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Action Crime Thriller


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Action Crime Thriller

Murder: Innocent until proven guilty

Murder: Innocent until proven guilty

8 mins

Ayushi Rathod knew who the suspect was. She was one of the best detectives in India, and never got a case wrong. But this one was different. Different because it was harder than her previous ones. Harder because all the suspects she had chosen could be guilty, or innocent. It could be Kavya, or Mithila, but she knew it definitely wasn’t Sunaina. Sunaina was too sweet. But Ayushi had chosen Sunaina as one of her suspects, because she was there for the entire murder. She heard the helpless screams. She saw the scarlet blood. She saw the silver knife, gleaming under the moon, dripped in blood. And she didn’t do anything the entire time. “Rathod Ji!” and for a while, Ayushi forgot she was at court. “Rathod ji! May I not need you to forget that you are at court at this moment. You may day dream all you like when you leave, but for the moment you shall pay full attention to me and the conversation.”

Judge Tiwari explained. “I apologize ma’am. I shall pay attention now.” Ayushi said kindly. Judge Tiwari was VERY strict, but she was Miss Ayushi’s favourite judge. She knew how to get the job done. And she never underestimated Ayushi. Most likely because she was Judge Tiwaris once removed cousin. “Now,” the Judge said, “Let’s get back to work. Miss Rathod, would you like to tell us who you think the suspect is? Or would you like your last 3 suspects to explain what they were doing?” “I would like my suspects to explain first please.” 


“My name is Mithila Sen.” A red-headed girl stood up, with mint green eyes and a brown tan. She was wearing a long yellow flower dress with a jean jacket over it. “And I did not murder Miss Monica Sen, because she is my sister! Anybody who tries to kill her sister is a maniac. And may I inform you kindly that I cared for my sister deeply. I may not have shown her much affection like most siblings do, but now that she is dead, I regret it. I should’ve shown her more love. I was offended at the fact that you chose me as a suspect.”


Ayushi started explaining. “I have chosen Mithila Sen as one of my suspects for many reasons:

1) She may be Miss Monica’s sister, but sometimes the suspect is the one that is the least thought of. When the Sen sisters were growing up, they fought a lot, and most of the time Monica won. This murder may have been Mithila’s revenge.

2) Mrs Mithila has been absent often, and found mostly at weapon shops. The knife used was a knife Mithila once bought. She may have bought it to kill her sister.” At this, Mithila looked horrified. She looked as if she was about to scream and cry, but thankfully she kept her mouth shut. So Ayushi went on.

“But the knife may as well have been found by the murderer when they broke in.

3) I was hoping not to say this, but it seems as though I have to. Mrs Mithila has been found practicing murdering techniques on a dummy in one of her friends' basements. She has been practicing throwing and penetrating the heart from a small in the back. Miss Monica’s body was found with a puncture in that same spot. 

That is my evidence that Mrs Mithila might be the murderer.” Ayushi finished. She stared at Mithila, who was starting back at her. She looked as if she wanted to say something, and the great thing about Judge Tiwari, was that she knew that look.


“Yes please.” She said.“I would like to say that the information Miss Rathod has given is false.

1) Yes, when we were children we would fight. But we would play fight. Those times when I ’won’ was the times that my sister would let me, because we all knew that she was the better fighter in the family. I only fought her on occasion so that she could find new tricks.” The Judge looked quite fed up here.

“Mrs Sen, I understand where you are coming from, but we do not have the time for you to explain yourself. You may moan all you like, but for the time being I have to trust the detective, Miss Rathod. Now then. MISS KAVYA! EXPLAIN WHAT YOU WERE DOING AT THE TIME OF THE MURDER!” 

