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Priya Maria

Comedy Romance

My Love My Life

My Love My Life

7 mins

I met Mr. V in the year 2018 in Bangalore bus stand as I stood fighting for my kitten Luna who was battling for her life after being attacked by around ten stray dogs. The bus conductor refused to allow me to board the bus because of the kitten. I became so furious that I removed my bags from the bus and refused to travel as my mother stood beside me giving me killer stares. 

When all this drama was happening I heard a boy exclaim in malayalam language "OMG looks like some movie scene". I stared at him through my curls wanting to murder him right there on the spot for having the audacity to make such an insensitive comment . As if the life of a kitten doesn't matter. 

I went on my way. 

I always had this weird feeling that I am being watched. As I attended a cultural festival singing a song from the movie Roja. I felt like someone is watching me in a way that's really creepy and abnormal. 

Anyway days passed and life happened. 

In the month of November 2019 I had a vivid dream about Mr. V. In that dream we were sitting together laughing at each other in my ancestral house in Kerala.

 Mr. V whispered "I love you" and I sat their surprised and shocked. I asked him "why? What happened to you? You never expressed your love through words all these years and now why suddenly? ".

Days passed and life happened. 

In January 8th 2020 I came face to face well virtually with Mr. V. I saw him on OkCupid, a dating app and the very instant I saw his photograph I said to myself " I have seen this guy somewhere, I feel like I know him".

We swiped right. 

During our conversation on Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook we got to know more about each other. 

I knew there was something fishy about Mr. V right from the very first "hello".

On 30th Jan 2020 we met for one minute in Aluva Station as I was leaving Kerala and going back to my hectic life in Bangalore. 

I thought to myself this guy is really a weirdo. Anyway I had made up mind that after coming back to Adulting I would not have time to chat with Mr. V but inesd surprised to find that Mr. V never stopped chasing me. 

From good morning to good night he was always around like a buzzing bee . 

Soon our routines synced. He used to wake up late by around 8am and laze in bed while I was in college attending the morning prayer. 

When I had my short break at 10:15am he used to get ready for his work. 

When I came back from college usually by 2pm he used to get back to work after lunch. 

When I used to sleep and wake up by 4am he used to sip coffee at work. 

When he used to come back home from work after 9pm sometimes even 10pm I used to have food with him. 

By 11:30 pm he used to make me sleep in the little ways he could by being absolutely boring for one. 

This was our routine for all weekdays. 

In the weekend Mr. V used to stay out all night to catch a movie with friends or have a drink at home. I used to wait up for him to get back home safely which was mostly after 2am. 

As Mr. V used to sleep late into Saturday morning I used to be busy with my studies and chores. 

On Sunday evenings I used to go to Church while Mr. V used to sneer at me for being a believer. His scientific and logical mind could not accept my faith in God. 

All was well when Covid-19 came like a hurricane. 

Mr. V shifted to work from home and he got more busy with life. 

We got more close during lockdown. I got to see his dark side. 

Mr. V is a lazy, incompetent nincompoop. He never wakes up on time. Never answers phone calls let alone calls back. He cannot even take care of a puppy that he was stupid enough to name 'Bacardi'. He hates reading, couldn't be bothered to read newspaper. He just reads the headlines and tells himself that he knows everything. He can't live without music be it for anything work or play he needs to have constant sound of music. 

He is so prejudiced, judgmental and opinionated. He has an overly inflated pride about himself. He thinks that he is an evil genius when the truth is he is an emotional fool. 

He follows me around like a lost puppy. He is so vulnerable to show his caring and affections directly to me that he uses fake accounts and fictitious people and identity to get to me. 

He calls himself Batman and has the audacity to think that am his psychopath Joker that will always be around to entertain him and challenge him. 

He has a very good IQ but has an emotional range of a teaspoon. He defies me and my faith in God every day. Ironically he belongs to the same Christian faith. 

He hates cooking but prides himself in buying grocery and chit chatting with me while I slave and make his favorite spicy dishes. 

He keeps asking me proof of how much I love him and I tell him that I love him infinitely. My love for him has no beginning and end and that it goes on forever. Of course his scientific mind cannot accept that a mere twenty three year old little woman can love an oldy moldy dark and rotten soulless monster like him. 

He made me relive the many trauma of my life and escaped at the first sign of tear. Even during my painful red days when I feel irritated and need his warmth and care he chooses to run and hide in his rotten den with bats for company. He is a walking Nipah virus. 

He rides his silent bullet bike wearing a white ghostly shirt and prides himself in thinking that am a Joker and a fool who doesn't understand the many games that he plays . 

Mr. V is a pathetic, lying, two-faced weasel who is incapable of maintaining good relationships with his friends and family. 

He is a mere common man but with the level of attitude and pride that he projects one would think that he is the King of the World. He is a hopless romantic and would beat SRK with his many romantic antics but he doesn't have one percent of humility in him. 

His overconfidence , trust and faith in me and my love for him intimidates and infuriates me to no end. Such arrogance! 

He is obsession and level of closeness with me feels like I have known him for many generations. 

Even though we are afar I feel every emotion that runs through him especially the ones that his body mechanism can't control despite his pride on his mind. He considers himself the Professor from Money Heist. He is a rotten, lying, miserable thief who dared to steal my heart. 

After everything that's said and done the truth is that Mr. V is my soul mate and our heart beats as one. He is my strength in my weakness and his weakness is mostly my smile and curls.. He is a loafer who doesn't have the balls to say it to my face that he can't live in a world where I don't exist. . 

He is an old monk , seeker of the lost fountain of youth. He is the many thorns that protects a rose. He is an irritating buzzing bee searching for the nectar of love. 

He is the roaring thunder and am the rain. He is a vain as the peacock and considers me as an ugly peahen. 

He is a dog who is always busy with a mouse and am the cat trying to snatch what's rightfully mine. 

He is a lousy software engineer and is a lawyer. He keeps trying to win arguments with me and fails miserably. Fighting with his exhausting and draining both physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

He is the creator of his own destiny and his overconfidence and foresight infuriate me. 

I don't know what the future holds. Times are uncertain. All I do know is that Mr. V is my 11:11 wish. He is the coin I toss in a state of confusion but when the coin lands back on my palm I know he is the only one I ever need and want. 

A lifetime with him and without him would still not be enough to express how much I love him and how he annoys me. I can't even keep a straight face while arguing with him. I end up laughing seeing his dumb, comical face... 

He sleeps with his specs because he is afraid to be blind in love and prefers dreaming about me in HD. 

Therefore, if death passes by I would die happily without any regrets for I have met my soulmate. 

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