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Ajanta Basu



Ajanta Basu


My Quarantine Diary (Day 11)

My Quarantine Diary (Day 11)

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Thursday 23rd April 2020 

11:45 PM

Dear Diary,

It's the 11th day of my lockdown.

Today I completed my work a little bit early. Then I had a conversation with my parents followed by an emotional conversation with him. I suppose that this was our last conversation. I was feeling completely broken. We argued a lot with the same points with which we fought earlier. It was not meaningful at all. And at some point, I realized that we never understood each other. 

My eyes dripped with tears. I wanted to shout loudly. I can remember last time, I sobbed, burying my head into his chest unceasingly. At that time, he held me in silence. That time, I was about to go back to India for three months and I could not bear the pain of separation for such a short time. And now it’s for a lifetime.

After a while, to soothe myself, I was reading one of my favorite poem of Lang Leave “The Heavy Heart”

“All you have done,

I had hoped to pardon;

When the death of love

Was slow for me, 

For you was sudden. 

Now the years go by

And my heart has hardened.”

Oh! It seems that I will have a mini heart attack now. It’s so painful. 

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