A tall girl with black hair and brown eyes stood up. She was wearing one of the shortest dresses Ayushi had ever seen. “I didn’t even know there was a murder until you told me before yesterday on the phone." She said. Poised and calm. Too poised and calm. Which wasn't natural for a suspect. Unless they were the murderer. Or she was just a calm person in general. But Ayushi and Kavya had gone to the same school, and if Kavya lacked something, it was calmness. Patience and calmness. "It's not natural," Ayushi said, "For somebody to be so calm when they are being interrogated." She was standing now, and walking towards Kavya. Her bronde hair flowing in the air, her black hat covered over her hazel eyes. Her jeans reaching her ankles, where her black boots reached. Her black leather jacket over a red shirt. "One would think that a suspect would be fighting to stay out of prison, wouldn't they. A criminal would seem calm, to cover up their fear. Wouldn't you say so?" Miss Rathod asked, slamming her hands on Kavya's desk. Leaning over to stare into her eyes, to see the truth. 

"I disagree Miss Rathod." Kavya responded. "An innocent person would not fight, because they would know that they do not need to serve time in prison."  

"May I ask, Miss Kavya, how many times you have been a detective, trying to solve a crime?"   

"None. But if I must say so myself, I do watch a lot of court on television. And when we try to figure out who the criminal is, we are correct most of the time."

“And is court your favourite thing to watch?”


And at that, Miss Rathod walked away and sat down, crossed legs on her desk and hat tipped over her eyes, but keeping an eye on all 3 suspects.


“I was working at my restaurant ma’am.” Sunaina said. She was the only one who wasn’t wearing a dress. Instead, she wore a white top and grey leggings. Her brown hair covered her eyes, but Ayushi could still make out that they were the colour of a storm at sea. A wild and free storm. But shy. Just like Sunaina’s character. 

“And what exactly do you do at your restaurant?” Miss Rathod asked. 

“I am a waitress. I take orders of food and drinks.”

“I am quite familiar with what a waitress is, but what I do not understand is how you know Miss Monica Sen. From all the records we have seen, we have not heard anything that mentions Miss Sen. So tell me Miss Yadav. How do you know Monica?”

After a moment's hesitation, Sunaina said thoughtfully “Our parents were close friends when they were younger. I grew alongside the Sen sisters, but we kept it a secret.”

“That is all the information we need from you Sunaina.”Ayushi said in a flat tone. “After thinking thoughtfully, I have decided on who the criminal is.” Judge Tiwari stared at Ayushi, though was not surprised.

“I have decided,” Miss Rathod went on, “That the criminal is...nobody.” Everyone in the room was shocked. There were soft murmurs. Ayushi could only make out a few. ‘What does she mean by nobody?’ ‘Surely she has made a mistake!’ 

“SILENCE!” the Judge shouted. “Miss Rathod, I do not understand. There has been proof of Miss Monica Sen’s death. How is there nobody who killed her?”

“Let me explain.” Ayushi started. “I am correct that only I saw the dead body, yes? Well, there was a puncture in her skin in the same small of her back, as Miss Mithila was training. However, the sisters were only play fighting, like they did when they were little. They had agreed that they are allowed to use sharp weapons, and the reason Mithila was found training was for that match. Monica was using their training room, and when the match started, Miss Monica couldn’t find her armor, so she thought she would be fine. Sadly, she died from blood loss. Yes there was a puncture in her back, but it was very small, and somehow overnight she had died from blood loss. Miss Kavya. You and Monica were good friends when little. And you both loved watching court. I know from the information you gave me. You kept saying ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ or ‘me’. You meant Monica as the other person. And Sunaina Yadav. Or should I say Sunaina Sen. Sunaina ‘Monica’ Sen. Monicaa had a twin sister. An unknown twin sister that Mr and Mrs Yadav agreed on raising. I believe Monica Sen's full name is Monica ‘Sunaina’ Sen. Yes. It is. So that concludes it. Nobody is guilty. Monica ‘Sunaina’ Sen’s death was unintentional.” And she was finished. Another case closed. And she walked out of the hall, to her apartment across the street.

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