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Mausam Nur

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

A Journey Till the End

A Journey Till the End

4 mins

"I haven't gone yet mom, why tears?"

"I know my son, but..I am not feeling something good, are you sure you want to do this job?"

"Of course"I replied. "If everybody denied protecting their country today we would not be there over here, and maa you know how much my country mean to me..just stay relaxed, meet you soon". 

"Stay safe my heart, my blessings are always with you, come home soon"

I shouted ahead but didn't saw back, "That's not a message, a soldier is never of duty".

"I just hope my mom stays safe", I talked to myself, "Just only, she do not worry about me, and always stay tense less. But I also felt, bad leaving my old mom alone, but I also came leave my whole country alone, I have to stay strong, physically and also mentally". I sat of the plane to the borders of Kashmir. I was trained there for 2 years. Meanwhile I didn't go home. I was tensed about my mom, but what to do?. 

One day, while training...

"Rakesh, you look tensed, anything wrong my boy?"Our officer asked me. 

I was stable, "yes, I left my old mom, home alone, she is fit with no disease, but still I am tensed about her. though she is old!!"..

Sir, smiled and kept one hand in my shoulder and sayed, "That's what we faced for the first few years, but gradually it will improve I know, but do not repeat this again."

I actually didn't understood what he told, that day at night, I saw sir out of the campaign sitting alone, I guessed he was shattered somewhere. 

I was also sleepless, so I went straight and asked, "sir, is there anything you are worrying about?"

He smiled, I didn't guessed the issue, but was confused.."Mmm, sorry? can I know what's going on your mind, if you dont mind, though I am your junior?" 

"Hmm, great, then listen.."

saying this he started narrating a story..

"Similar like you, my dad..he was also in army force. Though very strong hearted he always get weak for my grandma. When I was at the age of 7, he left me, my mom and my grandma and left of for his duty.

My grandma was of 70 years .. ..Just like you he used to tense for grandma grandma was an heart patient...I along with my mom used to take care of her.."

"Ohh, that used to be very tough" I replied..

"Listen further, "He told.

"It was my 14th birthday and my dad came home, giving me a big surprise, seems very happy seeing us back again after 7 years. He hugged me giving me a big box of my favorite chocolate, and hugging my mom, and quickly went off to grandma's room. She was just like jump in the air, hugging her son, and..I was speechless seeing my grandma so happy for the first time. We spent the whole day together. But..something seems wrong in his face..I ignored it.

The very next morning, my father vanished, I found a letter of him on the bed, it showed, 'There is an emergency, I have to leave, sorry.'.

Tears roll down, and I immediately showed it to my mom, It seems she already read it..I know how difficult for her it was. I kept quiet. 

It was a sudden terrorist attack, many if their team died, father was immediately called, and he immediately left in the helicopter. Dad was still tensed, grandma didn't knew about it she was still sleeping. at the time, she wakes up and got to know everything, we were stable, she immediately called dad and started scolding him, my dad in helicopter was worried for the attack and his mom.

And because grandma was in heart patient she got Heart Attack suddenly within the call. My that could guessed it during his fight he was tensed and was shot in his neck. The could neither save grandma nor they could save my dad. We lost them both. Here I was seeing everything but couldn't do anything. From that day, I thought of completing my father's dream. Protecting his country, and today I am the officer. This is why I do not leave them alone who always awaited for their own one. They must be stable and strong hearted if they want to serve and protect their country. "

I was inspired ..a lot. I maintained silence, I saluted him, and went off for my duty.

From that day onwards, I do not think anything while on my duty. Because my country is everything to me.


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