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My Quarantine Diary (Day 19)

My Quarantine Diary (Day 19)

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Day 19

Friday 31st April, 2020 

11:45 PM

Dear Diary,

And it’s the 19th day of my lockdown. Two more days to go!!

The days are getting longer now. Finally, summer is arriving in Brussels. Amidst of this lockdown, at least the temperature is finally heating up. 

But today it was so gloomy that it lowered my life condition. I really need to do something to revitalize my lackluster mood.

Today I had a quarrel with my flatmates. And the reason was so funny!! They were not giving me the opportunity to cook by myself. As I usually like to do all my work by myself and I do not really prefer anyone’s interruption there. 

However, They were doing everything by themselves because somehow they did not want to bother me as they probably have already realized my life state at that time.

Hence to improve the situation, after dinner, we went for a brisk walk around the block.

We girls were discussing all the ups and downs of life, about stories of our school time. Those days were really the golden days of life. Sometimes, I prefer to be a good listener.

Feeling better now! I will grab some chocolates. Feeling hungry.

Midnight cravings!!

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