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Mausam Nur



Mausam Nur


Inspired By You

Inspired By You

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For the world, you may be one ordinary person, but maybe for one ordinary person, you may be the world.

And few men are constantly sacrificing their life for their meaned world. 

We can show how much we love our own, we can feel the love, for our closed ones, but cannot feel true for the one in whose land we took birth.

I took the decision of becoming a space scientist, and I am inspired by all of those real legends, who sacrificed everything for their loved ones, their nations.

The list of Heroes and Heroines are lasting long, but the list of actual and real-life legends are very unique. 

Someone, sacrificed their own life, just for seeing a great and peaceful smile of their countrymen, while others sacrificed their own life to see the development of their country. 


You all really inspired me. I guess not only many of us.

Thousands of Soldiers got across and sacrificed their everything. 

Few Astronauts gave up their life just if the world can get up to the development. 

Isn't it Heroic?

Inspired by you guys, now I seriously don't have the fear of losing my own life. 

Those legends sacrificed for a thousand and didn't think of that one. 

And what we do, for one put a fire on thousands life. 

I want to throw out this statement, this thought, and wanna be a part of that legendary team. 

Oh legends, you inspired me.

You inspired all, and it's time for me to bring that inspiration among all, hope I do so.

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