Kumar Vikrant

Action Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Action Crime Thriller



16 mins

Rascal In Khaki

DIG Ashok Kala saw the lanky man who entered his cabin after taking his orderly's consent.

"What can I do for you?" Said the DIG.

"Sir, Shopoholic is running a big money laundering operation in this city." said the man.

"Who are you? Asked the DIG and offered him seat.

"I'm the local branch manager." replied the man.

"How do they do it?"

"Well sir, this company sell almost everything online, we have tie-up with hundreds of companies who provide our customers their desired items. But I found some of these companies are phony, they do forge transaction."

"How do they do it?"

"Sir we take online orders and forward the same to them, and after confirming that the desired goods were delivered to the customers we pay them by written bank checks. We have our own logistic services and deliver the desired items to our customers by offering them cash on delivery service. But sometimes money went on coming but nothing is sold by the companies and we pay them by checks and make black money white."

"What do you do as a manager?"

"Sir I'm a plain Graduate and joined this company almost one year ago and they made me just a rubber stamp. I approved all the orders, sign check and bank vouchers all the day."

"I see, what is your name?"

"Sekhar Malhotra."

"Okay Sekhar can you prove whatever you saying?"

"Sir I have all the big transactions which we made this month on this pen drive." Said Sekhar and gove the pen drive to the DIG.

"Okay Sekhar, I'll keep this pen drive and get it checked by the experts. I'll deal this matter from here, you can go now."

"Thank you very much." said Sekhar and went out.

DIG copy pasted the content of pen drive in his computer and put the pen drive in his pocket. He fished out his mobile from his pocket and dialled a number, after a few rings a sweet female voice answered from the other end.

"Neha there is a big problem, a guy by the name Sekhar just came in my office and handed over me a pen drive and told me that this pen drive has evidence of money laundering by your company."

"You said Sekhar gave you a pen drive?" a cold voice came from the other end.


"Can I meet you to take this pen drive?"

"Sure but my previous due isn't clear yet."

"I'll clear everything."

"Okay come to my love den, I'm waiting for you."

No voice came from the other side.

Old Sinner

Sekhar has been a floozy chaser all his life, prodigal son of his bank clerk father. He had always been an average student, he anyhow completed his graduation and his father sent him to Delhi to prepare for civil services exam.

His three years stay in Delhi was full of fun; besides semblance of study he enjoyed the company of beautiful girls. His well built body and attractive face never let any girl escape from his charm.

He came back to his hometown Rajnagar empty handed, his father was unhappy and told him to look for any job and leave them alone.

Life had become tough for 24 years old Sekhar as his father had cut all his allowances. First he borrowed from his friends and later from usurers. Lack of money had reduced the circle of his girl friends. One day he was penniless and one of the usurers gave him a good beating and warned to kill him if he doesn't pay his due within one week. That very day he eloped from Rajnagar and came in Will City, a less noisy town. To meet his both time end he did several job including loading and unloading of goods.

One day when he was roaming in the streets of Will City empty stomach, his fellow labourer told him that Shopaholic was offering job to the inexperienced educated people. On the date of interview he put on his best dress and went to lucrative office of Shopaholic. There were at least 500 people for the single post of Branch Manager and most of them were well qualified. By the time his term came it was almost 11 in the evening. The interview panel went through his academic record and asked a few questions and told him to come tomorrow in the morning.

Next day he was offered the post of Branch Manager for the salary of 40000 per month including free transportation, free accommodation and free lunch every day.

Working in the office was really a fun; he had to sign a lot of papers and bank vouchers and checks every day. He liked this life and tried to charm Neha, the account officer of local office; in his love trap but she was a hard nut to crack.

One day she called him up for a drink at her Pratap Puram apartment, he went there with a lot of expectation but all she did was to make him sign a lot of papers and told him to leave as she had severe headache suddenly.

This rejection infuriated Sekhar and he came out of her apartment full of vengeance. That very day he realized that his car, apartment and office cabin were all bugged. It all sounded fishy to him and he decided to analyze the operation of company. Soon he realized that big amounts of money pouring in and they were issuing bank checks to the sellers on the other hand their delivery trucks were resting in the yard most of the time.

