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Can't Take It Anymore! (Chap-1)

Can't Take It Anymore! (Chap-1)

3 mins

Don't think childhood is easy! Don't believe being a child is the best tragedy! Because some children are used to get someone's temper down! 

Let me tell you about one incident...

Long ago... 

'There was a simple girl, Neetu. She was quiet, humble, and quiet.

She was appreciated by all, not for her work, because she didn't reply to elders on scolds, she even didn't argue anyone still if being ill-treated even not if she was taunted unnecessarily!!!! 

According to that, stupid generation, this was the best quality that, Each Girl Should Have! 

It was a sunny afternoon, while she was coming from the school, returning with a few of her friends, living far away from home, and one which just stays beside her house, Piya. 

Piya was totally opposite to Neeti, people backbit her, taunted her, and she used to answer them, for what she was Mannerless!

After returning from school, Just about she stepped into her house, 

Neeti's mom exclaimed, "oh, you came home? Go, dress up, be fresh, eat the food, and please clean the fridge. It became so dirty. '

Guess what was her reply? 

Without no reaction she replied, 

OK... I will 

On the other hand, a scene was about to create in Piya's home. 

Her mom abandoned her, Piya! I kept your food on the table. Have that and please sweep the house.

She immediately replied, 

Oh really! You didn't give me one second to come and rest. How could you expect me to clean the floor, sweep it... 

'You are becoming very mannerless day by day. I did so many works, throughout the day. I just gave you one task to do, and see, seems the earth is parted into pieces, you are a girl, you should help in households, and you must control your tongue. A girl shouldn't argue and reply to each word. Can't you understand? '

Girl! Girl! Girl! 

You never asked what I need. You just want to snatch my freedom out of my life! 

'You are becoming over smart day by day!'

Yes, very over smart! Being taunted is very good, why should I reply? if a child gets taunted and he or she stays quiet, they are good. And if they defend themselves they are wrong! 

'You are a child now! So behave like a child! Do you know more than us? '

Oh, come on! Please stop playing with a child's emotions. You are Elder than us, doesn't mean, you will be correct always.

'Shut up! Just go out of my vision! '

Her mother exclaimed! 

The same night, a scene also created in Neeti's house. 

Dinner was over, and her grandma exclaimed, 

'Everyone is very tired, today. Can you please clean the dishes and arrange them? '

And of course, that child replied.

OK, I am doing. 

While working, one steel dish slipped out of her hand and fell. Now one drama was started: her mother started scolding,

'Such a careless girl. Where is your mind? I don't know why, but you made be embarrassed, do you feel good to be taunted? Then why do you make things worse!'

That poor girl kept listening, buy replied nothing. 

One very sunny day, while, Neeti and Piya were going to school. 

Don't you think we shall leave this society? We are 15 now. What is good for us we can at least think! 

Piya spoke. 

That poor girl immediately replied, 

Never, the world is very uncomfortable outside. 

Piya instantly replied, 

See, being taunted unnecessarily is worse than the world outside. 

And the same day, at night, both Neeti and Piya was badly taunted because they came late, from the ground. Both were very disheartened. 

Neeti was exhausted now! 

She hardly spoke 2 words against them, Piya supported her.

And the result! 

In nepotism, their parents threw them out of their house. 

And the next morning, none of them were to be seen! 

......(Chapter 2 coming soon)...... 

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