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Mausam Noor

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Fight Against...

Fight Against...

4 mins

It was midnight. I entered my room. It is not room actually but I was given a storeroom that had a lot of dust in, which made me difficulty breathing, though I had asthma, I adjusted to purchase a pump and live in that haunted place... there was stuff all around, all were hundred years old, and it was almost a home of reptiles, the frogs, and cockroaches! Eww! I was like an animal in that house which they make use of.

I lost my parents at a very young age, from that time an unknown man, maybe the friend of my father kept me in his house, not like a member but as a servant. I had to make food for them, clean their entire bungalow, and wash each and every dirty thing included.

And after all these things I was given a roti and some jaggery, every day the same food. And after all these things I was given rest in a storeroom which they declared as my own room. And if talking about the tortures on me, they threatened me like anything. If I refused to do anything they threatened me that they will shoot me, or throw me from the tall buildings.  For all these things, I hated to live in that house and forced to live like an animal in that house.

Where else could I go? In my relatives' house? I even don't know who are my relatives, where do they live? So, with my eyes closed, I had to live there. Otherwise, I would clearly die, either in hunger or by the members of that worst family.

Sometimes, I wonder, why only the girls are kept like a shoe in the house? Why? Aren't we humans? Or I think they are animals who do such things. They do not deserve to be humans. 

One more girl thinks the same as me in that house, Khyati. Yes, she is the elder daughter of the house. Just being tortured like me. We both were kept in that same haunted storeroom.  Khyati being the elder daughter of that house was well studying the job of law and institution. Understanding these laws and institutions she fought for me against her own family, and she was kept just like a servant in her own house.  Khyati was just studying law, she wasn't a lawyer yet, so she couldn't do anything. I even feel bad for her but for my embarrassment, I couldn't tell her anything. 

Days passed, being tortured, and I thought of talking to Khyati. I approached voice was shaking through embarrassment... I still tried...

Me: Hello, Kkkhyyyaati.

Khyati: Hello. Do want anything from me, sorry but I couldn't give you anything, being a student of law?

After hearing this I was full of embarrassment, and I left, for my next order given by those worst people. 

Daily I tried the same thing, but couldn't do. And finally one night, after completing my work, I made myself confident to complete at least this task today. But still, my voice was shaking today. 

Me: Hello, Khyyati! If you don't mind, can I ask you something?

Khyati: Mmm, anything you want.

Me: You are a student of law, I hope you get my answers from you...can you answer why are the girls being tortured like anything in a family? Why are they treated like this? Is there any solution for this, can't we do anything... Can we do?... Please tell me because I don't want to live in this haunted place anymore!!

She smiled, looking at me, I felt that she found something expected...

Khyati: Wow, I feel that its the right time to reveal my secret plan.

Me: Sorry? Can you tell me what's going on in your mind?

Khyati: yes I was about to tell you about the next step against this haunted family. I couldn't tell you earlier, because I felt unconfident in yourself to live this house, but today you proved me wrong...

Me: Huh! So that's it...tell me ahead.

And the whole night we planned something and the very next day we got to apply it...

We were ordered by the family, to clean the bungalow's backside. It was the right time to accomplish our plan. As planned with a rope we escaped through the backside of the house and walked through. Finally, we reached the station, the railway station. There we met Khyati's friend. As we managed to contact her, yesterday. And together we moved to the next city, for complaining to the police. And here, I end what I was about to complain about these haunted peoples.

Court(Judge): This family is very bad to girls, the court declares 15 years of punishment in the jail.

...The End...

( the above story shows the speech of the girl told in the court what was happened with her, how she got tortured and so on... from the beginning to the end [ up to the court's order] was the girl, telling her experience to the court about that murderer family, where they disrespected and tortured girls so badly. So try understanding that story)

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