After that it was not hard for him to solve the puzzle that this company was laundering black money and he was the main tool of this operation.

Besides he was just a rubber stamp and Neha was operating all this operation through him.

He was no whistle blower but he wanted to take revenge from Neha so he started checking details of all big transactions. He found their partner companies Blue Electronics, Precious Gems, King Apparel, Green Emerald and Red Gold were selling items of big amounts and getting checks from them, which was all fishy.


Neha Bhaskar, an extremely beautiful girl, 26 years old, was in deep trouble. She was the one who was responsible for the appointment of Sekhar Malhotra as the Branch Manager, they wanted a dumb fool for the post but Sekhar somehow smelled their operation and had gone to the extent of informing police about it. Mr Daga must be very angry with her, he don't like these mishaps.

It was almost eight in the evening and she was alone in her office. She thought for a while and called up their partners from; Blue Electronics, Precious Gems, King Apparel, Green Emerald and Red Gold and told them to maintain their books overnight.

After that she called up Ranjit Daga the CEO of Shopaholic.

"What is it Neha?" a busy voice came from the other end.

Neha told him everything.

"So you failed us again."

"I'm sorry sir."

"Your sorry won't do, it's going to cost us millions. Fix your all loose ends I'm looking after this Sekhar Guy." said Daga in his cold voice.

Neha placed her mobile on her desk and wiped the cold sweat from her forehead. She thought for a while and made another call to Mohit Dutta, the Income Tax Officer of Will City and told him to fix the accounts of Blue Electronics, Precious Gems, King Apparel, Green Emerald and Red Gold.

"It's really tough to fix it all at such a short notice, give me at least two to three days."Said Dutta.

"No Dutta this is an emergency, fix it overnight otherwise you'll also go down with us."

"I don't care; I'm tired of your company's illegal operations, how long can I cooperate with you? My previous month due is still pending and you don't have time to spend an evening with me."

"Dutta control your dirty instincts, I'll pay all your dues in the morning. Fix all the papers over the night otherwise I'll tell everything to Mr Daga."

"Do you think I care about Daga? You are wrong, Daga need me I don't need Daga. Come tomorrow with all my due and a little spare time."

"Dutta you'll get your due but forget about me."

"Just come tomorrow morning, I'll fix everything after getting my due and a little taste of your beauty."

"Damn you Dutta." said Neha and disconnected the phone.

After that she opened the office safe and took rupees one crore notes from it and placed them in a big suitcase. She was ready to go to meet the DIG of Will City.


Mohit Dutta, Income Tax Officer/Special Agent of Income Tax CID /Additional Assistant Director. Will City was sitting almost naked in his decorated living room. An open bottle of Old Smuggler was on his table and he was sipping the same brand from his glass. He lit a cigarette from a Marlboro pack and blew thick smoke from his mouth and nostrils.

He was lost in his thoughts when a twenty years old girl came out his kitchen and placed a plate full of roasted cashew nut before him.

"Should I stay or go now?" asked the girl in her shrill voice.

"I'm in no mood today, you can go now." said the 45 years old sloppy Mohit Dutta.

"Sahib, I have nothing to do with your mood, just pay my due and tell me if I have to come tomorrow or not?"

"I don't have money today, come tomorrow."

"Sahib, you always cheat me out of my money, that is why your wife cheated you and ran away with a truck driver." Said the irritated girl.

"You two bit hussy, get out of here." shouted Dutta with a great rage.

"Yes I'm a two bit hussy but I think you forgot the beating which the truck driver gave you before taking your wife. You were drunkard that time otherwise you could not bear that beating." said the girl almost shouting at him.

It was enough to ignite Dutta, he threw the nut plate at the girl. But she dodged the plate and ran out of his house.

Dutta controlled his rage and concentrated on his drink. He was thinking about the colourful meeting with Neha tomorrow.


