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Mausam Nur

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Mausam Nur

Abstract Drama Inspirational



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One thing that never ever responds to a thousand words or words! 


That's true, whatever we do never afflicts to our Fate. 

And no emotions work on it, because everyone's story is definitely written by that Almighty before his or her birth. 

Let us hear a story, that leaves the same teaching. 

"Hello! I am Amruta, and I am 39 years old and tomorrow I am going to turn 40. Yes, I am married and I had one daughter. Had! Yeah, she left us exactly one year ago, the day before my birthday. Why? Let me share with you my bravery fighter daughter's story!"

It was exactly 2 months left for my birthday when my daughter, Naomi fall into a serious fever. She was so breaker that breathing was also like a huge work for her. Every evening the doctor came and gave us hope, that everything will be just fine, it was just a normal fever. 

Yes, but gradually she was improving.

After 16 days of her sickness, she was almost better. But, it was the day for her reports to come. 

We sent her to school because she would feel better with her mates. We, including her, was in a hope of positivity. Hoping that our 13-year daughter is a fighter, and she will be perfectly fine. 

Exactly at 1 pm, 20 min, when she was in school, we received her reports. And it was moreover than a shock. Our hope broken into pieces, our belief turned into disbelief, and all our strength broke like glass. That happened which we never expected!

Our child was tested with cancer. The doctor said she is left with very few days of her life. 

Tears immediately started rolling off my cheeks, and it didn't take a name to stop. It was 4 when our princess was about to come. 

The time she entered the house, I just got a tight hug to her, being in thought that how could I tell her about it. 

"What's wrong Mamma? Papa is everything alright? "

She asked. 

I couldn't think of telling her about her reports! 

"Nothing much, we were tensed that you would be fine without us! You fell in bed for 16 days, it's not a very good thing, to immediately get out at the next day. That's all we were tensed! "

"You are a fool, Mamma! You are crying on silly Thing! What's there to cry?"

"You will not understand it! That's tense for every mother! "

"OK, fine, I am perfectly fine! Smile now? "

I couldn't handle, gave a fake smile, and left off. 

"We need to tell her about it! How long she will stay without knowing? "

My husband exclaimed. 

"I can't tell her about it! If you can, you do! "

"She is also my child! Maybe I also can't tell her about it! But, she needs to know about it! "

"What will she know? That she is going to die very soon. She has very few days left with her! That we will tell her?"

"What if we she sees her reports by herself because it's not possible for me to tell this. "

"Do have a heart? Our child, will read her reports and see that she has Cancer! " 

I shouted! 

But accidentally my daughter overheard our conversation! 


She called. 

I smiled and replied! 

"Yes, my dear? "

"I have cancer?, and did you hide it from Me? "

Not thinking a single thing, I gave her a tight hug, and cried of! 

But it seems, she was not broken listening to it. She smiled, maybe it was fake. 

I firmly asked:

"I am sorry, my child! But.. "

"What's there to be sorry, Mamma! It was written in my fate, and no one is responsible for it. "

It was kinda weird, hearing this from this small girl. She was quite matured. 

Throughout the night, she kept explaining to me that it is written in her fate, and no-one can actually do anything for it. 

Where it was my duty, to make her feel strong after this, it was the opposite. 

Within one day, she made us realize that, 

No one can change fate! 

And instead of regretting the leftover days, shall we enjoy the left days. 

We kept a regular doctor for her, who gave us hope, for the future. 

And it was one day before my birthday when she was planning a lot, for me. She went shopping with her father and made a lot of preparation. 

My little princess was tired after all this! 

She took an evening nap. 

It was almost 10 pm she was sleeping without her dinner. 

We went for calling her, but... 

We found her no more! 

I was immediately fallen and got senseless. 

After months of crying and dishonor, we realized, what fighter our daughter was. 

While other child loosed hope in this situation, my daughter gave others hope and stated that, 

No one can change someone's fate. 

She is our forever heroin. 

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