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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Bhagirathi Mohanty

Horror Action Thriller


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Horror Action Thriller

Morning shows the day

Morning shows the day

7 mins 178 7 mins 178

Morning shows the day.

At Mrinmoy 's birth, a lot of miracles came about. Nature turned to peril. There was a tornado and tempest. The light was out. Sea waves rose high. Enormous trees uprooted. Houses submerged in flood due to nonstop rains. The newborn baby cried so loudly to endanger the circumstances. The baby was incredibly over weighty. On the next day, everything was usual. The astrologer counted the time of birth of the baby and declared, "The horoscope indicates the newborn's fortune that in his lifetime he will be one of the most powerful beings in the country. As the baby's birth is on the first of the month, he will be top in all levels. Money will flow to you from different sources. If you want I will scrutinize the horoscope."

    "O. Kay, keep the zodiac circle and dine it" He inspired him.

    On his way home, kamal bought a paper and read it sitting on a wayside bench nearer to a park gate. His eyes caught the headline of the second page which printed lottery results. He was astonished to see his name on the top. 

    A brief announcement, "Kamal Lochan Tripathi won the first award of one crore from the lottery ticket he bought last month "

      He telephoned his wife in ecstasy and informed her, his sudden turn of fate in winning a lottery. 

   He asked her," Do you know the winning amount? It is a huge success in my life. The big amount of one crore is beyond my belief."

     He celebrated his success in a sumptuous way.

   Herewith, began a new life. Kamal paid up all the loan amount. The structure of his home changed into a royal bungalow. His wife was decorated with expensive sarees and ornaments. Mrinmoy, the only son read in D. P.S. His daughters married off aristocratic families. Destiny, destructs, devalues, one's life; at the same time, makes a beggar to the emperor. How much Kamal can expect from serendipity?

     Prior to, winning the lottery and having a large amount of money, Kamal was so simple, religious; kind and also soft-hearted. He was too benevolent. He went to the temple, worshipped his deity and culturing Veda, Vedanta and Upanishad. But the same man followed the wrong path and forgot humanity.

    The son came after his father. while in college, he was adhering to bad company. He was robust and rough. Even he did not care about the principal and threatened to grapple him if he took any action against him as to his impoliteness to girls. His friends instigated him to fracas election for the post of secretary. Birds of the same feather supported it. He took to violent ways to challenge the opposition leader. There was bombardment, brisks and rotten eggs throwing, tyre burning and stropping. The whole college turned into a battlefield. The principal declared the election nul and void. Classes were suspended for unlimited time. In the end, the principal summoned both secretarial contestants for an amicable settlement. But Mrinmoy discarded it. After many an appeal, he agreed on the ground that all the cases against him will be withdrawn.

   When all the allegations against him  was pulled out, Mrinmoy became more furious. He was the cause of fright to everyone especially the girls. Most of them stopped coming to the college. Arati, the daughter of an M.L.A. agitated and encouraged the innocent spinsters to have the tenacity to dustup against the single individual who lacks morality.

   On one occasion when Arati was making her way to the science segment, Mrinmoy interrupted her movement and caught her hand and passed remarks, "You are my most favorite. I want to....." 

Immediately Arati slapped him with her shoe and slandered him," Rascal, idiot, I'm unlike the other timid girls who will be afraid of your nonsensical remark.Mind it, it is the beginning of your end "

       Thence forth, Arati organized the spinsters. They agitated, made hunger strikes. gave ultimatum to the principal that unless he removed Mrinmoy out of the college they will move to the higher authorities against him.

    The principal was in a fix. He summoned an emergency meeting of the college governing body to discuss the gravity of the situation. Unanimously, they concurred to rusticate him. 

    What the astrologer professed and forecasted became true, reversely. He was in the foremost position among the wrongdoers. 

    Father, Kamal to whom the neighbours and people of the locality praised, for his idealistic living, criticized him face to face. out of humiliation, he did not move outside for sermons.

     Once, he called forth his son and with a stubby voice, he asked," Are you the same Mrinmoy who was as meek as a cow? You are rusticated from the installation. But there is no repentance. Being a bramhin, your activities are like low-grade man. Don't you feel shame? Can you tell me what is next ?"

  Blatant Mrinmoy carelessly said," IT is my life. I will do what I like. I will be punishable for my misdeeds, not you. "

   He sent the words mercilessly and left home. 

   No Mrinmoy, there after. Darkness of grief shadowed the family. Shanti, Mrinmoy's mother, wept day and night for her only son. kamal had preyed to aphasia.

    Since Mrinmoy left home, he was a horror to the merchants. He was followed by infamous ruffians. There was loot, murder and terrorism everywhere. Brown sugar, supply was Mrinmoy' s chief business. He drank, gambled and womanized. once he was in police grip and there was a combat between Mrinmoy and the robust S.P. He was torn head to hil. Inspite of several  measures to get a clue of his gang members he remained silent. Lack of hint made them free him from their custody. 

    He called for an emergency congregation of his clique members and discussed with them to change his policy to keep away from the police orb. Mrinmoy preferred subterranean well guarded by hard core criminals. According to the new blue print, the gangsters instantly attacked the banks and fled away with cash. All the attempts of the police to trace ou the gang proved fruitless 

         In the absence of Mrinmoy, the city heaved a sigh of relief.There was peace and harmony. Trade and commerce flourished. On the other hand, his family was driven out of the village due to the stigma of Mrinmoy. They took shelter in a refugee camp. Kamal's fame glory disintegrated in to pieces. Crowther said, "Money is what money does " 

     The abuse of money creates havoc. In the initial time, Kamal did not bother about his son 's activities. He satisfied Mrinmoy ' s demands. He didn't ask him what was the reason he asked for cash. During his son 's college days when the principal sent for him to discuss about the monopoly of his son, he did not pay emphasis to it. Rather he blamed him and declared his son fault less. But he wept heartily for telling lies. Now, it's like crying in the wilderness. He cruciified his idealism in his heart.

     Mrinmoy and his men were out of scene for some days. But again activated. Their target was the loaded trucks.They plundered away the booty and supplied those to the black marketers in considerable price. 

    There was a growing dissatisfaction among the entrepreneurs. They plotted to uproot the bone of contention, the ring leader. The merchants shook hands with them 

    It was a Sunday. The gangsters and their leader were feasting, drinking, and dancing with the most beautiful spinsters who were kidnapped. There was a lady spy among them deployed by the union of merchants and the entrepreneurs. She wrapped her smartphone under the branches of a tree at her arrival, before all the dancers were scoured. She apprised the fresh information to the association head. All braced. The police surrounded the patch. The spy made them 🎉befuddled. The gang was baffled when the police opened fire. Before they gave back they were gunned down. But Mrinmoy! Did he abduct the patch? The face of a criminal was crushed beyond recognition. The coupe demanded he was Mrinmoy'. 

    People discarded it.

     They stipulated, " we have seen a bearded old man lean and thin, once or twice in his native place whose face resembles Mrinmoy. He comes to a standstill before the ramshackle mansion of Kamal Lochan; asks people about his parents' whither who were removed from the village and forfeited a decade ago"

   But the police disagreed with it without sufficient evidence.

    Anyhow, the public alto-relieved and everything was turpentine.


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