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My Quarantine Diary ( Day 9 )

My Quarantine Diary ( Day 9 )

2 mins

Tuesday 21st April, 2020 

11:55 PM

Dear Diary,

After a long weekend, indeed it was a stressful day and of course, it's the 9th day of my lockdown. 

Today I and my flatmates did some workouts together. It was fun. I think that it really improves your mental health and mood. Then we prepared our dinner together and we started watching an Indian web television series which is based on four flawed women and about their lives, loves, and mistakes.

Though the web series really does not have good reviews, I just love to watch it. Though later while I was checking the reviews, I found many posts that criticized and mocked this series with allegations of pseudo-feminism, However, what I really feel is that feminism is nothing to do with the female gender. It’s about having equal opportunities irrespective of gender and that’s why I did not feel the content of the series as controversial or sarcastic.

In today’s society, women still make compromises many times, big or small. Still, they snuff off and sacrifice out their dreams. 

Today morning, I thought for a while to request him again to convince his parents. That’s why I again texted him saying that still, we can sort it out. I was really not following the rules of my confinement. But when I started watching this series a few hours back, it led me to think again about my self-esteem and that’s how this time my self-esteem scored high against my broken heart.

I realized that I really don’t need another person to make me feel good about myself, I can do that all on my own; something which I really failed to realize till now. Still, I wanted to have the last conversation with him to make him realize the same. But it’s not the ideal time.

I have a critical task of my work to resolve tomorrow. Off to bed now!!

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