Mike Babu alias Tatari was frustrated, he had to finish this Sekhar job today and leave this cursed city. Mike had spent his childhood in the rough neighbourhoods of Mumbai slums. His father Kallan Babu was a local goon and big drunkard. His mother cannot bear him any longer and ran away with another man. Infuriated Kallan took his revenge from Mike and started beating him every day. Mike knew nothing about his rage; he bore all the beating because besides beating he was giving him food also. Kallan's madness didn't stop. He started bringing women in his house. Normally he used to kick Mike out when he was with a woman in his house.

Fourteen years old Mike used to roam in the streets lover Dharavi which was full of goons, drug addicts and rapists. One day a drunkard man dragged him in his house and tried to rape him. Fortunately there was an axe laying in the corner of the house. Mike freed him from the drunkard man and darted at the axe. The man also followed him but by the time he could touch Mike, Mike attacked him with the axe and injured him badly. The man fell on the ground but Mike didn't stop and he split open his head with a fatal blow of axe. By the time Mike came out of that house, a number of people had gathered in front of that house and someone had informed the beat constable. The constable caught him red handed and took him to the police check post where he gave him good beating and made him confess his crime.

Next day he was taken before a judge and within a week he was sentenced three years imprisonment in a reform jail.

The jail was full of pickpockets and pimps. The reform jail proved to be a crime apprentice institute for him. He was a murderer and his fellow inmates were a bit afraid of him so they didn't think of harassing him.

By the time his term was over in the jail, his innocent was lost and he was ready to face the ruthless world. After his release he went to his father house to meet him, it was another case that his father didn't pay him a single visit in the reform jail. His father house was locked, people told him that Kallan had long gone, no one knew where?

He finally went to notorious knife thrower, Sherbaaz with a reference from a fellow inmate. Sherbaaz took him as his disciple and taught him all the tricks of throwing knives and using them as weapon. One day Sherbaaz went out of his house but never came back. Mike was disoriented again. Soon a circus came in the city and Mike show his talent with knives to the circus manager, the manager was impressed with his skill and immediately hired him. He improved his skill in the circus and started throwing knife at a board with a girl tied on it in blindfold. Soon his show became main attraction of the circus.

He was not content with the meagre income which he was making with the circus. He asked so many times for a raise but the manager denied. At 30 he was desperate to leave the circus but he had a written bond of 20 years with the circus. During their Europe tour he came across Turk in Bulgaria. Turk was impressed with his skill with knives and he invited him for a drink at his home. Turk told him that he could earn hefty sum of money with his skill but he would have to get rid of the circus first.

That very week his hand slipped and his knife went straight into the heart of the girl, she died immediately. The manager kicked him out of the circus and he went straight to Turk. Turk gave him $ 8000 and gave him a picture of a local gangster who was wanted by the police and the opposite gangs. Turk told him to kill that man in single blow if he failed his men might slaughter him at that very moment.

Mike learned all about the whereabouts of the gangster and planned him move. Next day he took his handle less short knives and went to a barn where the gangster used to visit his mistress.

When the gangster came out of the barn his men were busy playing cards. Mike saw him and threw his knife which went straight in his heart and he died immediately. Before the gangster men could understand anything Mike had disappeared in the thick woods.

Turk was very happy and paid him $ 2000 more for his great job. Turk arranged for a gun trainer for him, Mike learn all the skill with rifles and hand guns but knives were still his favourite assault weapons.

Turk gave him a number of assignments later and he completed them without any problem. Each new assignment went on making him rich but sudden demise of Turk stopped it all. Soon he took over this killing business and concentrated on India, his own country where a number of people could utilize his services. He made an exclusive site for India and started taking half the money in advance to terminate his target. A few people cheated him of his remaining balance but Mike fished them out and killed them. Soon the news was spread and no one tried to cheat him again. With the passing time he started taking money in advance and his clients who were mostly from various part of Indian underworld paid that willingly.

He kept on living in Bulgaria as a retired knife artist and his killing business was on boost in India.

This Shopaholic job was given to him day before yesterday. It was dark, foggy and cold; his instinct told him that it was going to be a long night tonight.

