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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Abhishu sharma

Comedy Drama Inspirational


Abhishu sharma

Comedy Drama Inspirational

Journey Of A Legend

Journey Of A Legend

4 mins

Talkative Emoji: Hey! Good Morning buddy. You know we went to the movies yesterday. It was a super-duper awesome one. You should have come brother.

Next-to-silent Emoji: Good Morning buddy. Yeah , everyone in the town is praising the movie. Did you like it?

Talkative emoji: Arre! Like?It was super fascinating and interesting. The background music was so Pappy and happening, that still as I Am talking about it, each and every hair in my body is in the state of Goosebumps. And the songs were so refreshing and melodious that their tunes still dissolve in my ears similar to the sweetness of Honey.

Next-To-Silent Emoji: Wow! It must be good. And how was the story?

Talkative Emoji: Arre buddy don't even ask about it......

Next-To-Silent Emoji: Okay, As you say. I won't ask.

TalkativE Emoji: It was Figure of speech buddy. At Least now please learn to sense the tone.

Next-To-Silent Emoji: Sorry!, sorry!. Please continue.

Talkative emoji: It's okay. So I was talking about the story. Arre buddy the story was full of emotions. It had drama, comedy,tragedy, action, suspense, thrills and what not. It had all emotions just like the members of our society. The movie starts with a narrative in the voice of our country's legendary millenium star. The VFX in the visuals to explain the mythology and setting the plot of the film were so lively and beautiful that every frame was looking like a Monaalisa painting. Then the entry of the lead actor made the whole of the cinema hall turn into a festival-like celebration. People were celebrating, dancing on their seats, throwing coins on the screen, cheering their favorite star's entry. Even the director of the movie knew and anticipated this kind of reaction from the audience so he also made the entry of the actor so lavish and luxurious with a pappi song which is crowning on the number one rank in the chartbusters . Then after five minutes, the song ended and the actor was shown parking his Ferrari in the parking lot . He was shown as a poor young boy who had done everything in his life on his own without taking favors from any.....

Next-To-silent Emoji: Of Course. The Truth and Reality of life. But aren't POVERTY and Ferrari are Oxymorons. They can't go in the same sentence together.

Talkative Emoji: Sarcasm, Huh? You Logic people can never understand the Power of magic and this cinema is purely MAGIC my friend so zip up your logic and listen to my magical world.

Next-To- Silent Emoji: Sorry. Continue.

Talkative Emoji: So now the poor hero comes and the entry of the villain was shown in a den............................................................................


Talkative emoji:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, So that all happened in the climax of the movie. 

Next-To-Silent Emoji: In short, ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL. Wow. Must be an amazing movie.Just one question buddy?

Talkative Emoji: Ask brother.

Next_To_silent Emoji: How long was the movie itself?

Talkative Emoji: Ohh! My bad , I should have told you earlier about this. It was a Three hours and Ten minutes Long movie.

Next-To-Silent Emoji: And You have told me the story of the movie in Three hours and thirty minutes, i.e., twenty minutes more than the actual duration of the movie.

Talkative emoji: Yeah, but I gave you the Bonus things also , Along with the story I told you about How was the Vibe in the theatre and What I personally felt about every scene in the movie.

Next-To-Silent Emoji: True. But You stopped at the climax of the movie. Were there no post credits scenes there in the movie ?

Talkative emoji: Ohho!! , I almost forgot about it, Listen they showed a glimpse of the sequel of the movie in which ...... 

Talkative emoji while saying the details about the post credit scene became silent for a second and then replied

Talkative Emoji: so the villain was in the jail and there he met............."One second buddy . I'am sensing some sarcasm in your tone here".

Next-To-Silent Emoji: Ohhh!

Talkative Emoji: I love talking and saying things in an elaborate manner. Do you have any problems with that?

Next-To-Silent Emoji: No buddy. NEVER. I Love You For that. And Let me tell you that you are the sole reason of Why I do not like to see movies in cinema halls.

Talkative Emoji: Why?

Next-To-Silent emoji: Because I like your way of telling the story more than the actual cinematic experience.

Talkative Emoji: Awwwwwww!!!!!. I Love You Too Brother. 

                 Opposites attract

                  End Of Episode 1

Episode Two Title:"The Routine Of Talkative Emoji"

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