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My Quarantine Diary (Day 18)

My Quarantine Diary (Day 18)

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Day 18

Thursday 30th April 2020 

11:50 PM

Dear Diary,

Well, it's the 18th day of my lockdown. And I believe that I have finally accepted the closure. Nowadays, after work, we girls really enjoy cooking together and watching that TV series together. 

I think that when you eagerly looked for a committed and long term relationship, and you did not get any, unfortunately, you ended up wasting your time on a dating app filled with singles who just want to hook up.

At least I have this opinion in my mind about those stupid dating apps. Though to keep my mind busy or to entertain my mind during these quarantine days, I finally opened my profile in one of the popular dating apps. And Immediately I got 5 invites.

I also noticed that he has changed his display picture. Should I block him? I wonder why still I am stalking his profile.

Today I finished writing one poem and I enrolled for some online courses to keep my brain busy.

Someone somewhere said that never let your mind master you, you should master your own mind.

Well, I had some chocolates. These midnight cravings!! I will try to sleep now!

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