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#Newme #Newyou

#Newme #Newyou

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Turning around the old pages of my life book,

It is by no means of merely smooth sailing! I've also gone through 'Rough Patch'!!!

My Seventeen Years Of Life - learnt me the maturity, how to deal with physical and mental problems!!!

But there were few angels as humans with me to turn things around!

My First Angels (inspiration) - My Mom (amma) and Dad (appa)!

July 19, 2003 - My birthday!!!

When I was in my mom's womb, Doctors said,

"It's both dangerous for mother and child, Even this child successfully comes to Earth, this child will be a handicap or something like that!"

After years of prayer, I am the second child to be in the womb, hearing those words, my family shattered into pieces! Even my family relatives suggested to abort me! Even at last my dad too suggested the same! But the heart of my mom couldn't resist her shaping baby! She stood firmly in her decision and was prepared to even let her soul go off to make me come to the Earth! The days arrived soon, my mom was in a dangerous condition due to which, before the given dates, to save my mom and me, worked their level best and on July 19, I landed on Earth successfully! I have no physical disabilities! My brave mom, though I am a girl child which she knew before I born itself, was an angel who stood for her opinion and saved her girl child which was a close shave!

Still, she inspires me a lot, She's the one to enhance me with confidence and made me understood that Participation in any competition teaches you many good kinds of stuff to deal with your life! Even however older she gets, She always has the same enthusiasm to learn something new! Still, she's learning to be fluent in English as she studied in Tamil medium! She has a vast knowledge in almost all fields! For her, books are her world and so is to me too, which I've learned from her!!!

My dad is everything to me, love him as a human too!!! His kindness and caring nature towards everyone inspired me a lot, though he is strict at times! He always helps me in giving different ideas to do any project and also do so many innovative activities. A thing to be noted is he is not an engineering graduate or something, he had completed his school only. But the knowledge he has practically is awestruck! A help-minded person! 

We are a middle-class family. Having enough loans, my parents never missed making me educate! By them, I knew how education is important to survive in the world! They never ever impose their dreams on me! Always supporting my dreams, they are something that has no boundary for love!

They, to make me speak English fluently joined me in a CBSE school near my village in fifth grade. That was the turning point in my life!

The School made me recognize who am I and gave me a bunch of good opportunities to express myself! It happened because of my parents, coping up their budget to afford high fees!

GOD - All-time Inspiration.

Since from my birth, always connected spiritually to God for he is my best friend, my dad, and everything in one! Felt many times the holy spirit's presence around me! 

This is a turning point in my life! One day, during my second grade, Suffering from high fever, went to a hospital! Doctors said it was a normal fever. And I went through full body-check up that day! And What they've found is the twist!

They said that I have a Hernia problem and I need surgery at this age as It could become worse if I grow! Though it's major surgery, It doesn't threaten life! My parents would have cried but they didn't express it out! There went days for me peering the ceiling on the hospital bed. Making friendships with nurses. And getting injected and glucose trip for every day! I still remember, my dad used to buy me a toy every time I say no to injection! I can't control my tears, how they would have worried about me, and have to pay for surgery and admission fees, but they never expressed it out! There soon came the day of Surgery, I got fainted by an injection, faintly remember the operation theater...soon I got fainted! Then, a heavy pain, that I couldn't bear came upon me. When I opened my eyes, I could see my mom sitting near me praising God. I was mourning each second, and simultaneously..I could feel the magic in the words of praising the Lord. Whenever she praises near me, there came a soft breeze upon my pain. 

I learned a lot from that. There was also another thing the doctor found! Which is Only one Kidney function since from birth! That's when my parents remembered that in the past, the doctor told me that the baby could be a handicap or get something deprived of. But to live a life, One kidney is enough. Only due to this hernia, I came to know about the matter about Kidney and take proper actions in my life to not make it worse!

And at many times of depression and whenever I was intended to do something wrong, there was God, who guided me through the moral paths!

Also, the other angels are my teachers!

They never missed out to inspire a soul! They always get laid in my golden pages of life! Who could forget the gratitude for their teachers in their lives??

Dinesh Sir, Muthuja Mam is the most teachers whom I've inspired. They brought the best version out of me.

The school gave me many opportunities which I used to get rid of my stage fear! The shaking hands with a mic in my initial stage turned to confident hands with mic. Even, I guess I could speak up on the spot on any stage! But there are days when I stumbled to get the correct words and sentences! Leaving half of the part, saying thank you! 

All is in the Game of life! They all made me new me!!!!


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