breath. That happened for what I was afraid of. I was rapped. Scratches all over my body, hearing the doctor say that: 'There are very fewer chances of her survival!'

I couldn't, open my mouth, say something, and couldn't even breathe properly, felt like my last breathe.

Jenny sat beside me, cried loudly,

'I am sorry I couldn't understand. I couldn't do anything for you. I am sorry. Forgive me if possible.! '

My breath ends there...

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