Deadly Drive

Sekhar was dead tired today; there was a lot of paperwork to be done in the office. He realized account officer Neha was concentrating on all the transactions with Blue Electronics, Precious Gems, King Apparel, Green Emerald and Red Gold. She was fixing everything, he understood that the old DIG had connection with his company and he had informed them about him. And they are patching all the loose holes; he smiled and went on collecting all the transaction related to the black listed companies. This time all this data shall go to CBI, he will mail all these details to CBI tonight and leave this city today forever.

He glanced at Neha's cabin and asked her if she wanted him to stay any more. She told him that there was a lot of paper work pending but he can sign them tomorrow in the morning.

He came out of his office premises driving his car, his destination was Omega Bar where he used to spend his evening drinking and seeing cabaret dancers.

He was drawing slowly as the fog was thick and he couldn't see properly through the fog. Soon he crossed outer ring road and turned his car towards Omega bar to quench his thirst.

He took a corner table and ordered a large shot of Johnny Walker Black Label. Soon a cabaret dancer appeared on the floor and started dancing her vulgar dance.

He was semi drunk when he left the bar. His unsteady steps and intoxicated eyes were taking over his senses, that is why he couldn't see a man standing near his car. He drove out his car and pumped gas to accelerate his car. He was proud of him that he could drive his car after drinking a whole bottle of any liquor.

Soon he was driving steadily through the thick fog; his colony was near the bank of river Kali. It'll take fifteen minutes to reach his apartment at this speed. He'll take his revenge after getting there by sending all the shady transaction to the CBI.

Holy Squire cross was just ahead of him and a big truck was crossing it, he pushed brake paddle to slow his car but the paddle went down smoothly without slowing his car. He tried to pull his hand brake but by that time he had a head on collision with the truck and he was dead before the car could catch fire.

Hanging Harlot

Neha heard the news of Sekhar's sad demise from a colleague who heard somewhere that Sekhar has died in a car accident. She heaved; Daga doesn't let anyone go so easily.

She was watching news on a 42 inches TV in her drawing room but her thoughts were wild. Someday Daga will send killers to kill her also because she knew everything about his company's illicit money laundering operations.

She went close to her vine cabinet and took out a Vodka bottle and made a drink for her. She changed the channel and went on sipping her drink. Yesterday night old impotent dog DIG forced her to sleep with him and went on crushing her tender body for an hour for nothing. Today morning Dutta did the same to her, my god how long shall I go on entertaining these impotent bureaucrats? She answered to herself untill she had enough cash in her office safe, she had a plan to elope with big cash one day. She knew one day she will get old and unattractive. Daga will replace her with other beautiful girl and won't let her go with a lot of secrets.

She heaved and decided to retire to her bedroom. She crossed her lobby and entered her bedroom. The room was dimly lit, she realized someone was in the room, a few seconds later her eyes were able to see and she saw a tall and thin man sitting in a chair in the far corner of the room.

She trembled and said, "Who are you, what do you want?"

The man raised his hand and said, "Look above."

She saw there was a hanging noose made of her red saree hanging to the ceiling fan.

She saw at the dreaded man with her fear filled eyes.

"Please place the stool on the bad and wear that noose around your neck, you are going to die tonight."

"I did nothing wrong, please let me go." pleaded Neha.

"Baby your days are over, please die peacefully otherwise I'll strangle you before hanging you."

Neha knew she was in a big trouble but she didn't want to die without a little fight, she looked in his eyes and jumped at him.

The man moved like an electric bolt and hold her neck in the mid air with the help of a garrotte. He pulled both the ends of the garrotte mercilessly around her neck; Neha was dead before touching the floor.

Within five minutes Neha was hanging on the ceiling fan, Tatari removed all the trace of struggle in the room, and left her apartment silently.

Somewhere In Middle East

Daga had a message from Tatari that he had done his job, he heaved. Now he'll have to arrange for another beautiful account officer and a dumb fool Branch Manager to continue his money laundering operations in Will City.

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