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My Quarantine diary ( Day 15 )

My Quarantine diary ( Day 15 )

2 mins

Day 15

Monday 27th April, 2020 

11:50 PM

Dear Diary,

Well, it's the 15th day of my lockdown. Today I felt that while I was providing my work status in the morning call to my team, I was feeling so confident. 

Today evening also likes other days during 8 PM, we applauded from our balconies in gratitude of medical staff and other volunteers working through to keep people safe during this coronavirus pandemic. Then I was trying to write a poem sitting beside my window and I was cherishing the sweet memories of last year.

Last year on my birthday he truly surprised me. At that time I used to live in a service apartment and He and one of my friends told me to come to their place after work. Though it was really not a surprise as I was expecting something to happen. 

When I went there and opened the door, I was shocked. There were two separate queues of candles lightning from the door to the table where they had kept the cake. I was feeling like a princess when I was taking each step in that sparkling path and towards my glorious future. Oh! He made me cry that day. After that he planned for a movie night and together with two of my friends, for the first time in my life, I went for a movie in a foreign country. After that, I came back to my apartment and a few minutes later he knocked on the door. To my utter surprise, he made a spicy biriyani for me for my dinner. And that’s it. It made my day.

I still miss that biriyani. I never imagined that within a year, everything will be changed completely. I will not be able to celebrate my birthday with him. I will not blow candles in front of his smiling face. But still, I am grateful to the universe for those happy moments, for making me feel so special. 

And now I could not bear the burden of grief. I should let him free. We should draw closure of our relationship.

Feeling sleepy. Off to bed now!!!

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